The New Girl.

Harry Styles and Haylee Jones have been married for five years and are happier than ever. When their daughter ask an unexpected question, they decide to tell her a great story. Full of love and hurt, but a happy ending.


3. The News.


"So, where are we going first, Harry?" I asked Harry, looking out the window.

"It's a surprise, this town may be small, but you will like it. Trust me." He said. I just sat in my seat and looked out the window, this town is quite small, but its has amazing places to look at. After driving for about twenty minutes, we finally stopped.

"Where are we?" I asked.

"A movie theater, want to catch a movie?" He asked, smirking. Him and all his smirks, those will be the death of me. I just smiled and nodded. "Have you seen Toy Story 3 yet?" He asked me.

"No, but I've been wanting to!" I practically yelled, jumping out of the car. He just chuckled.

"Let's go in, yeah?" He asked. I smiled and took his hand.


"Uncle LiLi always watches that with me!" Darcy yelled, sitting in the floor, playing with her doll.

"Yes, uncle LiLi loves Toy Story, its his favorite." Harry said, smiling. "Let's get back to the story."


Harry's POV

We were about to walk in the theater when Haylee said, "I'm going to use the restroom, I'll be right back."

"I'll wait right here." I said and smiled. But to my surprise, Lexy showed up. Would she ever leave me alone?

"Hey Harry." She said, starting to walk over to me.

"What are you doing here?!" I practically yelled.

"Oh, I'm just here seeing a movie, that's all." She said, now she was up in my face. "Plus, I followed you. I really missed you. I started to back away but she put her hands around my neck and kissed me. I pushed her off, but not before I seen Haylee running away, crying.

"Look what you did!" I yelled. "Stay away from me and Haylee. I want nothing to do with you!" I yelled, while running after Haylee.

"Haylee, stop! Listen to me!" I yelled after her. She turned around, with tear stained cheeks.

"Why should I? Maybe she was right, you do still care about her!"

"No, she kissed me, I swear! I want nothing to do with her! I don't want her, I want someone el-" I stopped myself before I could say anything else. I couldn't tell her that I wanted to be with her, I just met her today, wouldn't that be creepy?


"Daddy kissed another girl, while on a date with mommy? But you said it was a special night." Darcy said, really confused.

"Darcy, baby. I never kissed that girl, she kissed me." She nodded.

"My turn." Haylee said, continuing with the story.


Haylee's POV

"No, she kissed me, I swear! I want nothing to do with her! I don't want her, I want someone el-" He stopped before he said anything else, but I was still upset.

"Oh, you want someone else?! Doesn't surprise me, Mr. Hot Shot!" I yelled in his face. Was I seriously already falling for his charms, I've known him for one whole day, and he already has me in tears.

"I want you." He said, stepping closer.

"Oh, you can't be serious. You've known me for one day, what makes me so special?" I asked him, also stepping closer to him.

"You're the only girl who wasn't dying to talk to me, you're not falling all over me. You're different from other girls, and I can't get you out of my mind. I need you in my life, I was so desperate to talk to you, and when you agreed to let me show you around, I wanted to scream, and jump up and down. Haylee, please believe me."

I think I surprised him with my next move, instead of saying anything, I leaned up and kissed him. He was surprised but kissed back, passionately.

"Lexy will try everything to come between us, but I'm not going to let that happen." He said, leaning in and kissing me again.

"Me either." I said, and smiled. He hugged me tight. I looked over his shoulder and seen Lexy coming our way. Is she ever going to give up?

"I seen you stopped crying." She said, and smirked.

"Why don't you leave us alone, can't you see he doesn't want to be with you?" I asked her.

"Well, he did kiss me."

"You mean, you kissed me. Just leave!" Harry yelled. I was smirking the whole time. "It's been two years, give it up. You never wanted me back until she showed up, are you jealous of her or something?" Harry asked her. She shook her head no. "Then leave, now!" He yelled, and she walked away.

"Wow, she is so stupid." I said.

"Yeah, I have no idea why I dated her. C'mon, the movie is probably almost over, are you hungry?" Harry asked. I nodded and he opened the door for me.

"What a gentleman." I said, and smiled. As you can tell, I smile a lot when I'm with him.

"Well, what can I say?" He asked, and smirked.

"You're lucky you're cute." I said, and we headed off. I'm glad because I'm starving.


"So, mommy and daddy are okay now?"

"Yes baby, it was all a big misunderstanding." I said, smiling at Harry.


Where was he taking me? I had no clue. I am new to this neighborhood, I again looked out the window, admiring the little stores.

"Were here." He says, grabbing my hand.

"Where exactly are we?"

"A little diner, I always come here. The food is great, c'mon babe." He just called me babe. I felt my cheek burn red. I nodded.

When we walked in, we were hand in hand, he never let go. I was smiling the whole night. We ate pretty quickly and he kept me laughing. After we left the diner, he started driving around.

"Now where are we going?" I asked.

"Just wait and see, love." Him and all these cute nick names, I feel myself blush again. I'm glad its dark, so he can't see me.

We drove for about ten minute. Wow, that was fast.

"Where are we?"

"This is where I come when I need to think. I haven't showed this to anyone before."

"I must be special." I smirked. He chuckled.

"Well yeah, you are pretty special." He said, scratching his neck.

"Harry, are you okay?" I asked.

"Well, to be honest, I'm extremely nervous right now." He said, looking at the ground.

"But, why? It's just me."

"That's the point, listen Haylee.." He paused, "You know I really like you, I kind of told you earlier.." He said, trailing off.

"And?" I asked.

"Well, I was wondering, if maybe.." He stopped again.

"Harry, just spit it out." I said, giggling.

"If you would, maybe want to go out with me." He said.

"But, aren't we out right now?" I asked.

"I meant, be my girlfriend." He said, looking into my eyes.

I froze, how does he make me feel like this. 'Say yes, Haylee. Say it!' I kept telling myself. I just nodded, I was so happy.

"Really?" He asked.

"Yeah, I like you Harry. No guy has ever went through so much trouble to talk to me, or make me happy. And no guy has ever made me like them so much, in so little time either." He hugged me tight.

"C'mon, we better go. It is a school night." He said, winking.


"Yay, mommy and daddy are happy!" Darcy said.

"Yes, we were.." Harry said, and looked at me. I hated this part of the story.

"Go ahead Harry." I said, nodding.


Harry's POV

The next day at school, me and Haylee walked in, with his arm around my waist. Everyone was staring at us, I don't know why people always stare. But I was acting really weird towards Haylee, I really don't want to tell her.

"Harry, is something up?" She asked me. I shook his head no. "C'mon Harry, you can tell me." She said, rubbing my back.

"Okay, remember when I said that I wanted to audition for X-Factor?" I asked her, and she nodded. "Well, when I got home last night, my mom said my audition is next week. I have to go to London."

"Harry, that;s great! Why do you seem so sad?" She asked.

"Because, then I have to leave you here alone."

"What are you talking about? Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis will be here." She said, and smiled.

"They are auditioning too." I said, and her smiled faded.

"B-but that means, I have... No one." She said, tears brimming her eyes.

"Babe, listen to me. I'll call you as much as I can. I'll be thinking about you the whole time. You have got to trust me on this."

She faked a smile and said, "Okay. What day are you leaving next week."

"Monday." I said, looking at the ground.

"But, its Friday. We only have the weekend to spend together." She said, a tear escaped her eye.

"I know, c'mon. Were ditching school. I want to be with you as much as possible."

"Harry, promise me one thing?" She asked.

"Anything." I said.

"Don't ever cheat on me, please." She said, crying a lot more now.

"I never in my life would hurt you, you're mine Haylee." I smiled, and kissed her. We walked to my car and went to my hangout spot, and stayed there all day long. I held her in my arms, and I never wanted this day to end.


"You left mommy all alone?" Darcy asked.

"Yes, but you have to wait until after your nap to hear the rest, baby girl." I said, taking her upstairs.

"Okay daddy. I'll see you later mommy, I love you." Darcy said.

"I love you too baby." Haylee said.

"See you in a minute, love." I said, blowing her a kiss. She smiled, and blew me a kiss back.

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