Endlessly (A One Direction Love Story)

Anika has always been friends with Liam Payne. She forced him to play with her dolls when they were little, saw him in the front row at each of her dance recitals, forced him into the car for hours while she drove to auditions, and made him critique her every move at the studio. But two years ago, she sat backstage as her best friend sang his heart out for the second time. But this time, instead of coming home after two weeks, he was gone. For good. Liam and Ana still spend every waking hour together, but things are different. Niall and Ana are spending every waking hour together, and Liam's jealous. Will it be the classic story of the best friends who are meant to be, or are Liam and Ana destined to be... just friends?


16. The Cold Hard Truth



I rolled over in Niall's tiny twin bed and stretched my arms over my head, letting out a yawn. Light was streaming in the open window and Niall was nowhere to be seen. I got out of his bed and tryed to fix the messy sheets which were mostly totally pulled off, but gave up when I couldn't figure out how to make his bed. I dug around my suitcase in search of socks.


I knew I forgot something. Damnit.


I opened one of Niall's drawers and instantly closed it again. Damn. I opened the next drawer and searched until I found a pair of fuzzy green socks. They looked like something a fan had thrown at him, and they said My Irish Snowflake on them. I snorted and pulled them on. Go for the win! They were super soft. I pulled my hair into a bun and walked downstairs and into the kitchen, where Niall was standing by the stove.


"He's fixing breakfast, may God save us." Greg said. I laughed and leaned against Niall's shoulder, looking at the pans of eggs and bacon.


"Yummy." I said. Niall smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek.


"There's a slight problem." He said. I looked at his bright blue eyes and rosy cheeks.


"Which is...?" I asked. Niall blushed and looked down.


"I don't know how to cook eggs." He said. I laughed and bumped him out of the way with my hip. I took the spatula and flipped the eggs. Niall put his hands around my waist and started dancing, humming Rock Me. I snorted and slapped him with the spatula.


"JESUS FUCKING CHIRST OW ANA!" Niall shouted. I dropped the spatula and slapped both of my hands over my mouth. There was a bright red spatula shaped mark on Niall's back. Maura and Greg came rushing into the room, and Greg burst out laughing. Niall winced while his mum touched it. She looked at me and then burst out laughing. I doubled over and started laughing silently. Niall just looked around, half amused and half angry as fuck.


"What happened?" Greg laughed, poking Niall's burn.


"He was being stupid so I hit him with the spatula, and I guess it was hotter than I anticipated." I said, pressing my hands to my bright red cheeks. Greg started laughing again and I got Niall some ice.


"Ouchhhh." He moaned as I pressed the ice to his shoulder.


"I am so sorry, but you did it to yourself." I said. Niall laughed and shrugged, then winced.


"What can I say?" He chuckled. I smacked his arm and kissed his burn lightly.




"The boys of One Direction!" John said as the boys walked out, waving, and sat down on the couch. I was sitting in the front row and Niall grinned at me and pulled on the sleeve of his white shirt. You could faintly see a red burn on his back. I smiled back and bit my lip.


The interview was pretty basic with questions about the tour and crazy fans. Then the interviewer turned to Niall. "So, Niall. There have been a lot of pictures of you with the prima ballerina Anika Lane. Want to quelch any rumours about your relationship and the stories of red hot sex that I've heard?" John asked. Niall went red and burried his head in his hands.


"Well, John. I'd like to confirm the rumours of red hot sex." Louis said. Niall shook with laughter and Zayn and Liam high fived. "Things are getting pretty wild, John. Look here." Louis said, pulling back Niall's sleeve and showing him the spatula shaped burn on his shoulder. "They're using some very interesting tools in the bedroom. In case you can't tell, a spatula made this mark. There are more, but they're not in places we can show on TV." Louis said. Harry burst out laughing a slapped him a high five.


"Niall, is this true?" John asked Niall. Niall shook his head and shook with silent laughter.


"No, it's actually not true. I mean, that is from a spatula. But that's not how it got there! She was fixing breakfast this morning and I was being stupid and so she hit me with it and it was a little hotter than she thought." Niall said. "Also, since she broke her ankle, she had to give up her position as the youngest prima ballerina with the London Ballet. Now she's the youngest choreographer." Niall said proudly. I blushed and shook my head at him, and he just grinned.


"So the stories of you two getting freaky in the bedroom are untrue?" The interviewer asked. Niall shrugged, going bright red. "Ow ow!" Zayn shouted. Niall went even redder and burred his head in his hands, laughing. I pressed my hands to my cheeks.


"How about the rumours that you two are dating? I mean, come on, she's a very fit girl, and after that, erm, very nice welcome she gave you the other day, there's been a lot of uproar. So, confirm or deny?" John asked Niall. Niall glanced at me, his eyes questioning. I took in a breath and nodded slightly.


"Well, John, that's pretty sound reasoning." Niall said, looking at the interviewer.


"So, either you two are dating or you've been friendzoned pretty harshly." John said. Niall and the rest of the boys laughed.


"So either you tell the truth or you're a loser." Louis said. Niall laughed and shook his head.


"Well, I guess I'm going to have to confirm that Ana and I are dating to avoid being called a loser." Niall said.


"YESSSSS!" Harry shouted, jumping to his feet. He pointed his finger in Louis' face and danced around. "You owe me a fiver!" Harry shouted. Louis got to his feet and ripped a fiver out of his wallet and handed it over.


"What's going on here?" John asked once Harry and Louis sat down.


"I bet that Niall would confirm it at this interview, but Louis bet it'd be at SNL. So he owes me a fiver." Harry said, waving the fiver in Louis' face before stuffing it in his pocket. Niall laughed and ran a hand through his hair. He looked over and smiled at me, his eyes looking lighter. I grinned back at him and mouthed, 'I love you.'


"Well you heard it here! Niall Horan is dating Ana Lane and Harry won his bet with Louis! I'll be back after the break with Russell Brand!" John shouted at the camera. The boys all stood around joking with John, but Niall came over and grabbed my hands, pulling me with him to the stage.


"What are you doing!" I said, trying to pull away. Niall shook his head and kept a fierce grip on my hands


"John! This is Ana." He said, pulling me over to the interviewer. We spoke politely and I took a picture with all of the boys and John. After the ads ended, Niall and I got his things from backstage and headed out the back door. "The fans are going to be pretty crazy, so keep your head down and whatever you do don't let go of my hand." Niall said. I nodded and laced our fingers together. He pulled me with him through all of the fans, touching and grabbing and screaming. I ducked my head and held tight to his hand.


"Woah." I said once we got into the car. Niall nodded and told the driver to take him home. I snuggled up with him in the backseat and rested my head on his chest.


"So I guess everyone knows now." I said. Niall nodded and played with my hands.


"I guess they do. But it's kind of simpler this way." He said, kissing my temple. I nodded and snuggled closer to him.


"Are you happy?" I asked. Niall looked me deep in the eyes.


"Whether they know or not, you make me happy." Niall said, kissing me. I kissed him back and grinned at him.


"You make me happy, too. So why didn't you confirm those rumours of red hot sex? I kind wish you had just to see what would happen." I said. Niall laughed and shook his head.


"There's a difference between red hot and doing it in your bedroom from when you were sixteen." Niall laughed, wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing the side of my neck. I blushed and elbowed him.


"We are in a moving vehicle!" I snapped in a funny accent. Niall laughed and kissed my neck anyway. I sighed and pulled out his phone, sending myself the picture of us with the boys and John. "I'm going to make this my background." I said, looking at the background on Niall's phone. It was a picture of us on my couch with our feet tangled together and our hands wrapped around mugs of tea. Niall's lips were pressed to my cheek and I was making a face. Harry had taken that and tweeted it, which is part of why everyone was so sure we were dating.


"We're here, Mr. Horan." The driver said, looking into the backseat. Niall pulled away from me and thanked him, then pulled me out of the car with him.


"Thanks!" He called, closing the door and pulling me into the house. It was nearly midnight, so the lights were all out except for a table lamp in the living room, and everyone was asleep upstairs. Niall took my coat off of me and dropped it on the floor, the kicked his shoes off and pulled my boots off my feet. Then he lifted me up and threw me down on the couch. Niall attacked me and planted kissed all over my face and neck, and I giggled, kissing him. We layed on the couch kissing for a while until someone cleared their throat in the doorway. Niall pulled back and I scooted to the other end of the couch. Greg was leaning in the doorway with his arms crossed. Niall got to his feet and grabbed my hand, pulling me off the couch,


"We're going to bed. Night." Niall said, then dragged me up the stairs after him, laughing. I snorted and changed into my pajamas, then slipped into bed next to Niall.


"That was awkward." I said finally. Niall laughed and nodded in the dark.


"Sorry, you're never going to hear the end of that." I laughed and cuddled up to Niall.


"That's okay."

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