Ruined My Life

Kay is bullied at school, not popular, abused and considered the quiet goody goody.
She can't take anymore of it , but still bottles up her emotions.
A boy named Niall bullies her but now that he notices Kay, it gets worse for her.


3. 3

Kay's POV~~~

I walked out of the school and looked around at the track. I walked across it to the cemetery next to the school.
It took about 8 min. to cross the track and get to the cemetery. I walked on the stone path remembering where my mom was. I walked on the frosty grass and sat beside her tombstone. I laid my head on it. "Mom I miss you" I played around with my hands. "I wanna move next year to a different state cause of dad." I sniffed. "I feel like I waste my time worrying about him always watching me." I whispered. "Can you please take me with you.." I cried. I brought my knees to my chest and loosely wrapped my arms around my legs and cried. "I love you!"
I calmed myself a little. I put my legs straight on the cold grass. "Please take me." I whispered. "Please,please,please,please." I looked up at the clouds and laid my self flat.

"Hey." I heard. I covered my eyes and sat up. "What do you want Horan?" I asked.
"What's wrong?" He asked
"You don't care, go away." I shot back
"No. What's wrong sped?"
"Can you quit calling me that Horan?"
"I heard you crying." He sat next to me. "So?" I asked "I never heard you or saw you cry, even if I push you around." He said.
"Can you go away?!" I yelled. He pushed me to the ground and sat on my stomach. "Bastard." I mumbled under my breath. "Tell me."
"Don't you see?! It's seriously right in front of you retard" I said "You're so pretty when you cry" he whispered
"Get off me." He got up and walked away. I took the leaves out of my hair and off my jacket and put my head back on her tombstone. "I'm sorry mom."

Nialls POV~~~

I stood at the gate of the cemetery. I watched her, she didn't tell me who it was. "I'm sorry mom." She said. "Oh, I see now." She wiped her tears. I walked over quietly cause she didn't know I was still here. "Hey." I said again "Why are you still here?" She said "This is your mom?" I asked "Yeah." A smile appeared on her face. I sat on the other side of the tombstone. "Hey Kay's mom. I bully your daughter but I'm sorry it's just jokes and stuff " I looked up at Kay. She looked down at her hands and payed no attention to me. "And he hurts me mom" she looked up at me. "It's true I do. I enjoy it." I chuckled "Rot in hell Horan." She got up and walked away. I chased after her. "You don't mean that," I said "I do" she snapped back. I grabbed her shoulder and pushed her down. "Watch what you say." I said. She just laid there "What are you gonna do now" I looked down at her. "Bitch." I said "You're such a worthless piece of shit Niall."

Kay's POV~~~

He put on hand around my neck and raised his other about to hit me. I hit him on the man spot and he let go. He held it so I laughed. It was funny to see him on the ground in pain "I bet you just love me Kay." He growled through his teeth. "Learn the difference between love and hate babe." I just smiled. "You do." He said in pain. I chuckled. "I'm just that good Kay. I abuse you but you love me." "You just think you're the best dont you?" I asked "Yes." He answered. "A bit full of yourself aren't ya now?" I laughed. "Whatever."he growled at me. "And what gave you the idea that I like you Horan?" I asked. "I don't know." He answered he "Damn you hit me hard!" He yelled at me. "I know. So um...... I'm leaving now Horan. Bye." I walked off back to school. Now Niall is the only person who knows about my mother. Oh great....
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