Here is the story of how 5 boys turned my life upside down...


1. Proluge




Hi my name is Charley Callaway I'm at uni studying arts. I have bright red hair that goes down to mid back and when I say red I'm not talking about ginger... I'm living in an apartment with my best friend bethany. i used to live in a foster home because my father left when I was born saying he didn't love my mother and telling her he has another girlfriend. I never want to meet him, EVER! Any way my mother was only 17 when she had me so we were Really close, so that made it real difficult when she was murdered when I was 16 while I was at Bethany's house. As soon as I turned 18 I left that hell hole and I mean it when I was hell hole!

So you know all about my past, now here is how I met the people that turned my life upside down....

Hey I'm back guys and I did not edit this chapter since its only the intro sorry :/ -Missbowties
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