Ruby ღ

I'm not a bitch,
I'm not a slut,
I'm not a whore,
And I sure as hell ain't yours.
So go ahead and do yourself a favour:
Don't believe the rumours you hear about me.

Survival 101 - You're as good as dead if you try to get into my pants.

(Sequel to 'Red ♥')
Many thanks to: J.K Pansear (Kammy), kelsea (Briella), Musical Megster (Megan) - Love you all guys, thank you ♥ xoxo ~Patch


25. Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Gabriel grinned, charmingly evil, as my boots whispered across the carpet to him, each step silent.

"Ah, Ruby. It's been a while."

He stood up, taking hold of my jaw and kissing me softly. I fought the urge to spit at him, and clenched my hands into fists. This was normal in the community of telepaths. Because Gabriel was the highest telepath, he was permitted to do as he wished to any telepath below him. Including me.

When he finished kissing me, I lifted my sleeve to wipe the taste off my lips, but he shook his head and I reluctantly dropped my arm.

"So, I hear you've been sneaking about behind my back, eh? Fancy telling me about that? You're little rendezvous with the human?"

Gabriel towered above me, six feet and more of silent anger. His inhumanely beautiful features were too alluring, paired with deep honey-gold eyes and matching waves of unbearably soft hair. It reminded me of spun gold. As well as a powerful mind, his body and charisma was just as seductive.

I struggled to talk at first, my lips still trembling from the kiss and his sweet breath. And yet I knew he was still horrifically evil.

"I-I wasn't sleeping around. I just. . . he means s-so much to me. And I couldn't l-leave him like that. Alone. S-scared."

Gabriel laughed, his eyes sparkling. The room was amazing, the carpets soft and cream-coloured, the walls matching. A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling and a creamy leather sofa strewn with plush cushions was placed in the far corner. Everything in the room was light and heavenly, so unlike Gabriel - which was ironic, considering his name.

"Look here, my little whore, you know you can't fall in love with a human. It's not allowed."

He grimaced at me, and I felt my insides flip over, a single sentence flitting across my thoughts;

. . .if anybody were to disrespect him then they would be punished severely. Either that, or plausible death. . .

Okay, Ruby. Get a grip - you're not going all melodramatic about this when Harry's life is at stake. I couldn't stop myself from wondering, if I did die, would Harry be okay without me? Would he move on, keep being as smarmy as ever? Or would he be a shell of himself, like I was without him. 

"Have you decided your punishment yet?" Gabriel asked, smirking slightly.

I did the only thing I could do in this situation and closed my eyes, picking my favourite memories of Harry and I together.

Him picking me up and kissing the tip of my nose.

Him holding me while I cried in the rain.

Him keeping me sane when nothing else could.

Harry, my only love.

Gabriel blinked, astonished, before composing his features.

"Never has a love been so pure and true. . ." he mused, pretending to mull his decision over.

"It's a shame I have to be the one to destroy it."




You know when people say that just before they die, their whole life flashes before their eyes? Well, it's true. Every scene of my life replayed in that one instant. Not just every second spent with Harry, but things before that. 

Meeting Red for the first time, every giggle I did as a child. My parents, before their death. My mother, her white hair flowing, eyes creasing with laughter. My father, strong and secure, more handsome than Gabriel could ever be. It made my brain hurt, rekindling every memory. But I suppose it was a good thing. I could already feel myself fading.

Because telepaths aren't really human, we don't die like humans do. We fade out - like a hologram.

First our memory is lost. 

Then our thoughts become jumbled.

Then our eye sight is gone.

Then our hearing.

Eventually everything else goes too, until we simply disappear completely.

But. . .

I don't want to disappear.

Not yet.




Harry's P.O.V:

When Ruby never came back after about two hours, I eventually 'convinced' Kayleb to take us to her. When we first arrived in a strange but luxurious flat, I was curious more than anything.

Eventually, we arrived at the top floor where Kayleb hesitated before knocking softly on door 3.

The door swung open to reveal a short-ish girl with curly red hair and freckles splashed across her nose and cheeks. She was about fifteen.

"Kayleb," she nodded solemnly.

Kayleb smiled softly at her and lowered his head respectfully. Confusion registered on my face.

"What do you need?" she asked, biting her lower lip. I saw Niall flush and let out a laugh, muffled by my sleeve. Poor Niall, getting horny over young kids.

Kayleb did look slightly intimidated by this little pixie-like girl though. Was it her curves? Her cunning smile? Her painfully pretty face. Probably all three and then some. But she was not as beautiful as Ruby. Nobody was, not to me.

"May I request the whereabouts of Ruby Cassidy?"

And as soon as the words were out of his mouth, Pixie Girl slammed her door shut, all playfulness vanishing.

"What the heck was that?" I hissed, curls falling over my eyes. I pushed them back.

"She's a higher-ranking telepath, which means I have to respect her. Ruby's the same around me. Duty, Styles. It's all about duty. And she slammed the door when I mentioned Ruby. Not a good sign. That means she's either close to death, or already dead."

Ice washed through me and I felt my heart stutter.

"Take me to this washed-up moron of a leader you have. I'm about to knock ten bells of shit out of him." I snarled, clenching my hands. Kayleb was the same height as me, and I was eager to take my rage out on him, but I figured he was on our team, so I probably shouldn't.

"I'll take you to her," he sighed, "but it won't be all sunshine and lollypops."


We continued down a maze of corridors to finally reach a white-painted door with flower carvings on it. It was a piece of art, but I sensed danger was hidden behind it. What was that phrase? Don't judge a book by its cover?

Kayleb knocked, and we heard scuffling sounds from inside before the door swung open revealing a guy with blonde hair and gold hawk eyes that penetrated your entire being. He was well built and good-looking, but I knew I stood a chance against this piece of shit.

"Where is she?!" I demanded, my temper flaring. The blonde boy laughed, flicking his hair subtly.

"Why, you're awfully outspoken, my dear human."

Kayleb elbowed me in the ribs. I guessed this was the all mighty dick, Gabriel. I exhaled shakily to calm down.

Kayleb spoke: "May I request the whereabouts of Ruby Cassidy?"

Gabriel grinned wolfishly and I felt like sticking an iron bar through his pretty face. The idea seemed satisfactory, and quite fun.

"Unfortunately Ruby can't make it right now. She's a bit busy."

I saw Kayleb purse his lips, a gesture of impatience.

"Can we see her?"

Gabriel merely stepped aside and we all filed into a cream-coloured room. What a rich little sod this Gabriel was. Crystal chandelier and everything. Not that I can complain. I have more money then I can handle sometimes.

But the thing that caught my eye was Ruby, curled up on the white couch in a shivering ball of fear. She was completely pale, shaking violently and making retching noises.

"I-I feel s-sick." She stuttered, folding in on herself in unimaginable agony. I felt useless, not knowing what to do.

"What's happening to her?!" I shouted, cheeks flushed with rage and eyes shining with desperation. I saw my reflection in the light-skirted mirror.

"She's dying. She hasn't had anybody's mental power for a while, and she seems to have refused yours entirely. You were supposed to be her source of food, but it looks like she's doing without. And who's fault is that I wonder?" He barked out a laugh.

"It's n-not his f-fault. S-stop, Gabe. L-leave him al-lone." Ruby spat, looking at him with a look of pure and uncensored hatred. I saw the bruise-like smudges beneath her eyes and her pale face, her slim yet curvy frame and her hands. Her hands were piano hands, smooth and elegant with long fingers. Hands that were clenched into shaking fists against her chest. I pulled her upright and sat down beside her on the sofa, hugging her shivering form tightly to my chest. She seemed to calm down slightly, her forehead sheening with sweat. A whimper sifted through her lips and she clamped a hand over her mouth as if whimpering was a crime. I clutched her tighter, kissing her hair. God, why did this have to happen? I couldn't loose her. I'd do anything to keep her here. Even if it meant giving over my 'mental energy'.

I looked up at Gabriel.

"How do I do it?" I muttered.

Gabriel feigned cluelessness.

"How do you do what, human?"

I was too impatient for this shit.

"How do I help her?" I said through clenched teeth.

"Ah, that. I thought you would come to this conclusion. All you have to do is give her your memories. Do you remember her condition when you didn't know who she was? Because she had your memories, she was replenished and healthy. Living. To give back ones memories after taking them requires a lot of strength, which dear Ruby here seems to be running out of. Fast."

I leaned over her and whispered in her ear;

"Listen to me, Rubes. You've got to listen. All I have to do is give you my memories. Not all of them, just the ones you gave back. Okay? Maybe we can start all over again. Fall in love. Then maybe I'll remember. Just please. I'd rather forget you than let you die."

That came out harsher than expected, but this was a life-or-death situation. No time for politeness now.

Ruby swallowed, a silent tear rolling down her face. Her eyes were still closed.

"I don't want you to forget. I'd rather die than let you forget. Screw you, Styles."

Even at her worst, Ruby was still feisty. Damn that girl.

"No. You're having them back for goodness sake."

And then I kissed her.

Her brain must've been quite thirsty because I felt a huge migraine come on instantly, and the throbbing in my temples ceased to stop. I kissed her, pain and loss coursing through the both of us.


But maybe after this, maybe after everything was over, we would find each other again.  
















A.N: *cries* It's not finished yet...*sniffles* One more chapter to go. Then it's onto Raven *cries harder, covers my face with hands*. DON'T LOOK AT ME! xoxo Much love, Patch <3








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