Ruined My Life

Kay is bullied at school, not popular, abused and considered the quiet goody goody.
She can't take anymore of it , but still bottles up her emotions.
A boy named Niall bullies her but now that he notices Kay, it gets worse for her.


2. 2

Kay's POV~~~

I walked out of the class room. I regretted that I said that out loud but I honestly didn't regret that I said it at all. Mr. Bascom walked out after me. "I'm sorry, that was really out of order Mr. Bascom " I apologized. "It's fine. I know he bothers you but you didn't have to say that dear." "Mr. He just doesn't bother me." I answered, he folded his arms on his chest. "Horan gets under my skin, he pushes me around, he calls me names, he loves to make me upset. He just makes my life a living hell." I raced through my words. "We won't call your father but you have detention after school for the rest of the week. We do not allow language like that." "How bout him!" I yelled "I'll work with him. Worry about yourself missy" he said. I walked into the room. I was glad he wasn't gonna call my father but seriously. Detention for the whole week?! Ugh.
I sat back in my seat, and the room was quiet. A girl named Cyrah was whispering to get friend Olivia and taking a glimpses at me. "I know your talking about me you don't have hide it. It's obvious." I told them, they just stopped talking. She looked at me angered. "What?" I said. Mr. Bascom walked in at that moment. "Niall I need to talk to you lad" he said then walked back out. Cyrah looked at me again. "What did you say?" I guess she was ticked off because I noticed. "You have ears Cyrah and I said it loud enough to hear." I said annoyed. "Honestly I hate you Kay. You have no respect for me and you're a disgusting human being." She said. Oh how she got on my nerves. "I lost my respect for you from the moment you decided to be such a bitch. And I wouldn't be talking about me being a disgusting human being cause everyone but your little friend Olivia thinks that about you." I said. I got my stuff and walked out. "I'm leaving." I told Mr. Bascom. "What?" Niall said. "I'm leaving." I walked down the hall to my locker. I jammed my stuff into my locker and left everything there. I only grabbed my jacket cuz I was coming back for music. I walked out the school doors.

Sorry this chapter's short but I'll update later tonight :D
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