The New Girl.

Harry Styles and Haylee Jones have been married for five years and are happier than ever. When their daughter ask an unexpected question, they decide to tell her a great story. Full of love and hurt, but a happy ending.


4. Auditions.

Haylee's POV

"That was one of the hardest days of my life, that news." I said to Harry.

"I know baby, but guess what. That was high school and were still together, we worked through it." He said, kissing my forehead. "Want any tea?" He asked me.

"Yeah, I could use some. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, don't forget." He nodded.

"Daddy!" Darcy yelled.

"Go on, I'll put the tea on." I smiled, and he ran upstairs. A few minutes later he came down holding Darcy.

"Did you sleep good, baby?" She nodded, and rubbed her eyes. "Do you want some tea?"

"Yeah! Daddy, can I hear the rest of the story?" She asked.

"Of course, baby girl. C'mon here." He said, sitting in the chair, patting his lap. She ran over there and hopped in his lap. "Mommy is going to start out, okay?" He asked her, she nodded. I took the tea off the stove and made three glasses. We all sat at the table and I started back with the story.


We had skipped school that day, but luckily my mom didn't find out. I pretty much lucked out.

"Hey Harry, do you want to meet my mom. You know, when you get back from X-Factor? Don't you get sometime off after the first audition?"

"Yeah, I'd love to. I get a week off, if I make it through." He said, kissing me. "Oh, the boys want us to meet at Liam's tonight, their girlfriends will be there. Do you want to go?" He asked me.

"But, I have no friends. What if they hate me?" I asked him.

"Don't worry, babe. I'll be there with you."

"Okay, I need to tell my mom." I texted my mom and told her what I was doing. I'm lucky my mom isn't strict, she let's me do pretty much anything. She only knows me and Harry are friends, she doesn't know we are dating yet. "She said it's fine. Let's go." I said. He stood up and grabbed my hand, helping me up.

Liam didn't live too far from our little hangout, and when we got there everyone was already there. They all wanted to hangout together before they left. We walked up to the door and knocked, but Liam didn't answer.

"Hey, I'm Samantha. And you are?" She asks me. I was really shy, but answered anyway.

"I'm Haylee, nice to meet you." I said, sticking my hand out for her to shake it. But instead of shaking it, she hugged me.

"It's great to meet you! Liam says that Harry never shuts up about you, are you knew here?" She asks.

"Yeah, my first day was yesterday. Harry showed me around and asked me out last night."

"Wow, you're one lucky girl. He treats his girls like princesses." She said. "Oh, come on in. Come meet everyone!" She said. Me and Harry walked into the living room, where everyone was seated.

"Hey Haylee!" Louis said jumping up to give me a hug. He wasn't really that annoying once you get to know him.

"Hey Louis. Who's this?" I asked, pointing to the girl beside him.

"This is Eleanor, my girlfriend. Eleanor, this is Haylee. Harry's girlfriend."

"Oh, the new girl. I've been dying to meet you!" She said, giving me a hug. These people love to hug.

"Haylee! Got any food?"

"Niall! You just ate!" The girl beside him said.

I just laughed, "No Niall, I don't have any food."

"Hey, I'm Ally. Are you the new girl at school?" She asked. I nodded. "I didn't get to say hello yesterday, since Harry hogged you, I see you two are very close now." She said, nudging my arm.

"Yeah, he asked me out yesterday." I said, blushing.

"You're a very lucky girl, he will treat you like a princess." She said. "I have to go get Niall some food. Nice to meet you!" She said, then rushed into the kitchen.

"Hey Haylee." Zayn said. He was sitting next to a girl with light purple hair. "This is my girlfriend Perrie. Perrie, this is the new girl, Haylee." She smiled and stood up, hugging me.

"Nice to meet you, new girl in town right?" She asked, I nodded. "Well I know what its like being the new girl, so how about you hangout with me and the girls why the boys are gone. And we will show you around school."

I smiled, "That's sounds great, thank you so much!" I said, hugging her.

"See, they don't hate you. You just need to come out of your shell babe." Harry said, sitting down on the couch next to Louis. Typical.


"You even knew aunt Perrie, Samantha, Ally, and Eleanor?" Darcy asked. I nodded.

"They helped me get through my days at school, and while daddy was away, they got my mind off of him." I said, looking at Harry.


The weekend went by a little too quickly, and it was Sunday. I was over at Harry's house, helping him pack some clothes. His mom, Anne, was a really nice woman.

"Hey Harry, are you taking any shorts?" I asked him, looking through his wardrobe.

"Haylee, its like negative zero outside!" He said.

"Oh, right. I'll pack you some sweatpants." I said, grabbing some sweatpants. After about an hour, we were done packing and we laid down on his bed and cuddled.

"I don't want you to leave." I said, looking at him.

"It's only a couple of days, then I come back for a week if I make it through. Then i go to the judges' houses." He said, pulling me closer.

"I'm going to miss you."

"I'll miss you too." I said. He started singing and I drifted off to sleep. I woke up an hour later to see him asleep too. So I decided to go downstairs to see what Anne was doing.

"Hey Anne, need any help with anything?" I asked her.

"No sweetheart. Where's Harry."

"He fell asleep." I said, smiling. I always smile when I talk about him. "You know, I really wish London wasn't that far away, so I could still see him. I've never felt this way about a boy, I don't know why I feel this way about him."

"You're in love, sweetie. He's in love too. I can tell by the way you two look at each other. It's love." She said, smiling. "I'm just glad its you. You are way better than Lexy." I hated that name, but I wanted to know more. Being a nosy girlfriend.

"What happened when he dated Lexy?" I asked.

She took a deep breath and then spoke. "She changed my sweet little Harry. He was the sweetest boy you could ever meet."

"He's still sweet." I said.

"Yeah, I know, I'm glad he is. But when they dated, she wanted to spend so much time with him. He never hung out with his family anymore. If he wanted to hangout with his friends, she got mad, sometimes even slapping him."

"Well, how long did they date?" I asked.

"A year. One their anniversary he went to this bridge, right down the rode. He set up candles, for a romantic night. He thought he was so in love with this girl. He waited, and waited, and waited for her. She never showed up, so he spent the rest of his night kicking the candles into the water underneath the bridge. But that's still not the worst part.." She paused. "He went over to his friends house, he walked in and Lexy was there. Cheating on him. I've never seen my son more hurt in his life. He didn't ever want a girlfriend because he was afraid of being hurt again, but you came into his life." She smiled. "And he hasn't kept a smile off of his face."

I felt flattered. "I really care about him, Anne." I said, smiling.

"And I really care about you, Haylee." I turned around, and Harry was at the bottom of the stairs. I started blushing. "No need to be embarrassed babe, how long have you been awake?"

"About half an hour, she came down and we talked a little." Anne said.

"About what?" Harry asked.

"You're mom told me about Lexy, I will never treat you like she did." I said, hugging him tight. "Never." Then I kissed him. Anne smiled.

"You two are so in love. Harry, are you all packed?" Anne asked.

"Yeah, can Haylee come along to the airport with us?

"How will she get back, I'm going to auditions with you."

"She can ride back with the girls!" Harry said.

"Then yes, she can go." Anne smiled.

"Harry, do you want to stay over at my place tonight? I want you to meet my mom before you go to auditions, instead of after." I asked, hoping he could.

"Mom?" Harry asked. She nodded.

"Lets go!" I said, dragging him to his car.


"Did you win X-factor daddy?"

"Well, let me tell you about my auditions."


Harry's POV

That night I stayed with Haylee, we stayed up all night watching movies, and talking. We were really tired on our way to the airport. But when we got there, the tears started falling from her eyes.

"Don't forget to call me." Haylee said, through her tears.

"I'll call you everyday!"

"Flight 119 to London, now boarding!" The announcer said.

"Bye Harry, I'll be thinking of you." Haylee said, and kissed me.

"Bye love, I'll be thinking of you too." I said, hugging her tight. Then I walked onto the plain, but not before blowing her a kiss.


Haylee's POV

Those few days went by so slow, school was boring, except for the girls. Harry didn't get to call me much and I was so sad. Until I seen his name appear on my phone. I answered it quickly.

"Harry!" I screamed.

"Hey love." He seemed sad.

"Harry, what's going on?" I asked.

"Nothing, I MADE IT THROUGH!" He yelled.

"Yay, I'm excited. When are you coming home?" I asked, then I heard a knock at the door. "Hold on, Harry." I opened the door to see Harry standing there.

"Now!" He said. I jumped into his arms and kissed him.

"So they liked you?!" I asked. He nodded.

"When do you go to judges' houses?" I asked.

"Next Wednesday. But I'm staying with you all this week." He said, hugging me tight.

"I'm so glad you made it. My man is going to be famous!" I screamed.

He just chuckled, "I hope so babe."


"Did you win X-Factor daddy?" Darcy asked, once again.

"Baby girl, I need to get all the way through it win." Harry said.

"Did you make it through?" She asked.

"Woah, how about you go play with your dolls while I make us some lunch, let's take a break from the story." I said.

"Okay mommy. C'mon daddy!" She said, dragging Harry to her room. I just laughed. I really do love my family.

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