If you only knew

People fall in love and its a Natural. Sometimes its hidden and other times the love is shown. Either way love has a lot of difficulties. Will Sharon, Sky, Courtney and Eleasha all be able to be prepared to solve these difficulties? With their favorite band as their best friends it might be hard.. since there all in love. Will love ruin friendships? Will hate come out. Will they escape their past that they have been dying to forget.?


8. Walking back to the past..


Chapter 8
Sky’s POV
“Well… since I fuck everything up and everything Damian did to me was I deserved I think I should just walk out of your life. Don’t worry you won’t ever see me again. It will be like if were not even TWIN sisters because you mean nothing to me. Absolutely NOTHING.” That part just replayed over and over again. I noticed everyone in the flat. But I just kept thinking of everything that just happened. I need to go chase after my sister, I need to go apologize! Before I could do anything Eleasha started yelling at me “Sky! How the fuck are you going to say that to your own sister! She fucks everything up huh? Right well I will be surprised if after today she even looks you in the eye. You’re so mature that you brought Damian into the situation. Was that even needed? To bring up her past? You know how many times she could have DIED! And for you! She went through a lot so YOU didn’t have to!” She was about to slap me but I told her what Sharon did. And when I heard myself out loud I just made my sister walk away from my life because of a guy, A guy that doesn’t even like me. WOW I messed up bad.  “Who’s Damian? Liam asked. I knew someone would ask sooner or later.

But the thing is that I don’t want to remember everything that happened. I had already forgotten everything, not fully forgotten but enough not to think about it. Everyone once in a while I would see Sharon and see Damian hitting her. I bet Sharon never forgot, I bet it haunted her everyday but she put on a smile so no one would worry.  I just lost my sister forever. My eyes started stinging, I didn’t want to cry but it felt like the right thing to do. I felt the tears streaming down my face. “Awh baby cakes don’t cry. If it’s too hard for you say, Eleasha and I will say it.” Courtney whined. “It’s not that… but could you please?” I asked. “Yeah it’s not too hard to yell at your sister with the harshest words and make her walk out of your life but it’s too hard saying this.” Eleasha hissed. “Because you would know how it feels to lose your sister and to know that the guy you’ve been falling for almost 2 years loves your sister and not YOU!” I yelled. Everyone became quiet.


“I’m sorry but all of you sit down if I’m going to tell you.” I said. I started to feel weak; I can’t believe I’m going to tell them. What if they hate Sharon and I after this. What if they think differently of me? Worse what if they think something bad about Sharon! All of them sat down but Eleasha. She just stood there looking at me. “I-I… Sharon and I got abused. No. It was more like Sharon. Well she would get raped and abused by o-our stepdad Damian. He would always treat her like shit. He would barely do anything to me because Sharon would step in and get b-beat for me. And whenever I did it would be because Sharon was upstairs getting rest or unconscious.” I said on the verge of tears. I breathed and started again.

“M-my mom would defend us but it didn’t last long because she died when we were about to turn 6. She was pregnant to a baby girl. She only had 3 more months to go. Well one day she was arguing with Damian. Sharon had locked us in our room and she was comforting me. When I calmed down she got up and left the room. I followed her out and left the door open so I could see everything that was going on…” At this point I was crying but I stopped to breathe. “Damian saw Sharon and walked up to her and hit her in the face causing her to fall down. My mom screamed at him and took her to the room. He got her by the shirt but she pulled away. Then he kicked her and she fell down the stairs. Sharon and I ran to her but that bastard just laughed. Sharon called 911 but she died and the baby fought to survive but she died 2 days after surviving.” I cried.

I looked at everyone in the eyes since this was a first time for everyone. Eleasha and Courtney knew the whole part but this one because Sharon and I only say our mom died when we were little girls.  Liam and Niall were shocked and had tears coming out Harry and Zayn had red teary eyes. Courtney had tear streaks on her right cheek. Eleasha was silently crying. But Louis looked so angered. There was so much more but Courtney and Eleasha already know.

"But sadly that wasn’t the end of it. That bastard didn’t have enough by killing her! He blamed it all on Sharon; he would say that if she didn’t get in the way she would still be here, so he would rape her for punishment and if she tried to fight away she would get beat as well. Soon we got into middle school and Sharon would get bullied because people thought she cut herself and harmed herself but in reality it was Damian! I of course would try to help but she said that if they saw me near her they would bully me too and that’s why I was one of the ‘popular’ kids and met Courtney. She then introduced me to Eleasha, since Eleasha wasn’t popular because she was quiet. My sister would make me stay after school with groups so I wouldn’t have to hear her scream or see her hurt. Damian would never touch me… Just that one day I came home early and he was more drunk than usual. I saw her lying on the floor unconscious and naked” I whispered the end, Eleasha must have had enough because she stood up and walked away crying with bloodshot red eyes.

I looked down in shame with what was coming up “I-I got her into my room and washed the dried blood and heard him ‘Sky pie come make me dinner’ so I went downstairs and he got me by the hair and started to kiss me, I pulled away and he looked at me with shock then kicked me I banged onto the wall. After that he left. And that was the night I got my stuff ready along with Sharon’s since she was still resting. And then we escaped to Courtney’s and lived there for 2 months and we graduated and moved here.” 

*Sooo I know it took forever to write this chaper but I have my exams this week. And I've had to study and other than that I needed to think how to start it and how to end it. I hope you guys like it (: *

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