A swimmers life


3. Reality

To get into Competitions you have to qualify, to qualify you have to get faster than a certain time. My next competition is Winter Meet, the events I am doing are the 400m FRS, 200m Im, 200m FRS, 200m BCK. My favourite event is the 400m Frs. The 400ms Frs is 16 lengths in a 25m pool and 8 in a 50m pool, this comp is taking place in a 50m pool. My time is 5minutes 31seconds. I love swimming it keeps you fit and active and its a great hobby. If your not a swimmer you won't understand the dedication that has to go into. You have to give up your nights and parties. I had to miss my best friends birthday party because I had a swimming gala. Before competitions you have to eat a certain diet, lots of pasta, no red meat and lots to drink! Plus the training is very tiring.

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