Here is the story of how 5 boys turned my life upside down...


3. 'So you remember?' 'Nope, not a clue'


Chapter 2

'So you remember?' 'Nope, not a clue'


Charley's P.O.V

I slowly run my eyes as I wake up and I feel a sudden pounding feeling in my head as if someone is in there constantly punching me. The joys of the morning after New Year's Eve! As I finally look at my surroundings I realise I have no fucking clue where I am... I look to my left and there is somebody there.. Naked... Oh shit not again. I lift myself of the bed trying not to disturb their. Sleeping body grab my nickers and bra and put them on and run to the front door while zipping my dress up I was about to leave when I heard his voice 'charley next time you try and leave without disturbing me, don't sprint around in heels' I look down aw shit that would have made a real loud noise 'hehe... Sorry?' I said not sure of what I was supposed to say 'no that's alright I was just gonna make you breakfast, stay and eat with me ill give u a t-shirt to wear cause I'm sure that dress is not comfy' 'thank you that would be lovely' I stand there awkwardly waiting for him to come back he hands me the t-shirt it's a blue v-neck I strip of and pull it over my head while he stares at me with wide eyes 'what?' 'Oh it's nothing it's just I've never had a girl just be able to get dressed in front of me' 'well I figured that you have already seen me naked and this tome I had underwear on...' I giggled 'ah you remember what happened?' 'Nope, not a clue' 'than ho-' 'I just assumed Liam' I interrupted him 'oh' 'any way I'm still up for that breakfast!' I grinned at him 'alright well I'm not the best at making it...' He said looking down embarrassed 'that's alright ill help you, just put the toast in the toaster and get the eggs out along with the butter' 'righty oh then'
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