Those Green Eyes

Adelle Adams felt lost as if stuck in a dark room with no hope of finding a switch; she was currently dating Josh Devine, the drummer from One Direction and blindly searched for the answer to what love really looked like and if what her and Josh had was actually love. In what seemed to be a hopeless search she finds a pair of green eyes lighting her room and giving her a true answer to what love really is.


6. Josh's Mistake

*Adelle's POV*


       His lips gently grazed my cheek and his eyes inches from mine, spoke to me without saying a word. They held complete happiness, a look unlike any other i had ever shared with Josh and I didn't want to lose sight of it. His lips left my cheek and whispered something into my ear, his warm breath sent goose bumps running up and down my arms. 


                 "This next song is for you" He said and I was left lost for words and confused towards my feelings for Josh.


       The stage goes completely dark again and a spotlight shines down on his brown curls and those green eyes which were watching me and only me.  soft guitar begins to play and his lips touch the mic. He's the only one on stage, sitting on the couch with his long legs crossed, holding his microphone in one hand and pointing a finger at me with the other.


                "Baby I, I wanna know what you think when your alone, is it me yeah? are you thinking of me yeah?" He gets up from the couch and starts walking towards me.


                 "Girl what would you do, would you want to stay if I would of said.." He kneels down and pulls his hand out to me and my first instinct would be to of course grab his but my second was to be fair to Josh. The first instinct took over and I grabbed his warm and large hand in mine. He pulled me in closer to the point where my body was pressed up against the stage. His voice loud and deep filled my ears and his eyes along with his mouth sang with pure joy.


                  "I want to be last yeah, baby let me your, let me be your last first kiss, I wanna be first yeah, want to be the first to take it all the way like this." My fingers become intertwined with his as he hits a high note and our grasp becomes tighter. I can feel the fast heart beat in his hand which is only getting faster and the strong connection we still held ever since our eyes met. The guitar becomes softer until the song comes to an end. He releases his hand from mine but his eyes still stay with me, watching mine until he reaches the backstage.  


*Harry's POV*


      I walked off the stage feeling more alive then I had ever felt during a concert. I could still feel her soft cheek against my lips and her small hands clenched in mine. Those blue eyes still danced in my head along with that golden hair which I remember caressed the side of my face when I kissed her. The rest of the band were talking loudly as usual, Niall was strumming strings on his guitar while Louis was balancing a teacup on his head. I run for Louis and grab the tea cup before it would fall. 


           "Harrrrry!" Louis screamed, wearing a disappointed expression on his face. "You ruined it man! I was going to see how long I could balance it"


            "Harry is just upset because he didn't get that girl's number" snickered Niall, thinking that this is hilarious. I rub my hand through my hair and ignore this comment. Josh then joins us backstage, holding a drumstick in each hand.


             "Hey guys! Great show right?" He had the expression that I wore the first time I performed; alive. A smile stretched across his face and his hands were beating on an imaginary drum. 


              "So Harry? did you get her number?" Now wearing a side grin he winked and padded my back. I recognized what he was trying to say but I couldn't see this girl that way, she wasn't like other girls and I was not going to treat her like one.


               Louis gets up from his seat and says "Well she sure knew who you were Josh, why don't you try to get her number?"


              Josh smiled and replied "As much as I would like to I have a girlfriend who I had to drag here, you know girls, their always so difficult to deal with." Inside I was rolling my eyes but on the outside I remained calm. I'm glad Josh doesn't have the slightest chance in being with her. 


             "Okay guys, I've got to scurry, I'm meeting up with a friend" This was a white lie to get me away from whatever Josh was trying to prove. Im sick of guys like him treating girls the way he probably did. 


*Josh's POV*

 After Harry left so did the other boys. Before leaving just behind them I begin to think of Adelle and how great this night must of been for her, watching me up on stage and dancing along with the music. Memories start to flood through my mind as events of the past come trickling back. For the last year I have been cheating on Adelle and for every second since it has started I have felt nothing but complete regret. I thought bringing her here would be a great way of cleaning my conscience but I still feel this heavy guilt weighing on my shoulders. There is no way I can continue this I thought and so I go through my contacts and text Andrea  (The girl which has been apart of this horrible mistake)

   "We are breaking up" And with one click of the button it was sent.



*Adelle's POV*


Tonight has been a night to remember just like Josh said but nothing like I had expected. I begin rushing through the crowd of people towards the exit before it becomes utterly impossible to escape. My phone vibrates in my pocket who I expect to be Josh. I flip open my phone and see his picture flashing at me and I read the text. 


     We are breaking up 


 My heart sank and the confused feelings I had for Josh before has become clear. There is no future for us, its over. 

Instead of shuffling through the crowd I am now what seems like running, wanting to run away from the hurt that I felt and the pain. Thud, a real pain enters my chest as I suddenly run into a tall figure. I look up,


          "I'm terribly sorry, I-" Before I could finish, I stopped at the sight of those green eyes who were playfully looking down at me.
















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