Ruby ღ

I'm not a bitch,
I'm not a slut,
I'm not a whore,
And I sure as hell ain't yours.
So go ahead and do yourself a favour:
Don't believe the rumours you hear about me.

Survival 101 - You're as good as dead if you try to get into my pants.

(Sequel to 'Red ♥')
Many thanks to: J.K Pansear (Kammy), kelsea (Briella), Musical Megster (Megan) - Love you all guys, thank you ♥ xoxo ~Patch


6. Girl Talk

It was a few hours later when I opened my eyes to a large pair of shining blue eyes, outlined with khol and mascara. A crimson fringe hung over those eyes, and the mouth under the perfect nose broke into a grin, dimpling.

"You're awake!" Red laughed, pinching my cheeks.

"And you're annoying!" I muttered, slapping her hands away from my face.

It was an honest surprise to see Red here, makeup on and hair fluffed up, looking badass. She had on a new black jacket, a pair of black ripped skinny jeans and a pair of pointy-toed black leather boots. This was my cousin. It felt nice to know she was back, for the time being anyway.

She sat up on my bed and crossed her legs. I noticed her nose piercing was back in. A small silver stud.

"Well! Look who's gone back to being human!"

She let out a tinkly laugh.

"Nope, I've only dressed up for you. As soon as I get back to apartment, I'm getting changed into "sweatpants", a baggy t-shirt and wiping all this gunk off my face. Oh, and tying this up." She fluffed up her hair with manicured nails.

"Aww, fine. It's such a shame though, you look amazing." I wasn't one for giving compliments, but there you go.

She looked down at me.

"Honey, I honestly wish I could say the same." 

Red was a year older than me, but I felt like a spoilt child when she was around.

"Let's give you a makeover!" She giggled.

Now you know why.

I leapt of the bed and put on my purple dressing gown and ran down the stairs, my white-blond hair flying behind me in a tangled mess. I looked in the hallway mirror at the mascara stains on my cheeks, the smeared red lipstick and my hair. . . well, it speaks for itself.

I groaned and put my face in my hands. Red patted my back.

"It's fine, Rubes. I'll make you look all girly and gorgous."

I gave her my best patronizing glare. She grinned and tucked her hair behind her ears.

I noticed her multi-piercings were back in, too. Although I'm sure she never took them out in the first place.

"First step to a makeover; a tea fix."  Red flicked on the kettle, taking two mugs out the cupboard.


"Mm hm?"

"What's it like?"

She raised an eyebrow.

"Being with Zayn, I mean. Is it hard work?"

She scoffed. "Rubes, it's as easy as breathing. No joke. He's just so easy to be around. He's got the most beautiful laugh. And he's so protective, even though he doesn't need to be. You know me," she winked "hard as a rock."

Then she finished making the tea and sat down next to me, both of us cross-legged.

When I looked up her eyes were wide and staring at something on my leg. I yelped, thinking it was a spider, but then I growled, my good mood dissapearing as quick as it came.

"Don't ask. I got pissed, he was there, and I was in a tattoo parlour before I knew what my middle name was."

Red stiffled a laugh, and then blinked at me, confused.

"What is your middle name, Ruby?"

I sighed, and then laughed tiredly. It was so typical of Red to be so cool and suave about a terrible situation.

"It's Ann. Boring, right?"

"No. Ruby, Ann, Cassidy." She rolled the words about in her mouth for a moment before turning to me.

"I don't have a middle name. But I'd like one."

"Hm, I think, since you ripped up your birth certificate, we can make one."

Red grinned, then looked down, sad. "Never mind about that, now. Let's get your face cleaned up."

She had everything set out on a wooden coffe table infront of us. My apartment was plain, but pretty. With scented candles dotted everywhere, and Native-American paintings. My kitchen smelt of spices, and my livingroom was warm and cosy. I don't think I could move out, even when the rent got too expensive.

Red took a few makeup wipes and got rid of the makeup from my cheeks, eyes and lips.

"You look good without makeup." She smiled, remenicing about something. There must be a memory behind her words.

Then she turned me around and began tugging a brush through my hair.

"Ouch!" I hissed, when it brushed through a big knot. "Meany." I muttered.

Red shook her head.

"What can I say? I'm not heartless, I've just got my head. . scr-rewed on straight." I caught the stutter in the middle of her sentence.

"What's the big secret, Red? There's something you're hiding from me, and I know it." I didn't like it when people kept things from me, despite the fact I hid everything from them. And Red knew that, obviously.

"You have your secrets, Rubes. I have mine. Let's keep it like that, yeah?"

Then she finished brushing the tangles from my hair and turned to work on my face.

When she was done, I didn't have to look in a mirror to know I looked good.

"Thanks. I'll go get changed." I trudged up the stairs, and thought long and hard about what Red was hiding.

And why Kayleb hated her.

Maybe that's her big secret.

Maybe, once upon a time, Kayleb was in love with Red.









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