Ruined My Life

Kay is bullied at school, not popular, abused and considered the quiet goody goody.
She can't take anymore of it , but still bottles up her emotions.
A boy named Niall bullies her but now that he notices Kay, it gets worse for her.


6. 6

Bri's POV|••••|

I got up and just strolled around the house since I was the only one awake. It was four in the morning, I had to get ready at around six then go to school with Kay. I was currently down in the kitchen looking for something I could call 'Breakfast'. "Ugh!" I moaned. I wounder what Kay's doing...

I ran up stairs to the room. "Kay?" I chimed. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Nialls POV|••••|

I fluttered my eyes open and rubbed them.
"What did you do to Kay?!" Brieana yelled, pushing the door wide open. "You better go and tell Zayn about this! How can you do this to your friend Niall!?" I was shocked, I didn't know how to react at the moment. "I'm, uh... She was drunk and erm.. We uh... She's sleeping now." "I can see that stupid!" Did she seriously say that? "Shh! You're gonna wake her!" I spat angrily. "Why do you care! Ugh!" She stormed out and slammed the door. "Horan?" Kay mumbled. "Yeah?" I answered. "It smells like last night" she frowed. "I'm sorry, I know you're with Zayn and I shouldn't of went along with it." "Ew." She pouted. "What?" I laughed. "I can't believe this.." She whispered, she raised herself, pulling over the white sheets on her chest to cover herself. I remember last night, her hair looked dark on the light bedding. Her screams, her determination, the way she would beg me to pleasure her, the way she gave me what I needed and my girlfriend hasn't. Kay and I played around a bit, she gave me a blow job. I wonder if she remembers that... "Um Kay?" She looked worried. "I need to get ready for school." She rushed to her feet and ran to the door, she fell right in front of it too, but just sat there. "W-what's wrong Kay?" I walked over to her and sat behind her. "Horan, what are you doing?" She raised her voice. "Nothing." I answered. "Can you get my bag?" I retrieved it for her, waving it in front of her face, she snatched the colorful bag out of my hand. "Don't look." "At what?" "Me changing, don't look" I turned around for her to change, she didn't realize I stood in front of the mirror at an angle so I could see her. She slipped on her white lace undies and bra. She dropped her bag and ran out. What the hell? "Kay?" I called out. I creept out of the bedroom. I wondered where she went. Maybe she's brushing her teeth or some thing. I walked back into the dimly lit room. I started to clean ups bit. "Damn we made a mess." I murmured to myself.

"Where were you?"
She walked over to me and rubbed my back.
"Down stairs with Zayn."
Her touch lingered on my skin.
"Did you tell him?"
She bit her bottom lip and looked at me with her innocent eyes
"Why? He needs to know Kay."
Her fingers tips brushed on my skin, then down my back. Age nibbled my earlobe softly.
"No he doesn't." She growled playfully, with a hint of naughtiness.
"You're insane" I smiled.
"I know, but it makes me better"
She kissed me with force as our lips moved in sync. She withdrew.
"Aw you bad boy." She said in a baby voice "You know what your doing is wrong." She smirked.
"W-what?" She giggled.
"Learn how to be a good boy. You know this is wrong. Bad, bad boy." She scolded.

|••••|Kays POV|••••|

His facial expression was completely hilarious. "I-I-I'm sorry I.. Just." He looked nervous. "What's wrong?" I tried to ask in a sexy tone. "Nothing" he puffed out. "You sure?" I asked. "Yeah.." He said more confident this time "Its only 4:47." I whispered. "And?" He walked away from me to close the door. I sneaked up behind him and put my hands firmly on his bare back. "Make love to me Niall." I whispered.
"Kay what the hell are you talking about?!" He spat pushing me away. "Are you mad?!", "Whatever, I was just offering." I smirked and went to grab my bag. "Wait. We have an hour or something." I blushed "So you want to?" I asked amused. "Ummm" "Horan, when I first said it, it wasn't a question. It was a command." He looked scared. "A. Command. Follow instructions." I narrowed my eyes. "Gosh Kay this isn't school." He rolled his eyes "But it is. Just dirtier. So lets play school. I'm the teacher and you'll be my student, lemme teach you a lesson today, be a good boy, or I'll just have punish you." I ran my finger on the elastic of his boxers. "Do you desperately need my 'ruler'?"I giggled and his dumb joke. "A bit corny Horan." I wrap my arms around his neck as his muscular arms around my waist. "I know it was corny, I shouldn't have said it. "It's ok, I actually do need your ruler to compleat my project. I doing it just for you." I looked up at his blue, magnificent orbs. His lips curved themselves into a small smile. "Really now?" His lips brushed on mine. I licked his bottom lip. "Nope" I let go of his neck and patted his chest. "Wow mate, you would really do that to your girlfriend. AND think I would do that Zayn, ya really need to smarten up." I laughed, picking up my bag once more. "And yes I told Zayn. I'm not gonna play dumb with you." I whispered. I decided to just change in the living room. Everyone else woke up at around 6:00.


"Guys we need to leave!" Liam yelled. "We're coming!" Zayn held me rather close to him. Niall was next to me ALL the time. It was annoying when he followed me. "Kay can we talk?" Zayn let me go and walked to the rest of the boys and Bri. "What?" I never liked at him in the eyes since earlier. His palms pressed against my chest, sending me stumbling to the wood floor "This is my house. Never humiliate me again." He warded. His harsh nature was unbelievable. "Get up stupid." I quickly rose to my feet. "I w-won't" "You better not." I swallowed the lump in my throat. His hand grabbed my shoulder pushing me back to the floor. "This time stay there." He chuckled. "Bitch." He murmured then went off with the guys. More foot steps were herd walking around then Liam walked up to me. "Are you ok?" His comforting voice echoed in my ears. "I don't wanna go to school Liam" he bent down next to me. "C'mon we're going to be late." His voice still calm. "He told me to stay here, on the floor. I'm not getting up" he made his face look sad. "C'mon, you have me here for you." He smiled. "Liam. You used to bully me." "But I stopped. C'mon." He held out his hand, but I refused and stood on my own. "I'll go but I-" "I'm here, remember that." He picked me up bridal style. "Liam! Let go of me!" He laughed at me. "I'm serious!" I struggled to free myself. I was put into the warm vehicle. "I told you not to get the fuck up!" Niall yelld.

"L-Liam um.. I was gonna stay but Liam brought me here." I held on to the side of the door. I was afraid of him, intimidated by him. "Niall don't yell at her." Zayn snapped at him. "Come here." He held out his arms to me. "I'll stay here." I whispered. "Zayn don't touch her." Niall wrapped his arm around me. "N-Niall stop." My voice shaken. "She's my girlfriend cunt, don't fucking touch her!" Zayn yelled tugging my arm, Niall pushed my body against the passenger seat. I winced in pain, Niall was strong. "Aye stop!" Louis shouted. Harry pulled up on the curb. Louis, Bri and Liam got out of the car, Harry tried to calm the two from getting into a fight. My body was hauled out of the car by Louis, his hand grabbing the back of my head and pressing it on his firm chest. "Did he hurt you?" He whispered into my hair, I gave him a simple nod. A large hand was placed on my shoulder, my body was ripped from Louis. I peered up at the blonde frightening boy. "Don't hurt me please" a tear fell onto my cheeks. "You need to follow my commands little lady" he gripped my wrist squeezing them hard until my skin was red. "You're just like my father...." I felt cold for saying it. I looked down to my feet. "You abuse women..." I whispered. "I hate you, I'll never love you or even come close to liking you... It's the same you know." I spoke my words slowly. "Its no different where I go. I always get hurt. It's the same at your flat.... I get abused by a man. I should've gone to Harry's place. He knows not to hit women. He can be a flirt but he can respect at least. Or I should've just died already... Like you told me to." I didn't want to look or touch him. "You filthy bastard." I snapped. I turned to see multiple eyes staring at me, "Kay?" Zayn whispered. "What?" Irritation filled my voice. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen." He embraced me. I didn't hug back, I seriously wasn't in the mood. "You need to talk to Niall." Liam whispered. "No." I dug my face into the crook of Zayn's neck. Zayn let go of me as soon as I answered. "We need to talk!" Nialls voice boomed. He pinned me to the side of the car. " Fuck off!" I spat. "Look at me!" He fiercely turned my face to meet his gaze. " You're staying in my home, under MY rules." I wiggled under him but we fell to the floor. His heavy body on mine. His hand raised to hit me, but Bri grabbed his hand to stop him, but he's stronger. He pushed her away along with everybody else. His fist quickly met my face leaving me bruised. I couldn't see from my right eye well. It got swollen up, and a became a bit light headed. Everything was spinning and a blur. My eyes both shut and all that I saw was complete darkness
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