Those Green Eyes

Adelle Adams felt lost as if stuck in a dark room with no hope of finding a switch; she was currently dating Josh Devine, the drummer from One Direction and blindly searched for the answer to what love really looked like and if what her and Josh had was actually love. In what seemed to be a hopeless search she finds a pair of green eyes lighting her room and giving her a true answer to what love really is.


2. Permanent

  *Adelle's POV*

   "Ring, Ring"

      As soon as I left the court house and entered the comfort of my bedroom Josh was the first thing on my mind. I was in need of someone to talk to so I called him back. 

  The phone rang four times but before I gave up on waiting, his familiar voice filled my ear.

   "Hey babe, thanks for calling back"

       And once I hear Josh's beautiful voice I want so badly to pretend like he hadn't left me when I needed him most and to just be happy to hear from him again.

  I nervously play with my hair and say,

  "Yeah, so why did you call?"

  "To see how you were coping with the circumstances of the divorce and all."

    His voice sounds confident and lacks any guilt which I expected him to have. I lay onto my bed and let out a loud sigh that carries through the phone and into Josh's ears. 

   "Are you okay Adelle?"

  Angered, I tighten my fists and reply with,

   "Where were you Josh when I needed you?"

   "I-" He try's to answer but I cut him off,

   "First my Dad leaves me and then my boyfriend?! I thought you loved me Josh, but how could you when you abandoned me?" 

      Tears were escaping from my eyes and a lump was forming in my throat but I didn't want him to hear how weak I sounded when I should be the strong girl my Mom always wanted me to be, but how could I when I brake down this easily? 

   "I've been going through a lot too love"

   "Well I can't imagine it being any worse then what I've had to deal with"

  I grab a pillow from my bed and throw it against the wall.

   "Adelle you can trust me when I say this, can't you?"

  I'm without words and give him no answer.

   "Look at your left wrist and tell me what it says"

  Knowing where this lead to, I roll my eyes and do what he asks, and there it was tattooed on my wrist the words,

   "Trust and faith" I answer softly

   "And what does this represent?"

   "The trust and faith that I have for you?" 

   "Yes, and thats why I have the same exact tattoo permanently inked onto my wrist, because our faith and our trust is permanent Adelle and you wouldn't of gotten that tattoo if you didn't believe that."

      I looked down at my wrist once again and ran my finger along the black cursive writing that spelt these two words which I wanted to believe still stood true between Josh and I.

   "So can I explain myself? Maybe I could take you out for coffee tomorrow morning?"

      In my head I still despised him but my heart longed to get things straight between us so with that I half heartedly say,

   "Alright Josh, I'll see you tomorrow then."

   "See you then my love."






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