Being in a secret relationship with Justin, who is my brother's friend! *Season 1*

Everybody knew who Justin Bieber was. the popular kid, can get any girl he wants. But what everyone doesn't know is that Justin is dating me. his best friends sister. But what's worse is we have to keep it a secert from my brother too.

SQUEAL- Fight For Love Or Die Trying


10. Part 10- Dinner and Drama

we got back home and i put the food shopping in the kitchen,
-"what a great day" i heard Justin's voice.
-"where's my brother?" i said.
-"having a shower, so we beautiful have a few mintues alone" he kissed me.
Justin then grabbed me and placed me on the bench. i love Justin so much.
-"Justin. do you think we can do it tonight?"
he looked at me weirdly, but i knew that he knows what i was talking about.
-"Summer, are you sure? i know you said you're ready, but tonight?"
-"you don't want to do it?"
-"of cause i do baby, i'm just making sure if you're fine with it first" he grabbed my hands. -"are you?"
-"i am Justin. i want to have sex with you tonight"
-"What's wrong? i can tell in your voice that something is wrong"
i bowed my head. i didn't want to tell him and can't tell. if he knows, then he'll do something and then Josh will know about us and ughhh!
-"nothing's wrong Justin. i just feel like tonight is the night" i smiled weakly.
he pulled my face up close to his and kissed my forehead. -"okay baby. we will do it tonight"
-"thank you Justin" i kissed his lips.
he began to take off my jacket. it slid down and on the bench top. we started having a hot make out session. my brother could walk in any moment, but it felt like the world stopped just for me and Justin.
*DING DONG* we ignored it and kept kissing. *DING DONG* *DING DONG*
-"Baby, we should check who that is." i said annoyed.
-"no no, they'll leave"
i giggled. -"come on Justin. let's go"
he helped me off the bench and we walked to the front door. i opened the door and to my very dismay it was Ben. i shouldn't have opened it.
-"hey guys" he said, pushing me and justin out of the way and walking in -"where's Josh?"
-"what are you doing here? you're not invited" i said to him.
-"Josh invited me. so guess im staying"
i could feel Justin tense up behind me. i couldn't blame him. but i started thinking what would happen if Justin knew about what Ben is doing to me?
-"HEY BEN" i heard Josh yell from the top step.
-"what's up Josh?" they did that man-hug thing. when Josh got down. ugh!
i walked back into the kitchen with Justin behind me.
-"seriously? he needs to be here?" Justin said.
-"i hate it just as much baby"
just then both Josh and Ben walked in.
-"what you cooking girl?" Ben said.
-"what?" i looked at him
-"wasn't talking to you Summer. was talking to Justin"
-"Maybe you should leave, if you're going to be rude to the other guests" i said. getting very angry.
Ben winked at me.
-"No need to be rude. both of you. Ben, justin is a guest don't be rude man. and Summer, he was just joking." Josh told us.
oh how i wish i could just kill Ben.
-"Whatever" i rolled my eyes.
-"you coming to play video games Justin?" Josh asked him.
-"doesn't your sister need help with the cooking?"
Josh looked at him -"you like to cook Justin?"
-"i always made dinner for my parents" he smiled. how sweet is he?
-"well, sure Justin. you can help Summer. if you change your mind, you know where we'll be" he smiled and left with Ben
-"why didn't you go?" i asked him -"it's fine"
-"i want to be with my baby" he told me and kissed my lips. -"i hate Ben"
yeah, me too. me too Justin.

I called Josh, not Ben about dinner being ready. we sat down at the table and started eating. it was just meatballs and rice. something simple, but something filling.
-"this is so good Summer and Justin. wow. i never knew you could cook Justin" Josh said, being happy.
-"well i cook all the time. so it's nothing really" Justin laughed.
-"it's alright" was all Ben said.
like i cared about what he said? i just wanted him out of here.
-"So what we doing tomorrow?" i asked.
-"want to go to the beach?" Josh said.
-"sure that would be so perfect." Ben's face lit up.
-"i have to pick up my friend Chaz, the one i was on the phone with. his coming tomorrow, but afterwards i can come" Justin said, while taking another meatball in his mouth.
-"can i come to the airport? please? i love to see the planes come and go" i said, being happy. if i can be away with Justin.
-"sure, but it has to be alright with Josh?" Justin said, looking at Josh.
-"why not? Summer has always wanted to see the airport. you can take her" he smiled.
i couldn't believe my brother was letting Justin, only Justin take me to the airport.
-"Alright, well tomorrow be ready at 10:30am Summer" Justin smiled at me.
-"will do " i smiled back.
-"Hang on! Aren't you afriad something will happen? if it's just them two and some other person?" Ben asked Josh right in front of me and Justin.
Josh then looked up at us. -"i trust Justin. he can take my sister to the airport. She isn't 5 yrs old. if something happens, she can call us"
-"Nothing will happen" i said.
-"good"  my brother said and we started eating again.

After dinner, Josh, Ben and Justin went to play video games and i was up stairs in my room. doing nothing but just laying on my bed reading. as i turned the page to read on i heard a tap at my door.
-"come in" i said. not taking my eyes off the book.
-"well, isn't this a surprise?"
i darted my eyes, to my door and saw Ben standing there.
-"what are you doing here? go away" i told him, standing up.
-"but baby, remember i said i was going to show you why you don't ignore me" he come walking over to me.
i stood up from my bed and backed away from him. i opened my mouth to scream, but he was already at me and covered my mouth.
-"don't fucking say a word. you hear me. bitch?"
i nodded. he began to move his face closer to my ear. -"if i let my hand go, you promise to not yell? cause if you do, then i'll fucking hurt you"
again, i nodded. i didn't want to be hurt. he removed his hand from my mouth.
-"why are you doing this? please just leave me alone"i pleaded with him
-"baby, i love. i want to do dirty things to you that you'll love" and with that he placed his hand inside my pants.
i tired so hard to remove his hand but he slapped me. -"don't move"
i was backed up against a wall. i had nothing near me to grab and hit him with. i was stuck.
-"oh Summer, you feel so good there" he said.
i felt Ben rubbing my vagina up and down through my panties. i wanted this to stop.
-"maybe, if i take your clothes off we can have fun."
and before i could do or say anything, he began pulling down my pants along with my underwear.
-"stop please, stop" i begged. -"i'll do anything. just please stop"
Ben did stop. he looked up at me. -"have sex with me Summer"
i opened my mouth to say something but he cut me off.
-"you said anything. become my girlfriend and have sex with me"
-"no. my brother will not allow it"
-"and we have to tell your brother why? plus, i think i can get him to agree to us being together" he winked.
-"i'm not doing it"
he shurgged his shoulders and began to kneel down. i looked down at him and saw his hands spreading my legs apart. i knew what he was about to do. i couldn't let him do it. his face got closer and closer to my vagina. i felt his tonuge touching my clit
"stop! i'll do it. i'll do it" i said, eyes closerd tight.
he stopped and got up. -"look at me"
i opened my eyes and saw how big his grin was. -"see that wasn't so hard. meet me tomorrow at my place and we'll have fun there" he winked.
-"we're going to the beach tomorrow."
-"oh right. then maybe" he got super close to me and began to kiss my neck. -"we can *kiss* find a *kiss* secret place *kiss* to have sex *kiss*
i pushed him away. -"get out" i said. firmly.
-"baby, you won't be saying that tomorrow" he kissed my lips and walked out of my room.
what have i got myself into? i need to do something. i can't let him do this to me. there's only one thing i need to do.

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