Endlessly (A One Direction Love Story)

Anika has always been friends with Liam Payne. She forced him to play with her dolls when they were little, saw him in the front row at each of her dance recitals, forced him into the car for hours while she drove to auditions, and made him critique her every move at the studio. But two years ago, she sat backstage as her best friend sang his heart out for the second time. But this time, instead of coming home after two weeks, he was gone. For good. Liam and Ana still spend every waking hour together, but things are different. Niall and Ana are spending every waking hour together, and Liam's jealous. Will it be the classic story of the best friends who are meant to be, or are Liam and Ana destined to be... just friends?


26. 3 Months Later

3 Months Later




I let out another pointed sigh and picked at my nails, then crossed my legs, then uncrossed them, then sighed again, and finally slapped my thighs and stood up. I couldn't just sit here and pretend I cared about my nails while Niall's flight had landed fifteen minutes ago, and he had yet to show up.


I ordered another coffee (I was definitely going to regret this later) and chugged it, the hot, bitter taste burning my throat and tongue. Delicious (sarcasm). The loud ding over the speakers that you hear when a plane's doors are opened went off and I octopus-ran to the terminal. When my arms were done flapping around and I was at a standstill outside of the boys' terminal, I discovered that it was the plane one terminal over.


"Fucking damn shit." I muttered, sinking down into a fold-out chair. This was so agrivating. Seventeen hours after Niall and I... got back together (wink) he and the boys had hauled off to the studio in London, to record a new song Niall had written. Naturally, it was a really great song and they had been sent packing and on a flight to Los Angeles, to record at the US branch of Syco.


Three months later, they were finally coming back. The song was worth it though, it was catchy and fun, called She's Not Afraid. It was about me, yay, but sort of insulting. It was about how scared of falling in love I was, and me finally coming crawling back to Niall after realising I was a fucktard. And here I am now, sitting in the terminal and waiting for him to arrive.


The speakers dinged again and I practically dragged myself out of the seat, leaving my heavy bag and my UGGs behind on the floor. A burly air hostess tugged the door open and stepped back, and a moment later, a group of people came heading up the escalator. My stomach jumped and flipped, and I almost felt like peeing. Which was weird, but whatever, I felt like it.


Then, there he was. Not Niall, silly, Zayn. He was green, literally. There was a small white bag in his hands and his hood was stained beige, shoved away from his face. Gross. He stumbled out, with Paul behind him, and jogged to a trashcan. I winced and turned away, spotting Harry and Louis slumping down the hallway. Louis saw me and managed a tired smile, turning around and saying something.


There was a loud noise and then Louis and Harry slammed into opposing walls. "Hey, Ana." I heard Zayn choke out. I glanced over my shoulder at him and waved, then turned back to Niall, climbing over Louis, Liam, and Harry's suitcases and bodies, tripping on his trousers, and finally falling back to the floor. He recovered quickly and sprinted to me, shoving through people and knocking suitcases over, his eyes dead set on me.


Niall clearly forgot that there was a glass wall between the terminal and the escalators, because the next thing he had his face pressed to the glass, and a loud bang was echoing through the airport. I burst out laughing, and Niall got back to his feet, sheepishly jogging through laughing onlookers and turning around the side of the wall. Then he started sprinting again, a little more cautiously.


"Anika, jesus." Niall breathed, grabbing my face and slamming his lips into mine without even pausing to hug me or anything. I didn't protest, but I did almost fall over at the force with which he ran into me. Niall's lips were hungry and soft, exactly how I had imagined them every time I thought about how I would welcome him home. Nando's takeout, a movie, or maybe just some TV reruns, and then cuddling and falling asleep in each others arms.


"Nia-" I tried to cut in, but he just kissed me again. I let him kiss me for a minute or two more, and then I finally managed to pry my lips off of his.


"For god's sakes, Niall! I need to breathe!" I laugh-shouted and wrapped my arms around his neck. His arms hugged my waist, but I only felt one hand on my back. His left arm was digging around in his pocket, and finally I loosened my grip on his neck and stepped back a little, looking down as Niall sunk down on one knee.


"Oh, shit." Louis muttered from behind us. I waved a hand over my shoulder at him and stared down at Niall, who was struggling to pull open the small box in his hand.


Um, so, I thought a lot about what I was going to say on the flight over, and now that we're here, I have no fucking clue what to say." Niall started, his cheeks pink. I giggled and wove my fingers together. This was so not happening. "But anyway, I think I can just make it up at this point, since you sort of get the gist anyway. I know we've only been back together for a while, and we were'nt even together for most of that. But you still.... you never stop amazing me. You're so beautiful and smart and sweet and funny, and you don't hate when I'm drunk or curse or stupid. You think I'm a great singer even though I'm not, and you think my chicken legs are sexy, which is sort of awesome."


"But back to you. You know that all of the songs I've ever written were about you, for you. The thing is, I never really had anything to write about until I met you, because you've just changed how I think about everything. i like the person you're making me become. And I want to become an even better person, I want to become a man who's finally good enough, who can finally stop worrying about you choosing someone else. And most of all, I want to become your husband. Do you... think you can do that for me?" He let out a short, shakey breath. I giggled and nodded a little.


"Anything else you wanna ask?" I raised my eyebrows at him. Louis and Harry chuckled and Liam awwed and laughed at the same time.


"Oh, right. Anyway, that being said... Ana, will you marry me?" Niall grinned uncertainly, his baby blue eyes twinkling, his normally rosy cheeks sheet-white.


"Well, I can't really say no now, can I? Not that I was planning on it. Yes, Niall, I'll marry you." I laughed, Niall leapt to his feet and shoved the ring on my finger harshly, before grabbing my waist and kissing me again and again. Somewhere behind us Zayn cheered and then threw up again, and the other boys were laughing and clapping. In fact, a tonne of people were cheering. But I didn't care. It wasn't about what they thought, because I was going to be Mrs. Horan.


Niall finally let me go, but kept his hands on my waist as I lifted my hand and looked at the ring. It was huge, silver with a blush coloured diamond in the middle, an Irish cross design along the band and a round diamond with smaller white diamonds surrounding it. It was enormous, and heavy. But perfect. I could tell Niall had picked it out because it was such a random assortment on diamonds and patterns, but it was exactly right for me.


"God, I love you." I breathed.

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