If you only knew

People fall in love and its a Natural. Sometimes its hidden and other times the love is shown. Either way love has a lot of difficulties. Will Sharon, Sky, Courtney and Eleasha all be able to be prepared to solve these difficulties? With their favorite band as their best friends it might be hard.. since there all in love. Will love ruin friendships? Will hate come out. Will they escape their past that they have been dying to forget.?


5. Not a Chapter!

Heeey you guys.!! :D So I like where Im going with this story and I still know where Im going with it. I just want to hear some opinions but I only have about 38 views and no comments so I dont know if its because no one likes it or because I just started with it. I want to keep this short because I hate when Authors write alot too ^-^ I just wanted to know what you guys think, basically. Leave a comment please (: I will update when Im done with this chapter... so later today or tomorrow. And Incase you were wondering all the names in here are real so No hate please. And I live in Florida so you know my timezone. Byeee .
- Sharon(:

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