Those Green Eyes

Adelle Adams felt lost as if stuck in a dark room with no hope of finding a switch; she was currently dating Josh Devine, the drummer from One Direction and blindly searched for the answer to what love really looked like and if what her and Josh had was actually love. In what seemed to be a hopeless search she finds a pair of green eyes lighting her room and giving her a true answer to what love really is.


4. One Direction's new Drummer

*Adelle's POV*

     He releases one hand from my side and sets me down on my bed with the other. 

   "So what happened to you?" I ask

   "Wow, you really get to the point" He answers while raising one eyebrow.

   "Well what do you expect Josh? I've been asking myself this question for weeks now."

      He sits down next to me and playfully moves a strand of loose hair from my cheek. My heart quickens and his attempt at distracting me fails, Instead I become much angrier then I was previously.

   "What is your problem?" I ask fiercely

   "What? Is it a crime to miss my girlfriend?"

   "No" Im taken back by how offended he sounds.

   "Just let me know why you were gone Josh"

      He takes my hands in his and smiles, revealing those perfect set of white teeth. But why is he smiling? I thought. Isn't this supposed to be just as sad of a story as mine? Confused I look back at him.

   "In these past few weeks I have been given the chance of a lifetime" His smile grows and so does my confusion.

      What is he saying? That in this past month of my suffering he has been having the time of his life?! I squeeze his strong hands in order to show my frustration but it has no effect on him.

   "Babe, I am now the drummer for One Direction"

   "Who the hell is One Direction?!" I scream and stand up from my spot on the bed.

   "Is this some kind of a joke Josh? because if it is I am not even close to laughing." His smile drops and so does his hands, releasing mine from his.

   "Adelle, I am not joking around, One Direction happens to be the biggest band in the world-" He pauses and looks at me confused.

   "How have you not heard of them?" He asks

   "Because i've been busy trying to save my Mother's life while you were off chasing your dream! Why didn't you call me?"

   "Because I expected you to react somewhat like this."

      After hearing this from him I realize how well he knew me and I felt bad for how I was acting.

   "Well I'm hear now Adelle and I want to make it up to you by making you apart of my dream"

      He holds out his hand to me which held a ticket.

   "Heres a free ticket to our first concert love, this way you'll see why this dream was so worth chasing."

      A smile escapes from my lips and I accept his offer.


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