The Enemy

What happens when two people that hate each other end up falling in love?


5. The problem

"Hey,baby I've got something to talk to you about but I think I better do it in person," Niall said on the phone.

" okay, come on over," I said confusingly.

* 25 minutes later*

I walked to the door and let Niall in.

"What's u-"

" I have to go to London, for 2 days," He said looking at me with his beautiful blue eyes.

"wh-what? Why."

"I'm auditioning for xfactor. I'll be back on Thursday, but I have to leave now."

"ok... I guess I'll see you later..."

He kissed me and with that I heard him slam the door shut , get in his car and set off in the way of the airport.

Now.... What to do with myself for 2 days....
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