No Way!

Two best friends sneak out to go to a Katy Perry Concert, although they have no money so they take money from Bethany's mums purse Bethany's not sure but Ava says it will be fine.When they get to the concert they are mistaken for stage hands and asked to tour!


2. Risky

"I don't know... Its a bit risky don't you think?" I'm at Ava's house again. She has calmed down (Thankfully!) after yesterday. Now we're talking about how we're going to get in to the Katy Perry concert. She has just came up with on of her, well, Ava plans! "You just wait till she's not looking and take 2 £20's out her purse, simples!" I don't laugh.

"What about school?" I ask.

"Bunk off, everyone does it!" She says this with a dismissive wave of her hand.

"Why do I have do it myself why cant you steal it?"

"It's not stealing just borrowing, we'll pay it all back!" She says we, she means me.

"What if someone sees us in our school uniform?" I  try to think of as many reasons as I can not to do it

Do you actually think we're going to wear our school uniforms? Honestly Bethany!" She's acting as if she's done it before. I know for a fact she hasn't. 

I can't eat dinner tonight I'm too worried. Dad taps me under the table and hands me £5 note. This makes me feel worse. I cant do it! If Ava thinks of something and she likes it she expects me just to go along with it and love it too. Like the time we were five and we were outside playing on our bikes. Our parents told us to be in by 5 o'clock. At 1 minute to five Ava said we should go to the shops. She thought one minute was like an hour. I tried to protest but she started cycling away. I didn't want to be left on my own so I cycled after her. She thought she knew the way to the shops but we got lost and after 3 hours of cycling around a police car came and picked us up. I thought we were going to jail so I started cry. The policeman told me not to cry and that he was taking me back to my parents. When we got back my parents and Ava's were crying they asked me to tell them what happened so I did when I said that Ava had run away from me. Ava said I was lying and that it was my idea and that she was trying to stop me. I wasn't allowed out to play for 3 weeks. Unbelievable!

I haven't relaxed all night. I feel so tense. It gets so bad that I almost tell mum but as if Ava can read my mind she phones and I jump up and get it. I don't want her to burble on and it was mum on the phone! I try to tell her that I don't want to do it. But then she says something that changes my mind. "This is the most fun thing that's going to happen in my whole life!" I ask her why and she says "Mum is always taking Anne-Bell out for treats. She thinks I've been hanging around with the wrong people what makes it worse I have to come but everything is sooooooo boring! I probably sound like a spoiled brat but I only hang around with you!" That is NOT true I even thought I heard her say she had bunked of before. I don't say anything though not when she's like this. Secretly I do think she's a spoiled brat!


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