Ruined My Life

Kay is bullied at school, not popular, abused and considered the quiet goody goody.
She can't take anymore of it , but still bottles up her emotions.
A boy named Niall bullies her but now that he notices Kay, it gets worse for her.


5. 5

Nialls POV||~~~||

We all sat on the grass having our our own little conversations with each other but Harry. I guess he was texting someone. I asked Liam if he knew who Harry was talking to but none of us knew.
"Harry?" His eyes were glued to the screen and he had a huge grin in his face. "Har-" "What Niall?!" He didn't have to be so mean, gosh. "Who you texting?" I asked politely. "A girl." He never looked up at me. "About what?" I asked. "Her crush and sex....." He giggled and I laughed too. "Why!?" I kept laughing. "She wants to get over this guy she likes so I offered it." He smiled. "Who's the guy?" I asked. "Can't tell you. She's one of my best friends, she told me I couldn't say ANYTHING." I wanna know this girl... "Oh she texted back!" He said excitedly. "What'd she say?!" I don't even know her and I'm excited too haha. I looked at the screen and it said 'No! I'm not doing that again..' I laughed loudly. Kay noticed and turned her head and giggled. Her lips tasted like mint..... I called over to her. "Kay come over here!" She shook her head. "No!" She tried to look serious but failed. "Please!" I begged. "Fine!" I know she only did it to get me to shut up. I smiled. "Hi." She giggled. "Sit down." I answered plainly. She sat next to me and put my arm around her waist. Harry looked at her with so much love it was weird to me. I kinda felt jealous, but sucks for him cause I'm the one holding her.. I shouldn't even be holding her. Niall hello?! You have a girlfriend already. "Don't touch me Horan." She said. "Uh.. I..." Why couldn't I speak?! Ugh. "W-what happened to Niall?" I asked her. "I call you Horan ok?" She stared deeply into my eyes. "Ok.." I said. "Kay?" Harry said. No Harry! I said in my mind. "What Haz?" Did she really say Haz? She doesn't even bother to say my first name... "Can I talk to you in private?" He said. "Yeah sure." She smiled at me before walking away with Harry.

|||~ Harry's POV ~|||

We walked to the tree she was sitting at and sat where we could both see the guys. "Why did you say no?" I asked her. "Well, I don't want to. It was good, but what if I fall for you? That'll be strange." She was serious. "I'm sorry. But did you ever think of doing it again? You know with me?" I asked. "Yes." She was still serious. "At least kiss me please." I said. I mentally slapped myself. "Do you like me or something?!" She walked to the other side of the tree. "No. I just wanna see
if Niall would care." I told her. "Oh. Well. Uh... First um can I stay at your place?" She asked. "Of course you can lovely" I walked to the other side of the tree and picked her up bridal style, sitting where we sat before, I laid her head on my lap and she put her legs out straight and crossed them. I kept running my fingers through her hair, "You forgot to kiss me" I smirked and she giggled. "Yeah I know." She laughed. "Harry did you know you can be very rude?" She shut her eyes and let the sun shine on her. "I don't mean to be." I said "Yet you are." She always knew how to make me feel guilt. "Whatever Kay." I mudered. "Haha. Gonna go home and run to your mommy?" She said "No!" She sat up and put one hand behind my head grabbing a fist full of my hair and pulled my face close to hers, our lips brushed together. "It's only a joke babe." She said in a sexy tone. She was so innocent, but at the same time she wasn't. Chills ran through my body. "It's good to know that I'm pleasing you right now." She bit my bottom lip, but didn't kiss me. She got up and sat with Niall again like nothing happened.

[~~~ Kay's POV ~~~]

I felt proud, weird right? I changed my mind. I wasn't gonna tell Niall I liked him, I was gonna keep it a secret and that's it really."What was that all about?" Niall asked "What was what all about?" I giggled. "Were you and Harry about to kiss?" He clenched his fist. "No. I was teasing him." I laughed this time. "Ok then. So..... since your dad is very, uh... you know... Wanna stay at my place?" I was shocked. "Erm. I'm already staying with Harry." He looked at me. "Can you cancel?" Now I was very very shocked. "Forget it. You're coming and the boys are too." It wasn't really a question it was a command. "Tell it to them then." I said. He walk to Harry and told him something, they both looked pissed off.
Harry followed Niall and Niall told the rest if the guys, then they walked over to me and sat near me. "We'll be spending the week together! YAY!" Liam yelled opening his arms widely. "The week?" I mumbled. "Yeah!" Louis screamed. "Oookay.." I gave them a weary smile. "Bring a friend. Since its only you and 5 boys." Zayn laughed. They were actually nice when people weren't around.

/// Last Period \\\

We were still outside in the field. Liam found a ball and they all started playing with it till Harry popped it. Them we were just talking for the rest of the day but we went back inside the school around 3:15 for detention. Bri was coming with me to detention so I chose her to stay with me for the sleepover. We walked to the class labeled 'Detention'. Once we got in we took our seats. I'm in the middle, Bri next to me, Harry in back of me, Zayn in front, Liam to my right, Niall in front if Liam and Louis on the other side if Zayn and random kids spreaded on other seats. The teacher walked in and told us the rules then walked out. 1) Dont talk 2) Dont ruin class materials 3) Dont be stupid 4) Dont do anything inappropriate, and 5) Dont leave the room.
After she left we walked around the class room doing pointless things, people were on there phones though. The thing that sucked was that Nialls girl was here. When she walked in the room she just started swearing at me. Who that fuck does she think she is?! She didn't know the reason I was here, she didn't know that her boyfriend was kissing me, oh how I wish she did. So yeah.., her and Niall were just making out on the teachers desk. How nice. While I on the other hand was texting Brieana even if she was sitting next to me, we were cool enough to do that.. Hahaha no just kidding. I felt a tap on my shoulder from behind. "Can we talk?" It was Louis. "Say it. Only Bri would hear." I told him. He sat in the empty chair next to me and whispered into my ear, "Are you uncomfortable?" '' Why Lou?" I said and he whispered again in my ear, "There making out right infrint of you Kay." He sat normaly now, waiting for my answer. "Yeah, a lot actually." I smirked. "Let's make him jelly!" He whisper/yelled. By jelly he meant jealous. "I'll be right back!" He jumped up and ran away, he came back a few moments later with Zayn by his side. Oh god. "Ok let's use Zayn" Louis suggested. "Umm" is all I could say "C'mon it'll be fine I don't mind!" Zayn said happily taking to chance. "Ok fine. I'll do it with Zayn." I stood up "C'mon." He stood up too taking my hand. I could feel myself smirk a little, he squeezed my hand. We stood I'm the back of the class, he put my back against the wall and unbuttoned the 3 top buttons on my shirt, exposing a little of my breast. "Woah, what are you doing?" I tightened my hand on his wrist. "A way we can get Niall jealous" he laughed. "O-ok" I whispered. I let go and he stopped moving his hands, letting me unbutton his shirt. I slowly undid the buttons. I loved what I saw, he had a nice six pack and his v line was showing. I couldn't help but admire him. "Like what you see Kay?" He said jokingly. "Very much yes." I giggled. "I like that you speak your mind honey" he chuckled lightly. I bit my lip and looked into those gorgeous eyes of his and he did the same. He brung his face closet to mine, he was breathing heavily. He smashed his lips to mine, our lips moved in sync. I could feel him smiling. He cupped my bum in his hands for a while, he stopped and massaged my back. I rubbed on his abs and a low moan escaped his lips, we were still kissing. I traced his v line softly with my fingures making him moan again. He slipped his tongue in my mouth and I did it to him too. His hands went up my shirt and up to my breast. He squeezed one of my boobs softlyand kissed my neck. He put his cheek to my cheek and just touched me all over but not any place more inappropriate than my boobs and bum. I gave him a love bite on his collar bone. He cupped face in his hands and kissed me with so much passion, and the kiss lasted a while. He leaned away so I buttoned my shirt again and so did he. I ran my fingures through my hair to fix it a little bit. "You look fine. Trust me." He gave me a wink and a smile. I sat down and didn't speak. He put his arm around my shoulder and brought his lips to my cheek. "Amazing" he whispered into my ear. "Um.." I looked at him awkwardly. "You need to play the part baby." Oh right. "Sorry I forgot." I gave him a half smile. I put arm behind him, my other arm across his ribs and I dug my face into his neck then looked up at him. He was smiling like a dummy. I kissed his cheek and he kissed my forehead. The boys were staring at us, even Niall and his girl. But we acted like we didn't notice. Zayn looked down at me and I knew he was thinking what I was thinking. How could anyone believe that was real?

The time flew quickly and it was already time to go home. I went to my locker and got my stuff. Brieana and I walked home, well to my house.

I knocked on my dads bedroom door with Bri next to me. "Hellos girls." He smiled. That Fucking bastard thinks he could act all nice and shit... "Daddy can I sleep over my friends house?" I asked just like a little girl. "Yes, just go pack a bag. How long are you staying?" He asked. His voice annoyed me. "Seven days. So a whole week Mr." Brieana answered. "Ok just be careful." He said "And Daddy, I'll be going to school during those days too so don't worry ok?" I hated to be nice to him. "Yes yes just go pack." As I walked I heard him murmur 'little slut' Gosh I just hated him so much. We walked into my bedroom and I picked out really nice clothes. We after went to her house and she got her clothes. I didn't know where Niall lived so he was gonna pick us up with the lads. It's gonna be real awkward with Zayn there. Niall got there about seventeen minutes after we called him to pick us up. "Hey guys!" Louis yelled. "Hi Lou!" I kissed his cheek. "There's not space for us to fit..." Bri whispered "Come here." Liam said to her. She sat on his lap. "I was still sanding outside. "Push your butts over." I joked, they all chuckled. Niall was silent, he didn't even say hi to me only to Brieana. I sat between Harry and Zayn. Harry gave me a super tight hug. Zayn wrapped his arms around me and kissed my lips. I smiled at him. "What was that all about?" Harry whispered. I giggled "it's just a joke, can you play along?" I whispered lower then him. "Aw yeah sure.But you owe me two things little lady." I blushed, knowing exactly what he wanted. "Later ok?" I said "Yeah. Next week maybe?" He asked "Yeah sure Haz." I laughed. We were at Nialls house now and we got our bags and ran to his flat. "Niall open the door already! It's cold!" I yelled at him. The door flew open and the warmth made me feel better. "Ok go chose your rooms. BUT!" We all stopped in our tracks. "What?" Liam whispered. "You can't share rooms.. One of you can with me since my room is the biggest." He said. "Louis?" He asked "Yeah mate." So Louis and Niall were in the same room and the rest of us were separated. I chose the first room you come across, then it was Bri, Zayn , Liam, then Harry and lastly Louis and Niall. It was around 11:30 when we went to bed. My room was lonely and silent. All I did was stare into darkness. I heard some one knock on my door. I stood up quietly and walked to the door. "Who?" I whispered. "It's me. Niall." I opened the door slightly. "Hi Niall." I whispered.

|||~~ Nialls POV ~~|||

She had no pants on. Only black lace undies and a black lace bra. I never noticed how beautiful she was. She walked away from the door and went to open her bag. "You can come in love." She giggled. Love? "I couldn't sleep with Louis snoring and pushing me away." I laughed. "So you wanna sleep here right." "Yes." I blushed. She had put on a silky tan over sized shirt with a small pocket and long sleeves that past her hands. I looked around the room, she kept it clean for the past hours. I stepped into the room and closed the door. "You can lay down love. This is your house you know?" She laughed. I walked over to the bed and laid down. She was drinking something... It was dark so I couldn't see. "Something wrong Niall?" She whispered "what are you doing?" I was a bit worried that she might be doing something that would hurt her. "It's Vodka love. Want some?" She answered. I was surprised. She drank? Since when..... "Uh yeah." I got out of bed and turned the light on. She grabbed both pillows and put them and the floor across from each other. "Sit." She sat on one of the pillows while I just stood there. "Sit." She repeated. This time I followed her instruction. "Now drink." She laughed. "There's only one cup" I looked at her. "Aye whatever." She drank straight from the bottle. I knew it burned her throat. "There, now you can drink the rest." She smiled. "I'll be back." She opened the door and left down stairs. I left a little of the bottle so we could actually share the drink. When she came back she had two beers. She waved them around a little and raised her eye brows at me. I laughed at her. She sat back on her pillow. "Here." She gave me one and had one for herself. "I left a little of the Vodka" I smiled at her. "Drink it then." She laughed. "I wanted to share it." I whispered. "Oh ok." She giggled, I took a sip then she did then I did and she did and it went like that till I was the last one to finish it. "Now hand over your beer." I said "What?! Never Niall. It is mine!" She laughed. "Then I guess I need to take it from you!" She laughed at me and grabbed the bottle of beer. She got up and put in her shirt but held it at the bottom. She was going to jump in bed and hide under the covers, but I wrapped my arms tightly around her body, making to bottle fall. I caught it but made a mistake. My head brushed on her 'front part' and all the way up and hit her boobs. She grabbed my face and looked at me sternly. "What. The hell. Was that." She looked upset. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to go down there!" She rubbed my cheek with her thumb. "Its ok. I forgive you..." She smiled. "I love you." Crap! "What?" She was drunk so did it really matter what I said. "I love you Kay" I put my hands on her hips. "I love you too Niall." Did she really mean it?! Hopefully. But she's with Zayn... And I'm in a relationship too. "Better go to bed babe." I brushed her hair away from her face. "Ok love" she took off her shirt and put it back in her bag. I walked over and smacked her bum. "Niall stop!" I picked her up and put her over my shoulder and laid her on the bed. "Don't linger around Kay, you need sleep." She didn't bother to cover up, she just laid on the bed sheets. "Come with me!" She pulled me into bed with her and I accidentally fell on her "Ouch." She laughed. "Sorry." I laughed with her. Our eyes meet and I smashed my lips with hers. She didn't stop this time. She turned me on my back, her legs on the sides of my waist, she sat on my stomach and looked down on me. She kissed me softly yet full of passion. But this time I pulled away. I didn't wanna ruin it for Zayn and Kay. "Right now's not the time ok?" I said softly. "Please don't ruin it Niall." She blinked a few times. "Can we just...." She whispered. "What?" I asked nicely, "You know what I want." She smirked. "But they'll hear us" I laughed. "I'll be quiet for you Niall." She chuckled. "You sure?" I asked "Niall!" She yelled. "Give me what I want." She growled into my ear. "I'll give you everything." I whispered. I think you know what happens after that.
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