Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


11. Part 11-Late Night Loving?

-"So Justin. how long are you going to be at the airport? Josh asked me.
-"his flight comes in at 11:40am." i responded back.
-"alright, well just don't do anything to hurt my sister"
-"man, your sister will be safe. we're brothers you and me. i promise i won't hurt her" i smiled.
he nodded. and we continued to play video games. NBA. i looked around to see if Ben was back. but he wasn't
-"where did Ben go anyways?" i asked Josh.
-"bathroom i think"
i didn't trust or like Ben at all. something was up with him. but i couldn't say anything. he was Josh's friend since ever. i was the new dude in the group.
-"did you want a drink?" Josh asked
-"sure man. do you have another bathroom i could use?"
-"in my room. go ahead. i'll wait for you to come back to finish the match"
Josh went to get the drinks and i went upstairs to his room for the bathroom. but i didn't go there. i was looking for Ben. suddenly he walked out of a bathroom.
-"what are you looking at Justin?"
-"nothing. what took you so long? couldn't find your dick?"
i heard someone laughing behind me. i turned to see Summer. her beautiful laugh.
-"shut up Justin. atleast i have a dick. i ain't no girl." and with that he walked past me and stopped at Summer.
i saw her tense up. what was wrong with her? once Ben left, she come over and hugged me.
-"What's wrong Summer?"
-"i love you Justin. i do"
-"haha, i know baby. i love you too" i kissed her forehead
-"Justin. i have to tell you something."
i pushed her away from my chest to look her in the eyes.
-"what is it?"
she began to have tears in her eyes. i wiped them away.
-"Summer, you can tell me anything"
-"Justin. i should have told you this before, but--" she was cut off.
-"HEY JUSTIN YOU COMING BACK?" came Joshs voice.
-"baby, tell me later. tonight. okay?" she nodded and we kissed.
i went back to the guys and started playing the match me and Josh started.
-"can't wait for tomorrow" Ben said.
-"yeah. me niether. sexy girls at the beach" Josh said. -"loving it"
-"i know can't wait" Ben said. but it was the way he said it like he was thinking of something other then girls

the night went on and Ben left which was good. he got a call from his mummy, saying he needed to be home.
-"see ya tomorrow Ben. be here early" and Josh closed the door.
-"just us two now" i said and smiled.
-"another round of NBA?"
-"man i've beaten you like 10 times" i laughed.
-"yeah so?"
-"one more and then off to bed. i need to get up early too"
we played another match. i was winning of cause.
-"Josh, i'm heading to bed" Came Summer's voice
Josh paused the game and we turned away. Summer was wearing a singlet and shorts. so sexy.
-"alright. goodnight sis. make sure you have everything before you leave tomorrow"
-"okay i will" she said.
-"goodnight Summer" Josh said.
-"Goodnight Josh" then she looked my way. -"goodnight Justin" she smiled.
-"Goodnight Summer" i said back.
she walked off and Josh unpaused the game.
-"yes a three pointer" Josh screamed out.
-"yeah but you didn't beat me" i laughed and fist pumped the air.
-"alright alright. Let's head to bed"
we packed the xbox up and turned all the lights off to head upstairs.
-"see ya in the morning Justin. will the guest room be alright?"
-"yeah man. see ya at the beach tomorrow"
Josh closed the his bedroom and i did too. i got undressed to my boxers. i had just got in bed when my phone lit up. it was a message from Summer.
TEXT: -"are you sleeping?" she wrote
TEXT: -"no baby. i'm just laying in bed" i texted back to her.
TEXT: -"justin. i'm coming to your room"
TEXT: -"okay baby"
next second i heard a light tap on my bedroom door. i know it was Summer so i went to open it. when i did she jumped on me.
-"baby i missed you" she said.
she was kissing me and did i love it? yes i did.
-"Summer, let's go to the bed"
i walked over to the bed, carrying her in my arms. i laid her down on the bed with me on top. i stared into her beautiful eyes.
-"You know i love you Summer."
she smiled and nodded. -"Justin i'm ready to make love to you now"
i kissed her forehead. -"baby, i don't--"
i was cut off by her before i could finish.
-"you don't want to have sex with me?" she was already having tears in her eyes.
-"no no no. baby. i do. i really want to have sex with you. but baby, don't you want to wait?"
she didn't answer.
-"having sex is just that. sex. but i want to make love. i want it to be something special, something romantic."
she giggled. -"i know Justin but i don't care if it's not romantic. as long as i'm with you"
-"Summer. what is wrong? you haven't been yourself all night."
i laid down on the bed and pulled her over, so her head was on my chest. i stroked her hair.
-"baby, please talk to me. i can't help you if you don't say something"
she still didn't say anything.
-"Summer. let's sleep. i promise you tomorrow we will have sex" i kissed her head
-"okay Justin. i'll hold you to the promise"
she was asleep within a min. i took her back to her own room and tucked her in. As i got back to the guest room, something was on my mind the all night. why was Summer so afraid?

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