Ruined My Life

Kay is bullied at school, not popular, abused and considered the quiet goody goody.
She can't take anymore of it , but still bottles up her emotions.
A boy named Niall bullies her but now that he notices Kay, it gets worse for her.


4. 4

Kay's POV~~~~||

I walked to my locker when I heard foot steps behind me. I quickly turned around and saw Horan. "Coming back for more?" I say plainly. "No. I wanted to ask you some questions." He looked at me. "And what are those questions?" I asked. "How did your mother die?" I felt a sudden lump in my throat. "Car accident..." He dug his hands in his pocket. "Did anybody else die? You seem depressed..." He looked down at his shoes. "My little sister and brother got murdered at the age if eight. They were twins." I put my hand over my mouth to stop my lips from quivering. "When did they die?" He looked up at me. "About 4 months ago or something. Maybe five" I looked at him. He was spaced out. "Horan?" I whispered. "What about your dad?" He still turned his attention away from me. "What do you want to know?" I asked. "Does he love you?" I looked "No. He never did." I whispered. "Does he mistreat you?" He looked down at me. "Yes. Why?" I raised my eyebrow. "Just asking....What does he do to you?" He questioned. "He beats me. A lot. Once I got a B in science he kicked the living hell out of me. He kicked me with his heavy boots, he doesn't wear them out in public since my blood wouldn't wash off them. He cut me because 'I' stained his boots" he was staring at me, so I looked back. His face was so close to mine. His eyes were amazing. "I-I'm going to class now..." I turned but he pulled me back. "I'm not done. Come on." He gestured me to follow him. We walked outside to the middle of the field. He sat down so I did the same. "Ok so is all of your problems a whole load of pressure?" He asked. "Obviously, yes. It's to much some times." I answered clearly. "How do you deal with it?" I laid on my back. "I used to cut myself.... But I've stopped... Kinda" I ended in a whisper. "You better stop....." He said playfully. "I don't know how people could bully someone like you Kay."
"Why don't you ask yourself hm?" I rolled my eyes. "I don't know! I really care about you ok?" He said. "Lies.." I said. "Why do you think that!?" He yelled "Three weeks ago you told me I should die! Yeah truly you care!" I yelled and sat up "I do care! And imma show you that!" He yelled. "Try and show me!" I yelled. I walked off to the tree nearest to Niall, but he followed behind. I felt his arms wrap around my waist and pull me closer to him, but not touching. We were about an inch apart and I could feel his breath brush along the back of my neck, sending chills down my spine. I felt his lips on my shoulder and I escaped his grip. "Don't do that..." I said. "It's ok. I didn't mean it in a weird way." He walked closer to me and put his arms back on my waist from behind. I was facing the tree. He pressed his lips on my neck. It made my legs go weak. He ran his fingure down my spine then pinched my bum. He slipped his hand into the front pockets of my pants and kissed my jawline. Oh my god this boy.. "Face me." He whispered in my ear. I did as he said and looked him straight in his eyes. Is arms still around me. He grabbed my bum and lifted me up. He laid me back down on the grass and laid on top of me. I still was looking at me in the eyes. I fiercely kissed me. It was so good... But it was Niall. He slipped his tongue into my mouth. I pulled back, "That's as far as you go Horan." He got off me and laid next to me. "You're good." He smirked. "Not bad of a kisser yourself Hora- I mean Niall." I giggled. "But that wasn't showing me you care." I looked at him. "I know. I'll start tomorrow." "I find it weird that we did that out on the open.. And in school property." I looked to the school doors and saw Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn walk out if the building and come towards us. "Your boys are here.." I whispered. He sat up and pecked my lips and ran off to them. I sat up and sat on the side of the tree and put my head phones in. I went on Facebook just to go through my newsfeed when Harry's status.

'Im in love'

'With who?!' I commented
'I can't tell you'
'I miss and love u but I can't say'
'So just type the name, don't say it lol :)'
'No I can't :'( '
'Btw I miss and love you too (but not so much >:/ '
'Please I beg of you!'
'I shall not say!'
'You shall Harold!'
'No Kay, I'm sorry I can't '
'Come sit with me then.'
'I can't I don't want the boys to think something's up'
'Then text me, I gotta tell you something.'
'Ok let me just erase my status first.'
'Ok Haz'

About 30 sec later I get a text from 'babe'

'What do you need to tell me??'
'You promise to keep it a secret?'
'Yes a secret just like when we were 10 haha!'
Shut you promise tho?'
'Yeah my love I promise.'
'I think I like Niall.. But I don't want to..'
'Why don't u?'
'Cuz he has a gf and yeahhhh... Don't tell him! (/o\)
'So u wanna get over him?'
'YES. We almost made out a few minutes ago XD he's good ;)'
'Um ok. I'll help.'
'Thank you!! Luv you. <3'
'You remember last year?'
'Yeah why?'
'We could have sex again. That'll get your mind off of him ;D'

~~~~~~ I'll write more probably in about 2 or 3 days. Hope you enjoyed it so far :D~~~~~~
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