Here is the story of how 5 boys turned my life upside down...


2. '3, 2, 1!' 'HAPPY NEW YEA-'


Chapter 1

'3, 2, 1!' 'HAPPY NEW YEA-'


'Wake up charley' exclaimed beth I groaned into my pillow 'go awayyy' I moaned 'CHARLOTTE CALLAWAY GET YOUR FAT ASS OUT OF BED!' 'My ass is not fat! Is it?!?!' I whimpered the last part 'no but it got you out of bed!' 'Grrrr' omg did I just growl at her? 'Ok we'll what's the time?' I asked 'its 4:30 we need to get ready for the club' she replied 'ok, now shoo back to your cave peasant' I joked 'hmf' was all I got back

-skip shower-

I did my usual make up -a bit of foundation, eye liner, eyeshadow and a bit of blush-

'Come on we gotta go we're gonna be late!!' Beth screeched up the stairs.

-at party-

'Erm Beth?' I asked 'mmhm' 'I think you forgot to mention its was a celebrity party!' I glared at her while saying it 'oopsies?' 'Ugh' 'well I'm gonna go get a drink you want one?' 'Not yet I would like to remember what happened in the morning'' suit yourself!'

-ten minutes till 12:00-

Ok I'm out of it but Beth is worse i can still walk! I've been dancing with this buy I think his name was... Luke?.... No... LIAM that's his name and he is SO cute! Oh my god it's 1 minute till 12 were all starting to come on the dance floor. '10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,' we all cheered 'HAPPY NEW YEA-' I was cut of by a pair of lips I look to see who it is,it's Liam! Woop woop!! I start to kiss back, oh my god his lips are so soft, I wish the moment never ended, wow I just met him? Must be the alcohol talk- my thoughts were interrupted my his heavenly voice. STOP IT CHARLOTTE! 'Happy new year charley' ' happy new year'
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