The New Girl.

Harry Styles and Haylee Jones have been married for five years and are happier than ever. When their daughter ask an unexpected question, they decide to tell her a great story. Full of love and hurt, but a happy ending.


5. London.

While I was making lunch, Harry came down and started to help me.

"I thought you were playing with Darcy?" I asked.

"She's watching Phineas and Ferb." He said.

"Well go get her, lunch is ready." I smiled and kissed him.

"Okay." He said, and ran upstairs. I set the table right when they got downstairs.

"Ready to eat, baby?" I asked.

"Yeah! And hear the story." She said, eating her mac and cheese.

"You know Darcy, we were in love, but not everyday was perfect. We had our ups and downs." Harry said.


Harry's POV

I loved Haylee so much, but sometimes she was so stubborn. We spent every waking hour together. I would always stay over at her house, or she would come and hangout at mine.

"How could you be such a selfish jerk?!" She yelled at me.

"What do you mean how can I be a jerk, your the one yelling at me over NOTHING!" I yelled back.

"Whatever, I'm leaving!" Haylee yelled, walking out the door.


"Why was you mad mommy?" Darcy asked.

"I was just having a bad day, sweetheart. And daddy didn't help out much." Haylee said, giggling.


I ran after her, I knew she was being stubborn and I didn't help by yelling.

"Haylee, come back here. We only have a couple more days to spend together, and I'm not going to spend them fighting with you." I said, hugging her.

"You were being a jerk." She said into my chest.

"I know, I know babe. I'm sorry." I said, rubbing her back. "C'mon, lets go back inside." I said, pulling her inside. "You know I love you, right Haylee?" I asked her. Crap, I've never told her I loved her yet. She looked at me surprised.

"I love you too Harry." She said, and kissed me.

The next couple days went by way too fast and before I knew it I was at the airport once again, leaving the girl I love for a couple months. I hated this part.

"I love you, Harry. Call me everyday, I mean it." She said into my chest.

"I love you too, Haylee." I said, and hugged her tight. I pulled away and kissed her passionately. Before I knew it, they was calling for my plane. "I'll call you when I land babe, I love you!" I yelled. She just started crying more, I hated seeing her cry.


Haylee's POV

It's already been two months without Harry, but he has called me every night. He made it through to the live shows and tonight is the final show, where we will know if One Direction make it through to the final two. Let me feel you in. After boot camp, Harry called me in tears saying he didn't make it, but had to get off the phone quickly. He called me that night and said they had put him in a band with Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn. What a coincidence. They have been doing really good, I hope they do good tonight.

I was watching the show, and their performance was great. They came back out with Simon and there was a lot of tension. But, turns out, they got third place. I will never forget Simon's words. "This is just the beginning for these boys." And the next day, Harry called.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Haylee, were going to be famous! Simon signed us!" Harry screamed.

"Babe, thats great!" I said, trying to sound excited. Truth is, he will be gone a lot and I will miss him.

"And guess what?" He asked.


"When we go on tour, I get to bring one person, we call do! Do you want to go on tour with us, when we go? We can finish school online together." He said. I ran to my moms room and asked. She was a little hesitant at first, but she said yeah. But made me promise to keep up with my school work. My mom was being really nice lately, too nice.

"Harry, I'll call you back. I love you." I said, and hung up.

"Mom, whats going on?" I asked.

"Well... I'm pregnant." She said, and looked down.

"Mom, thats great!"

"You're not mad?" She asked.

"Of course not! You have a husband that loves you, why would I be mad?" I asked. She just shrugged her shoulders. Then I heard a knock at the door. I went to open it and again, I seen Harry.

"You love surprising me, don't you?" I asked, and hugged him.

"Yeah, pack your bags. You're moving in with me, Louis, and Samantha!" He screamed. I smiled and we ran up to my room and started packing. I had a lot of clothes so it took nearly three hours to pack.

I walked into my moms room, "Bye mom, I love you. I'm going with Harry now. I'll call everyday and I will visit." I said, hugging her.

"Bye baby." She said.

"So, where are we going?" I asked.

"London." He smiled. London, I've always wanted to go to London. "And I am going to spoil you babe."

"You don't have to do that."

"But, I want to." He said, and smiled. He opened the door for me and we drove to the airport. I've never been on a plane and I'm nervous. We loaded all the luggage and got on the plane. I squeezed his hand and he noticed how nervous I was. "Are you nervous?" He asked.

I smiled a week smile, "Maybe a little."

"Don't be, I'm here."

"Please buckle up, we will be taking off soon. Thank you." The lady said. We buckled up and I rested my head on Harry's shoulder and drifted off to sleep.


"So you didn't win?" Darcy asked.

"No, but I did get to be famous." Harry said, smiling.


I felt a shaking, and I started freaking out and shot up. Harry chuckled. "Babe, were in London." He said, taking my hand. Let's go get our luggage."

We got our luggage and got a taxi. It took about half and hour before we pulled up to a flat. It was pretty big.

"Harry, this is our flat?" I asked him.

"All ours. And Louis' and Samantha's." He said, chuckling.

"Hazza, my man!" Louis opened the door, and shouted!

"Boo Bear!" Harry shouted.

"Come on boys, I have luggage out here!" I yelled at them. They laughed and helped me with my luggage. Could my life get any better right now? I'm dating the love of my life, he is soon going to be touring, I'm with my best friends, and I'm happier than ever. I can't wait to live the famous life with Harry.


"Was it fun staying with uncle Lou all the time?" Darcy asked.

"It was kind of a headache, but he always cheered me up baby." I said.

"Like how?" She asked.


I remember one day, me and Harry got into a big argument, I thought he was cheating on me. I saw him hugging another girl and I jumped to conclusions.

"Harold Edward Styles!" I yelled, he looked up and seen me. "Who is this, and why are you hugging her?" I yelled. He started to explain, but I wouldn't listen. "No! Don't talk to me. Stay here with.. With... HER." I yelled, and stormed off. I kept walking until Louis seen me.

"Haylee, what's wrong?"

"Harry! He's, he's a jerk! He was hugging another girl." I said, and pointed to him. Louis just laughed. "Why are you laughing?!" I asked.

"That's his cousin, she is just visiting him!" Louis said.

"I am such an idiot, I need to talk to him now!" I said. "Bye!"

"Harry! Harry!" I shouted, running after him!


Harry's POV

"Harry! Harry!" Haylee shouted, running after me. "Harry, I'm sorry. I didn't know she was your cousin.

"Yeah, well next time you won't jump to conclusions will you?" I asked, yelling. I seen tears in her eyes. "Haylee I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell. But you can't jump to conclusions. You're the only girl I want to be with, you have to trust me." I said, hugging her.

"I guess I'm the jerk." She said, crying into my chest.

"No baby, you just love me a lot." Harry said, rubbing my back.

"I love you, Harry."

"I love you too, Haylee."


"So uncle Lou can be sweet?" Darcy asked.

"Yeah, and comforting." Haylee said.

"You and daddy shouldn't fight, you guys love each other." She said, stuffing more food in her mouth.

"Yeah, I know. C'mon, lets finish eating, then we will tell more of the story." I said, finally eating some of my food. Haylee smiled, I knew she was starving. Heck, she is eating for two.

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