Ruby ღ

I'm not a bitch,
I'm not a slut,
I'm not a whore,
And I sure as hell ain't yours.
So go ahead and do yourself a favour:
Don't believe the rumours you hear about me.

Survival 101 - You're as good as dead if you try to get into my pants.

(Sequel to 'Red ♥')
Many thanks to: J.K Pansear (Kammy), kelsea (Briella), Musical Megster (Megan) - Love you all guys, thank you ♥ xoxo ~Patch


13. The Chains That Bind Me

A.N: HEY GUYS!!! I know, I know. I updated ;) Well, writing this chapter made me feel so angry at Ruby! Please, go ahead, read on. . . Much love and appreciation, Patch xoxo





I don't know how long I must've watched him sitting in the chair.

Wincing, writhing in pain.

Every cry was a knife to my heart. But the silver lining, barely visible, was that he was still living.

The noises, painful in themselves, gave me the reassurance that Harry was still alive.

For one blessed moment, the telepath meandered out the darkened room and left us alone together.

"Harry?" My voice was broken, barely a whisper. I was close to tears, but they'd all been drained out from me when I was without Harry. Now it was worse - I was with him, and he was dying. I couldn't see his head, it was hanging, limp.

"Please, talk."

I pleaded desperately, wincing when the muscles in my face tightened with the effort.

Joy overflowed out my soul when his head liften a fraction and his dry, blood-crusted lips parted for him to speak.

"Ruby. . ."

His breathing was ragged, an echo in the dank atmosphere. Oh, Harry. I never meant for this to happen. Ever. Especially not to you.

"Ruby", Harry took a deep breath. In. Out. ". . . I, love you."

The weak light above us flickered, then went out. We were submerged into darkness.


My call was frail, and I had no response for ten seconds.




His laboured breathing had stopped.


"Harry, speak to me! PLEASE!" I used the last of my voice and screamed out to him in the vast and empty darkness. But he didn't respond.

Oh godess, no.

Harry couldn't die. I wouldn't be able to live.

I writhed in my chair and my wrists were eventually sweaty enough to slip through the rope and tumbled off the chair. The action made me whimper, as it reminded me of the time when Harry fell off my rocking chair in the corner of my bedroom.

I fell onto his denim clad lap and sobbed, dampening his jeans and breaking my heart.

"Harry, I'm so sorry. Listen to me. Speak. Anything. BREATHE!" I screamed into his jeans and lifted my hands to untie his.

When he rocked forward, I caught him and cradled his head in my hands. His curls were damp with blood.

"I love you!" I sobbed, "I'm sorry I've never said it before now but I fucking love you! Now wake up, god damnitt!"

I was screaming.

Pounding his thighs in desperation.

My heart shrunk three times smaller.

Draining out any love I had ever felt.

It shrunk.




I couldn't take it anymore.

The pain was overwhelming.

I didn't care if the telepath came in and killed me straight away. It would stop the pain.

The pain sifting through my blood like acid. The pain severing my nerve endings, making me numb. Returning me back to myself.

Turning me dark.

I was running out of time.

When a telepath has his/her emotions messed around with too often, their mind unwillingly shuts them out. Turning the telepath dark. Making them evil. Merciless.

"Harry." I clutched his cold face between my hands. "No matter what I do or say in the next 10 minutes, I love you. You hear me, Harold Edward Styles? I LOVE YOU."

Then the pain vanished.

And I knew.

I was lost.



The door was flung open and standing there, in all her pregnant glory, was Red.

"HOLY SHIT!" She stumbled forward and took Harry's body from my hand. I didn't whimper as she dragged him onto a stretcher outside. The ambulance was here?

"Ruby, godess, are you okay?!" I was fine, but if she layed another finger on me, she wouldn't be.

"Yes." I said stonily, before standing up, dusting off my jeans, and sauntering out of the room. When I saw Harry on the stretcher, an oxygen mask slung over his mouth and nose, his eyes baggy and worn. His face sunken and pale; not a single emotion slipped through.

"Kayleb." I smiled respectfully. But it wasn't a nice smile, no. It was a smile that promised trouble.

"Red." Kayleb tugged on her sleeve and she turned her attention to him. "She's gone bad." He whispered. Red's eyes widened in shock and her jaw slackened.

"This is worse than going insane like her parents." I saw her bottom lip tremble and I cackled. How could she know anything about my parents?!

"I'm going to eat. I'm starving. Literally."

And with my stomach growling, I swanned out the warehouse and watched the ambulance lights flashing.

























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