If you only knew

People fall in love and its a Natural. Sometimes its hidden and other times the love is shown. Either way love has a lot of difficulties. Will Sharon, Sky, Courtney and Eleasha all be able to be prepared to solve these difficulties? With their favorite band as their best friends it might be hard.. since there all in love. Will love ruin friendships? Will hate come out. Will they escape their past that they have been dying to forget.?


10. Bright side of things; We're together now


Chapter 10
Sharon’s POV
I walked to the flat. I’m pretty sure the boys are still there as much as I want them in their own flat.  As I got closer the more scared I got. I don’t know how I will act. Cause there is always that feeling where you say you will do something but when the time comes you just can’t do it anymore. When I got to the door I stopped and took a deep breathe. I don’t know if I can forgive Sky for everything she said but I either way I have to because she is my sister. But I don’t think I will be able to forgive myself for kissing Harry. And Harry … does he like me? I just want to scream into my pillow! I walked in and as I suspected everyone was there except Niall. I just wish this was like a normal life where the person you love; loves you back! I just wish I could come home and see my parents together happily but No I can’t because I have messed up life and will never have that.

I’m too afraid that they are all in the living room so I walk through the back. We have a backyard well there is a beautiful tree and thankfully it’s easy to climb to get into my room. I start climbing, Thank to my smart brain I leave my window open. I climb in and see someone in my room. It was Harry!

“Harry?” I said quietly. He jumped and turned around. He ran to me and hugged me. “Love, where have you been? You had us all worried!” He stated. I smiled. I replied “I just needed to cool off and walk. But Harry I have to leave.” He gave me confused face. “What? Why?” He asked “I just have to. I don’t belong here anymore. I have ruined everything. I don’t want to ruin anything for Niall and Sky. And I have probably disappointed Li and Lou. And as for you; you probably think I am ridiculous.” I cried. Everything from today came flashing back and I couldn’t help but cry. Harry got me again and whispered “Not at all, Love. Niall doesn’t see what is in front of him. Sky is just mad but she still loves you. Li and Lou will never be disappointed in you. All you do is make people happy. Well at least you make me happy.” And with that I felt more confused.

Harry’s POV
Sharon looked at me with a confused face. I have to tell her who I ACTUALLY fancy. All this time I have been getting her prepared and the time has finally come. “Sharon I have been lying to you. I don’t like Sky. I never did, yea as a friend but nothing more. I have been fancying you. You are so gorgeous and all this time you would talk about Niall and I would die but I just feel like you and I are meant to be.” And with that I kissed her and she didn’t pull back this time. I guess this meant she felt the same.

*Sorry for the short chapter. I haven't been writing because I didnt know what I wanted to do with this chapter. I hope you like I will be posting again tomorrow. I'm Fl by the way so you know my timezone.* 

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