If you only knew

People fall in love and its a Natural. Sometimes its hidden and other times the love is shown. Either way love has a lot of difficulties. Will Sharon, Sky, Courtney and Eleasha all be able to be prepared to solve these difficulties? With their favorite band as their best friends it might be hard.. since there all in love. Will love ruin friendships? Will hate come out. Will they escape their past that they have been dying to forget.?


14. Fears into reality

Harry's POV I felt so miserable knowing Sharon hates me, knowing that the girl I care about the most is terrified of me. I walked to the girls flat since, opened the door and everything looked like it does everyday, neat and tidy. Though for some reason everything felt different. The lights were off and I kept walking until I saw her standing face the wall. She was just standing, her shoulders moving up and down signaling shes breathing. I could barely get myself to say something but I used all my force and barely whispered her name. She turned around in less than a second. Her face was paler than before, her eyes were filled with fear, I instantly felt my heart shadder into millions of pieces. I walked forward and she took a step back. "Harry leave please, don't do this" she cried. Her eyes started to get red and watery, I knew she was trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill any second. "No I need you to know that it was an accident. Sharon I was trying to prove to Niall that he cant talk about us like-" I tried to explain until she stopped me by yelling " There is no us! You ruined any chance of us yesterday by hurting me, you showed me a side of you that I never saw. A side I never a expected." she yelled which then turned into a whisper. Not a second after she started to sob. I walked forward and tried to console her but she just pushed me away and yelled " Go away! I hate you, you pushed me into the glass table! You HURT me! Your a monster , you almost killed Niall! You were too busy trying to 'prove' something you forgot how I felt! I hate you! Go, leave I don't want to see you ever again!" Every word felt like a stab in the heart, I started to walk away when I saw myself in the mirror and I saw a big hairy animal with bloodshot red eyes.. "Nooo! I'm not a monster! NO I cant be!!!!" I yelled. And Like that I woke up in my dark room, I took in my surroundings, and realized it was just a nightmare. I went to the bathroom and I guess I was crying because I had tear stains on my cheeks and like that I realized I screwed up all my chances with Sharon. *_______________________________________________________________________________* So Im sorry I havent updated as much as I wanted to. But Hey this is a start right.? I will update everyday, or maybe every other day. I will try to make them long but no promises. Although I do promise they wont be this short ever again. ^-^
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