The New Girl.

Harry Styles and Haylee Jones have been married for five years and are happier than ever. When their daughter ask an unexpected question, they decide to tell her a great story. Full of love and hurt, but a happy ending.


7. Headlines.

Harry's POV

I woke up earlier than Haylee did this morning, so she could sleep in a little later before we headed to the baby doctor. Darcy is so ready for her baby brother to be here. I walked into Darcy's room to find here just waking up, so I picked here up.

"Hey baby girl, why don't you get changed then go wake mommy up while daddy fixes breakfast." I told her. She nodded, and I helped her pick out some clothes. While she got ready I headed downstairs to fix breakfast for all of us. We need to leave in an hour. Right as I was finishing up breakfast, Darcy and Haylee came downstairs all ready for the day.

"Good morning babe." I said, and hugged her. "You hungry?" I asked.

"You really have to ask that?" Dang, she was sassy today.

"Louis said that he would watch Darcy if you wanted him to, El wants to take her shopping."

"Aunt El!" Darcy screamed. She knew that Louis and Eleanor weren't married yet, but she still called her aunt.

"Do you want to go to uncle Louis' Darcy?" 

"Yeah!" She screamed. Haylee and I laughed. 

"Okay, let's eat, then we will go." I said and Darcy smiled. She loves going over to Louis and Eleanor's.

"Daddy, when you and mommy get home, I want to hear more of the story." She said, running out to the car.

"Okay Darcy, but slow down! We don't need you falling down." Haylee yelled. I helped her into the car. 

We headed to Louis' and Darcy was happier than ever.

"Darcy, what exactly do you and uncle Lou do to make you love going over there here recently?" I ask her. But knowing Louis, it could be anything.

"Uh, daddy I can't tell you."

"Why not?" I asked.

"Uncle Louis told me not to." She said, looking down.

"You can tell me, baby girl."

"No daddy, I can't!" She yelled and looked out the window.

"Haylee, get my phone and dial Louis." I said, and she did immediately.

"Hello?" Louis answered.

"Hey Lou, we're on our way with Darcy. But I need to ask you something."

"What?" He asked.

"I asked Darcy what made her so excited to always come to your house here lately, and she told me she couldn't tell me. Is there something you need to tell me?" I asked. He was silent. "Boo Bear?" I asked.

"I'll talk to you when you get here." And he hung up. That was weird.

"Is everything okay?" Haylee asked. I just nodded.

When we pulled in all the boys were there. Me, Haylee, and Darcy walked up to the door and knocked, and Eleanor answered. Wait, her and Lou are both my best friends, what are they hiding from me. 

We walked into the living room and all the boys were on the couches.

"So Louis, what's going on? Make it quick, Ally has a doctors appointment." He nodded, and took El's hand.

"Boys," He paused. "El and I have decided to get married." He said, smiling. We were all shocked, but knew it was bound to happen one day. "That's why Darcy likes coming here, were taking her shopping, she's our flower girl." Louis said.

"When is the wedding?" Haylee asked.

"Sometime next year," El said. "Don't worry, I waited so that you wouldn't be pregnant, because you're going to be my maid of honor." She said, smiling. Haylee just smiled real big.

"Well we need to get going. Lou, we will be back in a couple hours." I said, walking out the door.


Haylee's POV


"Already?! Are you sure, doctor?" I asked, Harry squeezed my hand.

"Yes, I'm sure."

I can't believe this, I'm three months pregnant already, I was happier than ever!


I loved thinking about that day, it was one of the best days of my life.

"You okay?" Harry asked. I have been out of it after the doctors appointment.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Thinking about our very first baby doctors appointment." I said, smiling.

"I was so nervous that day." 

"Yeah, me too." I said. "Remember how bad I believed everything, and how emotional I was?" I asked. He nodded.


'Harry Styles and Caroline Flack dating?' I read in a newspaper. 

"What?!" I screamed. Ally and El looked at me funny. "Look!" I said, shoving the newspaper towards them.

"You can't believe this, Haylee." El said. 

"Why is he smiling with his arm around her, El? Why?! I'm three months pregnant with his baby! I'm just not good enough." I said, tears streaming down my face. "I'm going home."

"Haylee, you will just see him and things will be worse." Eleanor said, trying to stop me. "I'll call Louis to take you home, okay?" She asked. I just nodded. We went into Starbucks and waited for Louis. Before I knew it, he was there. He ran in, hugged Eleanor and put me in the car, then we headed to our flat.

"Haylee, what happened?" He asked. I just so happened to buy a paper.

"Read the headline, Lou! He's cheating on me!" I yelled.

"Remember last time you thought he wa-"

"Louis, this is freaking Caroline Flack, they aren't related!" I yelled, interrupting him.

"Haylee, you need to talk to him." He said, pulling into our flat.

"Great, he's home." I mumbled under my breath. Louis gave me a weak smile. 

"Thanks for the ride Lou." I said, before running inside.

The minute I stepped in the door, I seen Harry.

"Harold Edward Styles, what the hell is this?!" I yelled, shoving the paper in his face. His eyes widened.

"Haylee, she is just a friend, I swear!" He immediately said.

"Why were you with her?" I asked.

"We met at the studio."

"And it just slipped your mind to tell me?!"

"Haylee! You're taking this way too far!" He yelled.

"Screw you, Styles." I said, slapping him and running to our room. He chased after me, and put is foot between the door before I shut it.

"Harry, you didn't even tell me about her. That's what hurt."

"Haylee, you're the only girl I want. I'll keep telling you this until the day I die." I couldn't help but let out a smile. He came and hugged me. "I love you, Haylee."

"I love you too, Harry. Next time tell me about a girl you meet." I said, kissing him. He nodded, then kissed me passionately.


"I can't believe you thought I liked her." He said, laughing. I slapped him in the arm.

"We better head to Louis', I know you miss your Boo Bear!" I said, laughing. "Plus, me and El need to talk  wedding plans!" I said, excitedly.

He chuckled, "You're excited aren't you?" He asked. I nodded, then laughed.

Then it hit me, 'Louis Tomlinson is actually getting married... Too Eleanor.' Wow, life is crazy. I started laughing to myself.



(A/N Sorry it's shorter than the others, thank you for reading. -Ally(:

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