The Enemy

What happens when two people that hate each other end up falling in love?


3. Deep Thoughts

He pulled back and smiled, the smile that made me fall for him in the first place. 

"That was amazing, Amy," He smiled

Maddy cleared her throat making sure we remembered she was still there.

I looked at her, she looked as confused as I felt. 

" Can I talk to you outside, please, " Niall said in his amazing irish accent.

I mouthed "sorry" at Maddy and followed Niall out onto the patio. She nodded which meant that she would find something to do while we were outside.

" What was that ? I asked looking into his amazing blue eyes.

" Look, Amy i love you, i'm sorry but I do. Your amazing and i really regret what i did, he kissed my cheek and passed me a piece of paper. As he walked away, I looked at the paper.

Dear Amy,

This is a note to ask what i should have asked ages ago, Will you go out with me, think about it and get back to me, you know where to find me haha

From Niall

I thought about it for a whole hour, but still I didn't have an answer.



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