If you only knew

People fall in love and its a Natural. Sometimes its hidden and other times the love is shown. Either way love has a lot of difficulties. Will Sharon, Sky, Courtney and Eleasha all be able to be prepared to solve these difficulties? With their favorite band as their best friends it might be hard.. since there all in love. Will love ruin friendships? Will hate come out. Will they escape their past that they have been dying to forget.?


3. Hurt

Chapter 3
Sharon’s POV
In matter of minutes Harry was over. He had spare keys of my flat, along with all the other boys. I guess no one cared that he was here. He walked into my room when I was doing my makeup. I only applied small amount of blush, some mascara and lip gloss. “You don’t need that love.” Harry said. I just giggled in response. I have always had a small crush for him but I never told anyone other than Eleasha because Sky was in love with him. Louis knew as well since he’s like a brother to me. He didn’t judge me, but he just worried because my TWIN and I both liked the SAME guy. But I told him it was only a small crush and Niall was more my type of guy.
But Harry had this thing that drew me to him. But I know he would never like me. He would like Sky. Sky had long dark brown wavy hair. Her light soft skin. Meanwhile I’m tan, I have chocolate brown curls. Were both the same height and were both pretty fit. But Sky is skinnier and I am curvier. Although Sky had the cutest little freckles near her nose. But I had that dimples! Everyone said I had the most beautiful light brown eyes. Sky had a gorgeous smile that everyone complimented her on.

“You ready to go talk?” I asked. He nodded and said “Of course Curly” I just laughed it off. We walked out in linked arms. Everyone was in the family room watching Toy story. I guess Liam chose the movie this time. Courtney turned around and yelled “Finally the princess has arrived.” I replied with “I wouldn’t talk sleeping beauty!” Everyone just laughed because Courtney was a heavy sleeper, just like Zayn. “I’m going out with Harry. Not like that! It’s a walk. So I will be back to make lunch” I told everyone. I’m the chef in the group. That’s how Harry and I bond. Everyone just replied “Yups!” but Sky just looked at me. That’s when I realized who she was snuggled up to…… Niall.

I guess Harry noticed that I got upset and pulled me out of the room. He knew my feelings for Niall but not the ones for him. “It’s okay love. It’s probably just snuggling.” He whispered into my ear. I just nodded. Sky knew my feelings toward Niall. And I doubt my own sister would do that to me. We walked to a little café. I got iced coffee with whipped cream that had caramel and chocolate with it. Since Harry wanted to buy the coffees I bought the doughnuts. We just sipped our coffee until we found a little park. We sat on a bench. “Soo you needed to talk budaay.” He chuckled and just nodded. “I- I. W-we broke up.” He stuttered “Oh my god! Hazz are you okay? That little Skank! She…She. I’m speechless.” I half yelled. He just looked at me before “But.” He stopped and looked at me and started again “She cheated on me. I know that and I also know you knew. I’m not mad or hurt… because I’m … Well I’m in love with someone else” He said while looking in our directions. Oh my god he knew I knew! I couldn’t tell him I promised her and I didn’t want him hurt. Wait. What if he’s in love with me! I have to know who this is. “W-who” I whispered. “Umm” Was all he was able to say.

“It’s… You can NOT tell anyone! Promise?” he said. Welp that kicks me out of the options because why would he tell me and then say don’t tell anyone. “Okay babes. Just tell me already!” I said that. Although I wish I hadn’t. “...Sky! I like her and I am too afraid to tell her how I feel. And I have been feeling like this for a while now. Liam knows and he was pretty disappointed that I was with Arianna when I was thinking about someone else. What should I do?” he exclaimed. I was pretty upset but I’m not always going to get the guy. Even though I’m use to that. But it’s my twin and we have been through a lot in the past. But only Eleasha and Courtney know. Liam knows because he is so care-free so it’s okay. It’s horrible but everything is fine now. But I guess you can say I’m not totally over it.  “Uhh? Love you should tell her. But in a sweet way, remember were talking about my physco twin sister. Just kidding but she’s a helpless romantic.” “Okay. When…Never mind I will figure that out. Thanks Sharon you’re the best.” He stopped talking and gave me a big hug. We heard some snaps. Oh no paparazzi! “Let’s go home love” he whispered into my ear. But by the time he said that fans crowded us and the paps did as well. “Harry!” “Look over here lovebirds!” “Harry who’s that?” “Where’s Arianna?” “Are you cheating?” Oh no were going to make the covers of every magazine! What about Harrys image!?

Harry’s POV
Sharon and I were having a fine time. I told her about Arianna, she didn’t seem too happy about it. Sharon and I had this strong sentimental connection. We were so close. She was always there when I got my heart broken. She would be so protective over me and so would I with her. But Louis was more because he saw the twins as his sisters. So did I but Sharon she just had this thing that made her so fragile. I still remember when I met her she was so shy and scared of talking to anyone. It wasn’t just her, Sky as well but we gained her trust quickly. But with Sharon it took a while. She was closer to Liam at first, and she still is she goes to him with all of her problems and advice of course. But she got comfortable with me, and I’m glad she did. After we all got her trust she was a great outgoing person and she wasn’t shy anymore. Nor scared. The fear I saw in her eyes were gone. But I never knew why she was so scared of talking to people. I never found out but I will someday. I know Liam knows but he would never budge!

Any who, once I told Sharon that it was Sky, that I liked she got pale. I didn’t say anything because I just ignored it. Maybe she got scared that I was going to hurt Sky but the thing is I'm not because I don't like Sky? But I wouldn’t, Sky is such a nice girl, she doesn’t deserve that. Actually any girl doesn’t deserve that! I hugged her because I appreciated that she gave me advice and would help through anything. I just wish I could tell her who i actually liked. But the paps came and started ruining everything!

“Harry!” “Look over here lovebirds!” “Harry who’s that?” “Where’s Arianna?” “Are you cheating?” was all I heard. I just got a good grip on Sharon’s waist and started walking away. “Just look down, so you don’t get dizzy from the flashing. And just don’t listen or say anything” I whispered into her hair. She looked down and started covering her face. “Harry, the pictures are going to be on magazines and they’re going to say bad things about you. They don’t know about the break up REMEMBER!” she said. She started once again “Hazz they are going to put pictures of me with you and I don’t even look decent so they could at least see you with someone pretty.” That kind of got me mad. That was something about Sharon; she was very insecure of herself. I guess it involves her past “Love your gorgeous. Plus peach fits you very well.” I whispered. We kept walking and we lost them. The rest of the walk was silent. Not awkward a good kind. I could see Sharon blushing. I guess she was still thinking of the compliment I gave her.

Niall’s POV
Harry came to girls flat. It was usual so I just ignored him. But what really bothered me was that he walked straight into Sharon’s room. We were watching Toy story, so maybe he didn’t want to interrupt? No he always says something. I swear if he has something going on with Sharon I am literally going to explode. He ALWAYS gets the girl I like. But this time it was going to be different. Sharon was special and I am not letting her go. Especially to Harry!

I was the only that had a blanket and I saw Sky shiver on the other side of the couch. “Psst…Sky.” I whispered trying to not interrupt the rest. I knew how mad Liam got if he heard anyone talk during Toy Story. She looked at me and I gave her a hand signal to come over to me. She smiled and mouthed ‘Thank you’. I just gave her thumbs up. She came to me and she snuggled against me and I put the blanket over us. Later on in the movie she rested her head on my shoulder. So I put my head on hers. Just as that happened Harry and Sharon came out of her room linked in arms and giggling.

Courtney turned around and yelled “Finally the princess has arrived.” I replied with “I wouldn’t talk sleeping beauty!” Everyone just laughed. But I didn’t because I was still staring at her and Harry. “I’m going out with Harry. Not like that! It’s a walk. So I will be back to make lunch” She said. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Courtney and Eleasha said “Yups” I just kept looking at them. I noticed Sky got quiet. Sharon looked at me then at Sky. Her face… looked hurt for 3 seconds and covered it with a smile. But her eyes showed hurt in every square inch.

They left about 2 hours ago, where are they? “Finally my Superwomen have arrived! Where were you guys?” Louis screamed. I guess they were back. I walked to the living room and leaned against the wall next to Sky. We were super close but I didn’t care, I just wanted to listen to Sharon’s story. Sharon laughed and Harry said “We were talking mate. And we got trapped by the paps” Courtney replied with “Ohh and they got some nice pictures too!” Everyone turned to her. She was on her laptop looking at a magazine website and there were pictures of Harry and Sharon on a bench drinking coffee. Then there were some of Harry hugging her… but it wasn’t any hug it looked soo full of love. There was one that killed me; Harry had his hands on her waist holding her real close! Her head was down but you can see a smile on her face and Harry’s head was into her hair. They looked like the perfect couple. Ughh I hate that!

Sharon and Harry started laughing soo hard! “Look at the captions!” Sharon yelled. I looked and it said “Harry found his new girl? Best friend Sharon! Cute Yes or No?” And another caption above the picture from when they were hugging it said “Thinking about Arianna Grass? I don’t think so Love birds” That was pretty harsh. I wonder what she is going to think when she sees that.  “So what’s going with you two?” Liam asked. Sharon answered quickly “Nothing just best friends. But the paps think differently. I helped Harry today with a girly problem.” She started wiggling her eye brows. Liam must have understood and he got a very cheeky smile. “Oh really? Good for you Hazz” He replied. What is going on here?!?!? “I… I … actually Arianna and I broke up today.” Harry stuttered. He seemed hurt and then again he seemed happy. Maybe that’s why he needed to talk to Sharon! They always helped each other with that type of stuff. Thank god, she’s still mine.

I was still next to Sky. Sharon turned around looked at me and the same hurt in her eyes. But this time you could see disappointment. She gave me a half smile and just walked away from her room. I could have sworn I saw a tear come out of her eye. Right as she walked away her door slammed shut. Everyone jumped out of their seat. Harry looked at me then Sky. He had an irritated/mad look and ran to her room. Eleasha followed. Everyone else just gave each other puzzled looks. She must have locked her door because Harry started banging. “What’s going on?” Asked a confused Courtney. “Well you know love if we knew, we wouldn’t be standing here like idiots” Louis said with a sassy tone. Courtney just gave him the death glare. Zayn just chuckled. We all walked towards Sharon’s room. But all we saw was a slumped Eleasha and Harry banging on her door. “Sweetie Open the door” he said. But she didn’t answer it just stayed silent. He started talking once again “Love please talk to me. If you just talk to me maybe I can help you” Silentness roamed the hall once again. But then we heard. “I want Louis”

Louis head shot up and said “I will take of her don’t worry.” He walked towards the door. I was upset because the love of my life doesn’t want me to help her. She doesn’t want me. She clearly wants Louis. But maybe he will help her. I’m so worried. I heard him whisper “I’m here love, now open the door”. We all heard a click and door revealed a pale Sharon with red puffy eyes. Her sparkle in her amazing eyes weren’t there no more. Her great tan turned into a pale white. She looked hurt and sick. My heart broke to see her like that. Why couldn’t it be me to comfort her? Why couldn’t it be me that she wants to talk to? Why couldn’t it be me that she went on a walk on? Why couldn’t it be me to call her my girlfriend? Why? All the questions that ran through my head.

* What do you guys think soo far??? Im happy with myself. I might update later on today or tomorrow. Either way I need comments. I need to know if you guys like it. I need to know what to fix and what you guys want. So do you think Niall will ever have his chance to call Sharon his. And Harry will he be able to have the guts to tell Sky the truth. Will jealousy get the best of the Twins. Will this drama affect the group??*

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