The Enemy

What happens when two people that hate each other end up falling in love?


1. The unwanted guest

"Baby, I'm sorry. it was a mistake!' My now ex-boyfriend shouts at me.

" of course it was! it always is with you, isn't it!' I scream back


Let me explain, well me and my boyfriend Jordan had been going out for 3 years. One night at a party i walked in on him, making out with this random chick, i mean honestly after 3 years I would've thought he would have a little bit more sense than to go and make out with this girl. I was so pissed I shouted at him. a lot, which he deserves. Well this is where the story starts. 

* 3rd of February 2012*

It was cold, I mean really cold, plus it was a school day. NO heating and stupid thin dresses and thin jumpers.

' God i hate the cold, , Maddy !' 

"I know," my best friend of 9 years said. 

Maddy my bestie, my other half, my sister, everything to me was walking home with me because she was coming over for our weekendly sleepover. Something I look forward to every weekend. 

That is until .I walked into my house ..

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