Endlessly (A One Direction Love Story)

Anika has always been friends with Liam Payne. She forced him to play with her dolls when they were little, saw him in the front row at each of her dance recitals, forced him into the car for hours while she drove to auditions, and made him critique her every move at the studio. But two years ago, she sat backstage as her best friend sang his heart out for the second time. But this time, instead of coming home after two weeks, he was gone. For good. Liam and Ana still spend every waking hour together, but things are different. Niall and Ana are spending every waking hour together, and Liam's jealous. Will it be the classic story of the best friends who are meant to be, or are Liam and Ana destined to be... just friends?


17. Face the Music





"So, Ana. We're filming our music video for Kiss You today." I said while Ana and I sat at the table eating breakfast. She'd spent last night at my flat, but normally she slept at her place.


"That's cool!" She said, stirring some sugar in her tea. I nodded slowly and felt my stomach clench.


"Yeah, about that. We were talking to the director, and erm, it's kind of a love-type song. And so there's going to be girls. And he said that, uh, we might have to kiss the extras." I said, staring down at my eggs. There was a pause. Oh, God. She was mad.


"I want to come to filming, if that's alright." Ana said calmly. I nodded and looked up at her expressionless face. Ana got up and put on the clothes she had brought with her, and then went to the bathroom to put on makeup. I smiled a little to myself. I knew what Ana was doing. She was trying extra hard to look good so that the extras would know I was hers.


I pulled on some jeans and a muscle shirt, and walked into the bathroom where Ana was putting on eyeliner. I leaned against the counter and watched her reflection.


"You don't need to wear makeup to be prettier than the extras, you know that, right?" I asked. Ana didn't reply, she just continued to put on makeup. "Come on, Ana. Those girls have nothing on you. They may be pretty, but you're beautiful, and you've got a lot more to offer than any of them." I said. Ana sighed and put down the eyeliner, looking at me in the mirror.


"Promise?" She asked. I nodded and wrapped my arms around her.


"Nobody's competition to you. You knock them all out of the park." I said, kissing her temple. Ana sighed and let go of me.


"Well, now that I've started I can't stop. Let me put on some mascara and we can go." She said. I laughed and pulled my shoes on. By the time I was ready, Ana was waiting by the door. I grabbed her hand and we drove to the park where filming was. Ana hung around with Lou, the hair and makeup lady, and they talked about different products. It was really cute how much Ana had learned now that she was a makeup artist at the salon by her flat. I would never tell anyone, but sometimes when she bought new makeup I'd let her put it on me to test it out. It was weird and stupid, but she always had so much fun that I didn't even care she was putting makeup on me.


"Niall, you're going to be working with Abigail." The director said, and I turned my attention to a skinny tan girl with curled black hair. I smiled at her and looked at the director for my instructions. We had to do this like body roll dance when we sang 'yeaehaehaeheah yeaheheheah.' I could hear Ana giggling from behind the camera and I would shoot her looks and wiggle my eyebrows at her, which made her blush and smile. Then the director filmed the individual parts with each of the boys. There was a set that looked like a house party, and I had to hold Abigail's hand and bring her into this party full of extras and then kiss her by the drinks table. I bit my lip and looked at Ana, who had her lips pursed. The director yelled action and I sang my part while I pulled Abigail into the 'party.'


"Baby be mine tonight, mine tonight, baby be mine tonight, yeah." I sang, and then Abigail grabbed my neck and kissed me. I didn't respond to the kiss and Abigail pulled away, smiling like she was meant to.


"Niall, you're meant to look like you actually want to kiss her. That's the point of the song." The director said angrily.


"Sorry!" I called. I gulped and sang my part again, and this time when Abigail kissed me I put my hands on her waist and kissed her back. She pulled away and grinned and I smiled tightly at her before the director yelled cut.


"Better. We'll leave it at that because the sun's beginning to set, but we'll resume filming tomorrow. We've got a couple more dancing things to do, which should be fun since none of you have any dancing ability." The director said. I changed into my clothes from before and took the walk of shame over to Ana. I looked up and saw that she was talking to Abigail.


"Hey, An." I said, wrapping an arm around her and pressing a kiss to her temple. She smiled up at me and then smiled a little too sweetly at Abigail.


"Well, it was nice to meet you Angelica." She said. Abigail started to correct her but Ana just grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me after her. I chuckled when I heard Ana muttering mean comments about Abigail's 'stringy hair and oily skin.'


"Hold on!" I said, stopping and grabbing Ana's hands. She spun around and looked at me impatiently. I grinned and cocked my head to the side. "Are you.. jealous?" I asked. Ana pulled her hands out of my grip and put them on her hips.


"No, Niall! I am not jealous of some short girl with gross hair and a nasally voice." She said, looking around like she wanted to leave. I laughed and reached for her hands, but she pulled them away from me. "Don't touch me. You touched it." She said, wrinkling her nose and shooting Abigail a look. I laughed.


"Ana, you're totally jealous!" I said. I couldn't believe she would be jealous that I kissed an extra for a music video. Ana, of all people, should know that I was head over heels in love with her and would never have the balls to even consider cheating.


"So what if I'm jealous! You'd be jealous if I kissed some random guy." She snapped, avoiding eye contact. I laughed and shrugged.


"I don't know that I would be... I know you love me and you'd never do that to me." I said, reaching for her hand, but she pulled it away again.


"Oh, really?" She said.


"Hey guys." Harry said, walking over.


"Hi, Harry!" Ana said, shooting me a look. She walked over to Harry, who had a confused look on his face. Ana grabbed Harry's cheeks in her hands, got on her tip toes, and kissed him. Right. On. The. Mouth. My jaw dropped open and so did Harry's when Ana let him go.


"What." Harry asked, but it was more like a statement. Ana crossed her arms and looked at me. My stomach was turning and I wanted to reach out and punch Harry. Maybe I was a little more jealous than I anticipated.


"Maybe you should find your own way home." I said flatly and started to walk to my car. I couldn't believe Ana would do that to me. Part of me wished she would chase after me and apologize and tell me that she loved me and was only mad because she was jealous. But my mind knew that Ana was too stubborn and she wasn't going to talk to me until I gave in and apologized.


I got in the car and drove off to my flat, careful to park as far away from Ana's yellow beemer as possible. I blew past Charlie in the lobby and got into the lift. As soon as the doors closed, I angrily spun in a circle, and then punched the wall. Ow. I shook my hand to try and get the pain out. I stormed down the hall and into my flat, where I layed down on the couch and fell asleep in an angry ball.

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