Endlessly (A One Direction Love Story)

Anika has always been friends with Liam Payne. She forced him to play with her dolls when they were little, saw him in the front row at each of her dance recitals, forced him into the car for hours while she drove to auditions, and made him critique her every move at the studio. But two years ago, she sat backstage as her best friend sang his heart out for the second time. But this time, instead of coming home after two weeks, he was gone. For good. Liam and Ana still spend every waking hour together, but things are different. Niall and Ana are spending every waking hour together, and Liam's jealous. Will it be the classic story of the best friends who are meant to be, or are Liam and Ana destined to be... just friends?


6. Caught



I woke up to the sight of sunlight shining through the windows of Niall's car. Our hands were entwined and I had my arm wrapped around Niall's stomach while his was around my shoulders. I yawned and stretched, sitting up. I didn't realise where my knee was until Niall jolted awake and shouted out in pain.


"Niall, I am so fucking sorry!" I gasped, moving over. I had just put all of my weight on his crotch. Niall winced in pain as he sat up and squeezed his eyes shut.


"It's fine. It doesn't hurt that bad." He lied weakly, giving me a pained smile. I smiled back weekly and straightened my jumper. It was pretty cold in the car without the heat on. I popped open the mirror on the window cover and fixed my hair as best I could, and wiped all of my makeup off. Niall flattened his hair, but it was still standing up every which way. He yawned and adjusted the drivers seat while I folded all of the blankets and climbed into the passenger seat.


"We should head back, but I don't really want to. It was nice getting away from all of that." Niall said. I sighed and nodded, sitting back in my seat and crossing my legs under myself. "I guess we can stop somewhere for breakfast and then I'll drop you off at your place." Niall said finally, turning the key in the ignition. I nodded as turned the heat on full blast, as well as the radio, and we drove off. I stared out the window and hummed along to the radio as we headed back to London. We were on the outskirts when Niall saw a small diner.


"Let's stop here!" I said, pointing out the window at it. Niall pulled into the car park and came around and opened the door for me. I crutched in the front door and a bell dinged as we came in.


"Morning!" A hefty woman in an apron said as we came in. Niall pulled his hat down and waved at her. He helped me into a booth and ordered us both coffees and plates of pancakes. There were only two or three other people in there, all middle aged and sipping coffee, looking like they hadn't slept in a few days.


"This is... nice." I said, sipping my bitter coffee. I emptied a few packets of sugar and cinnamon in the mug, and Niall laughed.


"I forgot why I didn't like coffee." He said. I snorted and drank it in hug gulps to avoid actually having to taste it. The lady came over with a bowl full of butter and a huge plate of pancakes.


"I thought I might as well start you two off with just one." She said, grinning between us as she headed back to another customer. I grinned and rubbed my hands together. I lunged for the butter and used a knife to spread a huge clump of it all over the pile of pancakes.


"Woah, hold off on the butter!" Niall chirped.


"Butter is everything, you ignorant bitch!" I said in a Scottish accent. Niall burst out laughing and dumped a load of syrup on as well, along with some preserves. He handed me a fork and grinned at me from the other side of our pancake mountain.


"Ladies first." He said. I grinned and took a huge bite off of one of the pancakes. I concentrated while I chewed and then swallowed, pondering.


"That... has got to be the worst pancake I have ever tasted. But the butter solves all of the world's problems." I said, digging in. Niall attacked the other side of the pile and after a while we had finished eight of the ten pancakes. I sat back and put both of my hands on my stomach, while Niall continued shovelling pancakes into his mouth. In a matter of minutes he was licking his fork clean and sitting back like me.


"You've got syrup on your nose." Niall chuckled. I wiped at my face and came up with dry hands.


"Where?" I asked. Niall wiped a bit of syrup off the plate with his finger and reached forward, wiping it on my nose. "Oh, hell no." I said, grabbing a towell and wiping it off. I gave Niall a look and he laughed, but he did look a little worried.


"We should go." He said, glancing nervously over my shoulder. I looked around and saw a man with a camera in the parking lot, taking picture through the window. I nodded and Niall put some money on the table, with a considerable tip. "Thank you!" He called to the woman, who waved at us as we left. Niall put a protective arm around my shoulder as I hobbled out to the car. He got in next to me and we drove off at top speed into the center of London. When we stopped at a red light a few blocks from our buildings, Niall sighed and looked at me.


"And our night of freedom is over." He said sadly. I sighed and nodded, resting my head on the back of the seat.


"It really is. How long do you think until that one's on the internet?" I asked.


"Three, maybe four hours?" Niall guessed. I snorted and closed my eyes. "Liam's not going to be happy."


"Why's that?" I asked, raising my eyebrows and sitting up. Niall avoided my gaze as he started the car again and drove to my building.


"He called and asked if I was with you at my place last night and I said no. Technically we weren't at my place, so I wasn't lying, but still." He said. I sighed and nodded.


"He gets so protective sometimes. He's like the annoying brother I never had and definitely never wanted." I sighed. Niall chuckled and stopped the car in the car park.


"Want help up to your flat?" He asked. I shook my head and grabbed my bag.


"Thanks for everything. I had a ton of fun." I said, leaning over and giving Niall a kiss on the cheek and grabbing my bag as I got out of the car. Niall blushed and waited in the car park until I got inside. I waved out the window and saw him wave back out the window as he drove off. I felt my heart flutter a little as I headed to the lift and hit the button. I climbed in.


I bit my lip as I replayed the whole night to myself in my head. It was perfect... like one of those cheesy movies, but it wasn't cheesy. I unlocked my flat and dropped my bag by the door. I grinned and happy danced on one foot into the living room, where I was about to fall back onto the couch, until I saw Liam sitting there with his arms crossed.


"You spent the night at Niall's flat?" Liam asked. I stumbled back a little and caught myself on the side table. I breathed deeply to slow my pounding heart.


"Shit, Liam! You scared me half to death! And no, I wasn't at Niall's flat last night, not that it matters to you if I was." I said, hopping over and sitting down in my armchair. Liam was standing and staring down at me.


"What happened?" He asked. "And why does your hair look like that?" I sighed and rolled my eyes.


"I fell down some stairs, and I got my hair done. Why are you so mad about it? I got bored of the same old thing so I got my hair done. It's not like there's a third world war, calm down." I said, reaching for the remote. Liam picked it up and moved it away from me. "Wow, thank you." I said sarcastically. I knew I was being mean, but I didn't need Liam's approval for all of my decisions.


"I'm not going to calm down. I knew you were with Niall last night, I don't know why you have to lie to me about it." Liam said. I sighed.


"Because, Liam, you'll get all mad over nothing like this. Why can't I just make my decisions for myself? I'm an adult, I don't need you treating me like a little girl! Why does it even matter to you!?" I shouted, standing on my one good foot.


"It matters because I don't want you to be with Niall!" He shouted, glaring at me. I threw my hands in the air.


"Liam, we aren't together or whatever you think!" I screamed back. Liam spun around to stare at me, his face sharp.


"Why are you lying to me? I wouldn't believe one picture, but when there's twenty it's kind of hard not to believe it! You got in a shouting match with some woman and were seen looking desheviled at a diner at six in the morning with Niall, after you weren't home all night." Liam shouted. I felt tears coming to my eyes. Why was I being so sensitive?


"Liam, we slept in his car! To avoid you! Yelling at me for finally having friends and interrogating me about why I was hanging out with Niall and changing my hair and breaking my ankle! And it's not like we were fucking all night! For fuck's sake, we listened to the radio and fell asleep! I'm not lying to you, Liam! My goal in life isn't to keep everything a secret from my best friend! But you haven't exactly been treating me like a friend lately, ever since you replaced me with Danielle it's like I'm just a back up!" I shouted back, sinking into the chair again.


"Well you don't have to worry about Danielle, because she broke up with me because of you! And I don't believe you! I bet you and Niall fucked over and over again all night, because that's who you are! And you're not exactly being a best friend either!" Liam screamed back, his face red.


"Oh, fuck you! I hardly take my underwear off long enough to shower, Liam, much less fuck someone! And I can't believe you think I'm some sort of slut! Of all the people, Liam, I didn't think it'd be you. I thought you actually cared about me. I guess I was completely wrong." I said, a tear slipping down my cheek. Liam stared at me.


"Are you... crying?" He asked.


"Yes, Liam, I'm crying." I said, swiping my tears away.


"Why are you crying? You never cry." He said harshly.


"I'm crying because my best friend is an asshole who thinks I'm some sort of slut and my dreams have just been crushed because I broke my ankle and can probably never dance again. And the one person who makes me feel good again isn't allowed to see me because you're jealous." I said, sniffling.


"He's not allowed to see you because I don't like knowing my two best friends are fucking eachother!" Liam shouted. I grabbed a pillow and chucked it as hard as I could at his face. Liam ducked and it hit a vase, which fell and shattered.


"I'm not even dating him! We haven't even kissed since you forced us to! And don't you think it's maybe your fault that this whole thing started when you tweeted that fucking picture?" I said, curling up on the couch and trying to stop my tears.


"I didn't even do it!" Liam shouted.


"I don't even care! I just wish you'd believe me! Why are you making such a big deal of this?" I asked, running a hand through my hair. Liam grabbed my shoulders and got up in my face. He spoke quieter but his voice was sharp still.


"I'm making a big deal of this because I've been in love with you since year two and you're already in love with my best mate after a week." He said, then let go of my shoulders and started sweeping up the glass from the vase. I sat there, frozen, my tears refusing to fall.


"Crap." I said finally, pressing my head into my hands. Liam threw the glass in the trash.


"I'll replace that." He said quietly, getting his jacket and heading for the door.


"Wait, Liam." I called, turning around to see him. He turned and looked at me, his hand still on the doorknob. "I'm not in love with Niall."

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