The Enemy

What happens when two people that hate each other end up falling in love?


2. The Explantion

I'm stopped in my tracks. My worst enemy Niall Horan was standing right in front of me. Which wasn't to bad, he was extremely good looking. Though we have hated each other since the first year of high school after I had told him that I liked him. Obviously the feelings hadn't been returned. I still remember that day. 

" uhhhhh what are you doing here ?!" I semi-shouted at him

" I really need to talk to you, Amy," he said.

" about what ?! you haven't had anything to say to me in 3 years!' 

He started to walk towards me, I took a step back. He grabbed my hand, and his lips ended up on mine. I got carried away in this kiss and forgot Maddy was standing there. I didn't really care though, I was kissing the hottest guy in school, he pulled back and now the explanation came.

"I'm in love with you'

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