The New Girl.

Harry Styles and Haylee Jones have been married for five years and are happier than ever. When their daughter ask an unexpected question, they decide to tell her a great story. Full of love and hurt, but a happy ending.


6. Happy Six Months and Happy Birthday.

Haylee's POV

"I want to take you out." Harry told me randomly. We was sitting inside our flat in London, and haven't really been out. He's been to the recording studio and with Simon. I only seen him at night time when he got home.

"You don't have to take me out." I said, turning off the tv.

"But, I want to. Now, go get ready. I've already made reservations for seven."

"Harry, its already four, thanks for the notice!" I yelled, running towards the bathroom.

"Dress up, baby." Harry said, before I closed the bathroom door.

I hopped in the shower and washed up, and shaved. Heck, tonight could be a lucky night, even though I'm a virgin. I got out of the shower, and checked the time. 'It's already 4:45, I have to hurry. I decided that I was going to actually curl my hair, instead of wearing it wavy. I blow dried my hair and curled it in layers, by the time I was done, it was around six.

"Hey Harry, what time are we leaving?" I asked.

"About six thirty!" He yelled.

This only gives me thirty minutes to find an outfit and do my make up. I decided on a cute turquoise summer dress, and flats. Before I put on my outfit I did my foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye liner, and pink lip gloss. "Perfect," I said to myself. I put on my dress, grabbed my purse and headed downstairs. I hope I look fancy enough to go out tonight with Harry.


"Where did you take her daddy?" Darcy asked, sitting in Harry's lap.

"Listen to Mommy, and she will tell you." Harry replied. She sat up and looked at me, waiting for me to continue. I smiled and started to continue the story.


When I walked downstairs, Harry's head shot up.

"You look beautiful, babe." He said, grabbing my hand and headed to his car.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Some place really special, and romantic." Oh dear, probably some fancy restaurant, and there will probably be a lot of fans. "Is something wrong babe?" He asked, his eyes on the road.

"No, just.. What if there is a bunch of fans?" I asked.

He chuckled, "Don't worry about that babe." He said while he pulled into the parking lot of.. Galvin La Chapelle. It looked so fancy.

"Harry, this place looks really fancy and.. Empty. Why is there no one here?" I asked.

"Ta da! I rented it out, just for us. So were not disturbed. Happy six months babe, and happy birthday. You're finally 17, just like me." He said, and smiled.

"You did this just for us, for me?" I asked.

"Of course, babe. I love you. Now let's go in and eat. We have a big night planned ahead." He said, and winked at me. I nodded and we walked in. This place is beautiful.

"Harry, this place looks way too expensive." I said.

"Babe, I'm famous. I can afford it, trust me. Just relax." He said, rubbing my back.

"Okay." I said and we sat down. The waitress came and took our orders and we sat and talked the whole night, just talking. I loved just talking to Harry, he always listened to what I had to say. We left the restaurant and took a walk. Well, drove us to the park and we sat on the swings.

"Harry, push me!" I yelled. He chuckled and nodded. "This is so fun, I miss being a kid!" I screamed.

He walked in front of me and said, "Jump!"

"No, I'll get hurt!"

"Babe, I'll catch you. I promise!" He yelled. I nodded and counted to three.

"1.. 2.... 3!" Then I jumped into his arms, causing him to stumble backwards and fall to the ground. We both sat up laughing.

"C'mon, let's go slide!" I yelled and ran off.

"Wait babe, wait!" He screamed.

"C'mon slow poke!" I yelled. He started to run after me. "Ha! I beat you to the slide." I said, and climbed the latter.

"Slide into my arms." He said. I nodded, and slid right into Harry's arms. I stood up and hugged him. "Slide with me." I whispered and kissed his cheek. He nodded and we climbed the slide.

"Okay, go on three. 1.. 2..... 3!" He yelled, then down the slide we went. I seriously missed being a kid. We went to the monkey bars and sat on them, and talked some more.

"Look, a shooting star!" I yelled. "Make a wish." I whispered. We both closed our eyes, and made a wish.

"What did you wish for?" He asked.

"I can't tell you or it won't come true!" I said. He chuckled.

"Let's get back home, babe. I have a surprise for you." He said, and gave me a piggy back ride to the car.

"Babe, I can walk." I giggled.

"But, it's your birthday. I want to give you a piggy back ride!" He said, sitting me in the car. I kissed his cheek before he shut the car door. I really did have an amazing night.


"Mommy, you were such a kid!" Darcy yelled.

"Daddy was too." I said.

"Darcy, it's time for bed. It's already nine o'clock. Come on." Harry said.

"But daddy!"

"No buts Darcy, we have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Let's go." He said, carrying her.

"Goodnight Mommy. I love you." She said.

"I love you too, baby." I said, and blew her a kiss.


Harry's POV

"You all ready for bed?" I asked her, after she got her Dora pajamas on.

"Yep! Night daddy, I love you!" She said, hugging me.

I kissed her forehead, "I love you too, baby girl." I said, then turned off the light and headed back downstairs.

"Babe, remember that night?" Haylee asked.

"How could I not, it was amazing."


After I took Haylee to the best restaurant in town, we went to the park and acted like little kids. But her night wasn't over yet. I wanted to lose my virginity to her tonight. Yes, I'm 17 and still a virgin. Although I'm of the most popular kids in school and dated Lexy for a year. I don't treat other people badly, I was friends with everyone. We walked into the flat and I picked her up bridal style and kissed her, taking her to the bedroom. I laid her down gently onto the bed, being careful.

"Babe, what are we doing?" She asked. I just looked at her, and nervously smiled. I started to kiss her again, more passionately. She kissed back just as passionately and tugged at my shirt, I broke from the kiss and pulled the shirt over my head. I lifted her up and unzipped her dress, and she took it off. Was she ready for this also.

"Babe, are you sure about this?" I asked her, and she nodded.

I went back to kissing her and unclipped her bra, while she unbuckled my pants and took them off. I was nervous as hell. She was nervous too.

"Babe, if you don't want to do this, we don't have to."

"But, I want to. I wouldn't want anyone else to take away my virginity." She said smiling and kissed me.

So I kissed her again, and then I took off her panties, and I stuck one finger inside her. She was definitely ready, I could tell by her heavy breathing. I took off my boxers, and stuck my length at her entrance. I looked at her and she nodded. I entered her slowly, so she could get used to my size. She was tight. I looked down at her, and I saw a tear. I didn't want her crying. But then, she started to moan. So I just kept thrusting into her. Harder and faster. Me being a virgin didn't last long, and I let myself go. When we finished, we were both breathing heavily, I knew she was the one after this. And we cuddled up, and went straight to sleep. I loved this girl.


"You never told me you were a virgin, you were so good our first time." Haylee said. I just blushed. "But remember what else happened?" She asked. I just looked at her.


Haylee's POV

It has been a month and a half since Harry and I's first time, but we have sex constantly. We love it, it just makes us feel good. But the thing is, I puke just about every morning, Harry takes care of me though. And I still haven't had my period, I shouldn't be this late. I was suppose to start three weeks ago, but I never thought anything of it. So I got three pregnancy tests, yes, three. And took them while he was at the studio. I was so scared, but I had to know. I took them all, and sat them on the counter and waited.

The first one has a '+' sign, 'Don't worry Haylee, that's just one. Could be a false positive.' I told myself.

The second one, '+'. 'This cannot be happening.' I said to myself.

I gulped before I read the third one, '+'. 'I am definitely pregnant, and I am only 17 years old. I started to cry and I didn't hear the front door open. Harry knocked on the bathroom door, but I was in the floor crying, and couldn't answer it. I couldn't face him. He came in and hugged me.

"Babe, what's wrong." I still couldn't talk. "Babe, you have to talk to me." I just pointed to the sink.

"Look." Was all I said. He looked at all three tests, and his face went pale.

"Babe, you're not.." He said, looking at me.

I started to cry more and nodded. But he did something unexpected.

"I-I have to go." He said and left me there, in the bathroom, crying my eyes out. 'Why is this happening to me? Why?' I asked myself. I stayed in that bathroom for hours before Louis walked in.

"Haylee, oh my god, what's wrong?" Louis asked.

"I-I'm pregnant." I said, through tears.

"Where's Harry?" He asked.

"He seen the tests, then just left. He left me here, Lou. What am I going to do?!" I yelled.

"Well first, you're going to stop crying." He said, wiping my tears. "Second, I'm going to make you some tea, and call Harry."

"Lou, he hates me."

"Haylee, I can assure you, he doesn't hate you."

"This is all my fault!" I yelled.

"Haylee, this is just as much his fault. It takes two to tango." I laughed at his words.

"You're such a goof, Lou." Me and Lou talked all night, before Harry came back with flowers.

"I'll let you two talk." Louis said, going to his room.

"These are for you."

"Why'd you leave?" I asked.

"I needed some air, I needed to think. I didn't think you would get pregnant. I know I used a condom everyti-" His eyes went wide, "Shit." He mumbled under his breath.

"What Harry?" I asked.

"I didn't use a condom the first time." He said. "Haylee, I'm so sorry!" He yelled.

"It's okay Harry, but promise me one thing."


"Don't leave." I said.

"Never. You're my one and only. I want a family with you, I just didn't think it would happen this soon. I love you, Haylee. Don't forget that." He said, and hugged me. "C'mon, lets go to bed." I nodded and we headed off to bed. We cuddled the whole night.


"I thought you were going to leave me." I said to Harry.

"Never in a million years. Plus that night made us a very grateful daughter. She is up in her room, sleeping like a baby."

"And she is a huge daddy's girl." I said, kissing him. "Babe, I'm tired. And we have to wake up early. Let's go to bed, yeah?" I asked.

"Okay babe. I love you." Harry said. "And I love you." He said, kissing my belly.

"Oh, c'mon you goof." I said, dragging him upstairs. "Oh, and I love you too." I said, turning to him and kissing him. He just smiled. That cheeky boy.



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