Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


12. Part 12-Hot Make-out Session *Rated R*

Contains a bit of RATED R in this part. you can read it or skip it. this story will contain some sex scenes. you've been warned :)
*back in summer's pov*
my alarm went off and i got up. i looked around and saw i was back in my room.
-"how did i get here?"
there was a knock on my door. i opened it to see Justin already dressed.
-"hey baby." he walked in.
-"hey Justin. i'm sorry i slept in"
-"it's fine. and you didn't. your brother isn't even up. i set your alarm early"
i went into my bathroom and got dressed. i came back out to see Justin on the bed. why didn't he want to have sex with me last night again?
-"you ready?" he asked.
-"you've got things for the beach?"
-"are we going straight there?"
he nodded.
-"what about your friend?" i asked him
-"he'll be in a singlet and shorts already. his kinda weird"
i laughed. -"like you"
-"hey!" he laughed too.
we went down and grabbed something for breakfast before heading out. Justin was driving so we went to his car and got in.
-"My lady" he opened my door.
-"what a genltemen" i smiled and kissed him.
he closed my door and got in on his side. he started the car and backed out. we headed down the road, when his phone started buzzing.
-"can you answer that babe?" he said.
-"sure" i said and answered the call
-"ummm. is this Justin's phone?" came a male's voice.
-"yes it is. who is calling?" i asked.
-"it's his friend Chaz. i just wanted to let him know that i'll be half an hour late."
-"oh okay. we're in the car, heading to the airport already. But i will tell him"
-"thanks. and you must be Summer. Justin talks about you all the time." Chaz said.
i was happy that Justin talked to his friend about me.
-"thanks. well i hope to see you soon Chaz"
-"like wise. alright, bye Summer" he said to me.
-"bye chaz" i hung up.
-"that was Chaz?" Justin asked.
-"yeah. he said that he'll be half an hour late"
-"ok. so we have plenty of time to waste" he smiled.
-"what are you thinking?" i asked him.
he turned a corner and stopped the car. i looked out, but there wasn't anything to look out to. it was deserted.
-"Justin. what are we doing here?"
-"don't be scared baby. i thought we could just stay, talk, make-out"
Justin come closer to me that i could feel his breath on my neck. i closed my eyes, waiting for his lips to touch my neck.
-"you're loving this, aren't you?" he whispered into my ear.
i nodded. -"yes justin"
he undid his seat belt and mine.
-"what are you doing?"
-"baby, come sit with me in the back" he said, while climbing into the back of the car.
so i followed him.
-"much better back here, don't you think?" he asked me.
-"yeah, but what are we doing back here?"
he didn't reply, he just grabbed my face softly and kissed me. our kissed deepened, his hands were moving up and down my body. i knew what he was going to do. i pulled away.
-"what?" he looked at me shocked.
-"Justin, if we're going to have sex then why is it going to be in the back of your car?"
-"baby, i thought as long as you're with me it didn't matter?"
he was right. it didn't matter where or when we had it. i wanted to do it with Justin. i didn't want Ben to do it first.
-"you're right justin"
and that's when i moved my body and placed my legs on either sides of Justin. we were going to do. it didn't matter if it wasn't romantic. i wanted this. and so did Justin.

i wrapped my arms around Justin's neck, pulling my head closer to his and started kissing his lips. i felt his hands go underneath my top. he lifted it over my head and threw it in the front seats. i moved my lips down to his neck and sucked it.
-"ohhh Summer. mmm.."
i could feel him swaying us back and forth, back and forth. i pulled back from his neck.
-"Summer, you have the amazing boobs ever" Justin said, kissing my right then left boob
i was worried that someone was going to catch us. but justin kissed my lips and everything seemed fine. he pulled down my bra straps and undid the bra itself. once it come off i covered my boobs with my hands
-"Babe. you don't need to feel scared."
-"what if their not what you like?" i asked him.
-"Summer, trust me when i say i love them. you have amazing boobs."
Justin took my hands away and stared at my boobs.
-"see, you don't like them"
-"you're right, i don't."
my mouth fell open.
-"i love them Summer" he grabbed my right boob, while kissing my left one.
the joy and pleasure that come from his mouth was so good. Justin sucked them as hard as he could. i could tell he was leaving hickeys everywhere on my boobs.
-"ohhh ahhh Justin."
i felt him smile while sucking. i took his top off and began kissing my way down his chest. his body was amazing. what a sex god i swear.
-"that's right baby, go down on me. don't stop" i could hear justin say.
and i didn't. i went down to his pants, where i unzipped them and with his help, slid them down to his ankles. my eyes widen when i saw his dick standing up from his briefs.
-"Justin, you're so big" i smiled big
-"only for you babe. why don't you touch it"
i've never done, little lone see a dick before. so i cupped it in my hand through his brief. i began to squeeze and rub it up and down.
-"babe, put your hand in my briefs and touch it for real"
-"Justin, i'm nervous"
-"don't be. i'll help you" he said taking my hand.
i closed my eyes while he slid my hand down into his jocks and for the first time i touched his dick. it was so big and hard.
-"Summer, look"
-"I'm kinda scared"
he laughed.
-"Justin it's not funny"
-"sorry babe. okay just look at me then and i'll do the work with your hand"
so i did. i stared at Justin, while he moved his hand, which was on top of mine up and down his dick. he bowed his head to look. i heard a moan coming from his mouth
-"Fuck Summer. it feels so good"
i mentally wiped my head. i thought i was doing a bad job.
-"kiss me babe" he said.
i kissed his lips, then down to his chin and kept going down until i was sucking his neck.
-"oh FUCK!! he screamed out.
i felt his hand leaving mine and it didn't matter, i was now taking control. rubbing his dick in my hand.
-"faster Summer. FASTER" he kept telling me.
i could feel him getting harder. i looked at him, his head leaned all the way back, his mouth opened moaning.
-"babe, mmmm.... fuck fuck fuck. i'm going cum..."
i felt him lift his hips up in the air and then fall down again. i saw his cum shooting into my hand. his breathing was heavy.
-"Summer...babe...that...was amazing." he said after taking a breather inbetween his words.
-"glad you like it" i told him.
-"ohhh baby, just wait until you get really good" he winked.
Justin pulled me on top of him.
-"are you ready for the real thing?"
i was nervous, but i wanted it. i didn't want to back out. i took my shorts off along with my underwear.
-"im ready Justin" i said.
Justin was taking his briefs off. now i saw the monster itself staring up at me. his cum still there.
-"Summer, we can do this later" he said, looking me straight in the eyes.
-"i...i...i want to do it Justin. i need to do it"
he looked at me confused. -"you need to do it?"
-"i want to do it with you. i feel like i need to do it or you'll dump me"
-"Summer, i would never force someone into doing it with me. if you're not ready"
-"i am. i am ready" i bowed my head.
-"look, we're about to have our first time in a car. is this what you really want? in the car?"
i shook my head. -"i always thought we'd do it in your house"
-"you did? then why don't we? let's just make out being naked, but we'll do it in my house tonight? when i go home with Chaz?"
my face lit up. -"babe, wouldn't your friend Chaz care?"
-"him? no. he doesn't care about anything"
i kissed him. -"okay. tonight, after the beach"
-"now come sit on me baby, i promise not to stick my dick in you"
i sat just above his dick, we made out. our tongues playing with each other, his hands roaming up and down my body. cupping my boobs and sucking on them causing me to moan.
-"Justin, baby. mmmm... yes yes YES"
Justin began to rock us back and forth. back and forth.i felt his dick hitting the bottom part of my back, but i didn't care. i was naked with Justin making out. tonight will be the best, i will lose myself to Justin. nothing could stop us now

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