No Way!

Two best friends sneak out to go to a Katy Perry Concert, although they have no money so they take money from Bethany's mums purse Bethany's not sure but Ava says it will be fine.When they get to the concert they are mistaken for stage hands and asked to tour!


1. Disappointment

Click, click, click. Searching Katy Perry as usual and then, on the screen it says, Katy Perry will appear in Glasgow S.E.C.C. £20 entrance fee. I grab my phone and call Ava. "No way!" she cries. 

"There's only one thing though, we haven't got enough money even if we pulled our money together we could only afford one of us to go."

"Just ask your mum. simples" she says doing her funny meerkat voice that always makes me laugh.

She comes over and we practice what we will say. 

"Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! Katy Perry NEVER comes to Glasgow this could be our only chance! £20 pounds isn't much!"

"Sounds good!" says Ava

"Do you think she'll buy it?" Mum was a tough cookie she hardly ever lends us money but this time it was important. I already knew what she would say, "if you want it so bad, why don't you save up for it!"

I try telling Ava this but she just says "We'll be fine!" Sometimes I think that I just don't think the same as Ava anymore. I force a fake smile and run down the stairs after Ava.

Mum says exactly what I thought she would say. "Bethany I'm fed up with you asking for money all the time." Great. So I get the blame. Typical.

When we go back up stairs Ava says "You could of done better, you know."

I'm seriously getting fed up with that girl. "I don't see you jumping up to ask you're mum!"

"Fine I will" and with that she slammed out the door.

"What was that?" mum called through "Just Ava Being Ava!" She comes through to my room and says "I really think you should consider you're friendship with Ava she is being a bit moody these days."

I didn't tell mum this but the thing was I didn't really have any other friends. Ava doesn't like me having other friends.

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