Those Green Eyes

Adelle Adams felt lost as if stuck in a dark room with no hope of finding a switch; she was currently dating Josh Devine, the drummer from One Direction and blindly searched for the answer to what love really looked like and if what her and Josh had was actually love. In what seemed to be a hopeless search she finds a pair of green eyes lighting her room and giving her a true answer to what love really is.


3. Unexpected

*Adelle's POV*


   That next morning a tap on my shoulder woke me from a deep sleep involving my confused and mixed feelings for Josh. My Mother was standing over me with a smile on her face, holding a plate full of pancakes, eggs and sausages. 

   "Good morning Sleepy head" 

   "Good-" I cut myself off out of confusion to what she said and I yell,

   "Sleepy head? What time is it? Did I sleep in?'

  Frazzled, I jump off of my bed and check the time on my phone which read 1:00 pm.

   Giggling my Mother asks "Where do you have to be sweet pea? you should relax on a nice summer day like this one"

   "I have to meet up with Josh at a coffee shop in a half an hour!'

   "Which one?"

   "You know my boyfriend, Josh Devine?"

    Lauphing some more she sets down the plate and explains "No I mean which coffee shop?"

   "Holy smokes! I have no idea!"

      Realizing this I ammediatley grab my phone and call Josh, 

   "Hello" he answers

   "Hi, which coffee shop was it again?" 

   "No need to worry love, I decided to just stop by your house and have lunch there, lets say in 10 minutes? Is that okay with you?"

   I look at myself in the mirror and see a very tired girl dressed in matching bunny pajamas with my blonde hair pointing in definatley more then one direction, and this girl could not possibly get ready in 10 minutes. But instead of telling him I hide the truth and say,

   "Yeah thats fine, see you soon"

      I slip off my sleep wear and grab some jean shorts and a white t-shirt, which is usually my go to outfit and finally I pull my bed hair up into a pony tail. 

   I should probably hide my pajamas before he finds them I foolishly realize and as I rush past my mirror in an effort to grab them my feet slip and I fall into the arms of someone I didn't expect to catch me; Josh Devine. Looking up I find two amused golden brown eyes gazing down on my strikingly blue and surprised ones. 

   "So can we talk?" 

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