Ruby ღ

I'm not a bitch,
I'm not a slut,
I'm not a whore,
And I sure as hell ain't yours.
So go ahead and do yourself a favour:
Don't believe the rumours you hear about me.

Survival 101 - You're as good as dead if you try to get into my pants.

(Sequel to 'Red ♥')
Many thanks to: J.K Pansear (Kammy), kelsea (Briella), Musical Megster (Megan) - Love you all guys, thank you ♥ xoxo ~Patch


16. Lost.

Red's P.O.V:

I plucked a soft blue onesi out the rack of clothing and presented it to Zayn, grinning with excitement. Zayn took it from me and put it back.

"Look, Red, we don't know the gender of the baby yet so we can't be chosing clothes already. Let's go get something to eat, yeah?"

I pouted and looked down at my boots, feeling tears well up in my eyes. I knew the hormones were at work, so I never really tried to hold them down or surpress them. I'd just become an emotional wreck if I did.

Zayn sighed, defeated. He hated to see me cry.

"Come here." When he pulled me into a hug, I relaxed and my eyes dried as he kissed my hair.

"If the baby's a boy, you can name it. Alright?"

I nodded eagerly and took his hand, pulling him out the store and into the cafe across the street.

"I am star-ving!" I exclaimed, rushing to take out my purse and place my order. I hadn't really developed a craving yet, but I was sure I would.

"So, about Ruby?"

I smiled, then frowned, thinking back to when I beat the shit out of her. Oops?

Well, it got her back to normal didn't it? No, I reminded myself, Kayleb got her back to normal.

Then, when I looked back up at Zayn, I felt so guilty. I thought back to what Ruby said: 'Guilty! Ha! Guilty my arse. Go die, Red.'

But I knew she didn't mean it - she was bad.

"I don't want to talk about her." I told him, sliding into a booth at the back and unwrapping the napkin from around my fork and knife.


"Just because!" I snapped, scowling at the cutlery. I knew there was no logic in being pissed off at him, but I couldn't help it. I needed to let it out and he was sat infront of me.

"Alright, jeez. I was only asking.", he muttered, unfolding his napkin and rolling his eyes.



"Red?" Zayn asked, after we'd finished our food. 

"Mmhm?" I murmered, wiping my mouth with my napkin.

"Well, here's the thing: I have this hunch that you're not telling me something. Every time I mention Ruby, you smile because you're thinking of her, but then you frown and it seems to me like you're thoughts go to somebody else. Why?"

Damn him for being so observant.

"She's friends with somebody I don't like, that's all."

Yes, it was a lame excuse, but what else could I think of? I couldn't hurt him like that.

"Red. There's something you're not telling me." he muttered through clenched teeth. He was incredibly angry, and he wasn't about to let this go.

"There's nothing more to say." I flipped my palm up in a what am I supposed to do? gesture.

Zayn growled under his breath and hissed out five words.

"I know what you did."

"Excuse me?"

"I know what happened. Ruby told me. Infact, she didn't need to. It was written all over your face the night you came back. You had a pretty heated night with Kayleb, didn't you? Is that baby even mine?!" His voice rose and rose until it was a full-blown shout. In the middle of the cafe. With a pregnant girlfriend.

"Of course it's yours, you dickhead!"

I slapped him, hard and fierce across his face. A flush began to bloom on his cheek and he hissed in pain.

"Then why didn't you tell me, Red?!"

"You already fucking knew!" Tears were flowing, streaming down my face and smudging my mascara. Godess, I probably looked like a drowned clown. And my stomach was gurgling, flipping over and twisting in knots. I thought I was about to throw up.

"I have to go."

And with that, I rushed out the cafe and bolted home, back to my apartment, the place where it all began.



I flung myself into the bathroom, falling to my knees and wretching over the toilet, crying and puking at the same time.

Then I felt something drop. Something flood out of me.

I unbuttoned my jeans, pulled them off and choked out a strangled sob.

Lying there, was a puddle of blood.

And the baby I was never meant to have.










A.N: Okay, yes, it's such a short Chapter, but I'm so busy! I might expand on it later on :] Hope you enjoyed it, and I'll make sure to update soon. xoxo RED LOST THE BABY *sobs* :'[







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