A swimmers life


4. Doggy

In the beginning of June there is a major competition called The North West Championships. My mum and dad have promised me that if I get at least 3 times they will get me a dog! Since I was 5 I have always asked for dog but they have always said no. I am only 2 seconds off the time  in the 100m Frs, 8 off the 200m Frs and 4 off the 100m Bck. I am going to carry on training consistently and do what my mum,dad and couch tells me to do that will help me get the times. I am going to a cockapoo which is a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle they are so cute! If it is a boy I am going to call it Dixie as me and my mum are huge Evertonians we go to every home game and if it is a Girl I am going to call it either Bella or Dolly. (Comment some other names if you have any ideas.)

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