Those Green Eyes

Adelle Adams felt lost as if stuck in a dark room with no hope of finding a switch; she was currently dating Josh Devine, the drummer from One Direction and blindly searched for the answer to what love really looked like and if what her and Josh had was actually love. In what seemed to be a hopeless search she finds a pair of green eyes lighting her room and giving her a true answer to what love really is.


7. I think we're stuck

"Don't be"  His pink lips stretched up over his teeth which formed into a grin, exposing dimples indented on his cheeks.  His eyes were looking me up and down. I blush and can't stop but notice how green his eyes look now that he is wearing a dark sweater.  Because of the crowd behind us we are being forced to move forward and I begin to lose sight of him as he becomes sucked in by a swarm of fans. But before he drifted away his hand found mine and pulled me close to him. Our chests and noses now touching and our breathing quickening. 


        "Don't worry, I've got you" He says. I look up at him and he looks down at me with comforting eyes. Still holding me close he forces his way through the crowd and gets us safely into what would be a freezing atmosphere if I was not covered by his arms. 

        "What's your name?" He asks

        "Adelle" I shyly reply.

    Suddenly he releases his embrace from mine, takes my hand, kisses it and says

       "It's a pleasure to meet you Adelle, my name is Harry"

   Just as his soft lips leave my hand rain begins to pour down on us making the curls in his hair fall down over his face. 

        "Quick! Lets find some shade." He yells over the loud falling of the rain. 

    But where? I thought. There is not one tree in this parking lot unless he's thinking of going back into that crowded stadium. Taking my hand he rushes me towards a red phone booth placed only a few feet away from the stadium and opens the door just before we squeezed our selfs into the crowded space.

      "Perfect! we can stay in here until the rain starts to calm down." 

     Instead of replying I look outside at the rain and think to myself why he had rushed us into this small phone booth with very little room  when we could of separated into our own cars. I turn my face back towards Harry and catch him sneaking peeks at me. I ignore this and start to squeeze large amounts of water from my hair. In reaction to this he trys to do the same with his and I lauph in response. Harry looks outside at the still hard pouring rain and sighs.


    "Well, it doesn't look like this will pass any time soon, do you want to get out of here love?"

    "Gladly" I reply. But apart of me wished to stay in here with him and just talk until the rain did stop. 

      He reached for the door but it appeared to be stuck. 


           "Will it open?" I nervously ask. I did wish to stay in here a little longer with him but not permanently!


       "Harry's POV"


   As I reach for the door I realize that by the time she leaves this phone booth, she will also be leaving me. So how can I keep her from leaving my side? Well I could always lie. Yeah! thats it, how can she leave if we are mysteriously "locked in this phone booth?" When my hand reached the door I acted as if it wouldn't budge and this was the start of my plan. 


   "Will it open?" she asked. Her blue eyes became all wide and she wore a very concerned expression on her face.

   "No I think we're stuck"

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