Zhane loves my sister

When the band is out on tour zhane sees his dream girl Naomi which happens to be the sister of the kid he baby sits then he gets to see her everyday and he ends up getting into another relationship to get her jealous but she was trying to make him jealous at the same time then they find out they were meant for each other but then her sister doesn't understand.stay tuned!!!
Ps.coming soon to YouTube.com


1. The girl

When zayn was done babysitting Alyssa he went home to get ready for the concert but he couldn't stop looking at the girl in the picture which is the most beautiful person.
Naomi was her name and he tried to learn everything he could from Alyssa but she said to talk to her yourself she's in her room on the phone with her friend Judy but all zayn said was no thank you I will not invade her privacy like that so then he just thought about it and said ok but later meanwhile in her room she said to Judy zayn from one direction is here and me and jazmine my cousin are going to their concert want to com Judy said sure.
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