Forever My Love

Charlotte Halloway, the normallest of all, is a 19 year old British girl that lives in London with her best friends, Anne and Aliyah. When Charlotte goes to Starbucks and meets a famous blonde boy, love at first sight starts to flutter...


7. The Dress And Shoes

Charlottes POV: I unlocked the door for Anne and Aliyah. "You ready to go Char?" Anne asked. "Yea. By the way, if you test me, I'm not gonna let you choose my outfit," I said as I was walking down the stairs. "Oh what! But-" "No buts Anne. That magazine didn't say hardly anything to help me, but there names, age, and favourite food!" I said. All I heard Anne and Aliyah do is laugh. I shook my head and we walked to the shopping mall near by.

~20 minutes after walking and talking, we arrived at the mall. There were so many shops here! Without saying anything, Anne and Aliyah pulled me and took me to a shop that sold expensive dresses and shoes. They sat me down on a fur couch and the girls went looking for dresses and shoes. I looked around, and all these dresses were amazing! They would really cost a lot though.

Anne's POV: "Aliyah, what dress and shoes should we get her? There are heaps here!" I said, dragging Aliyah near a long dress isle. "I don't know! All I know is that she wants a dress above her knees!" Aliyah replied, rubbing her arms from where I dragged her. "Sorry Aliyah. Didn't mean to hurt you," I said as I was looking at the red mark I gave her. "Its ok. C'mon, let's look in the short dress isles!". I nodded and I followed Aliyah. We had arrived at the short dress isle. Man, there are loads! How can we choose! Aliyah and I split up. We went to Charlottes favourite colour isles. I looked in black and she looked in orange. There were really decorative dresses, very plain ones and ones that are no's. As I was looking through, I saw this beautiful black strapless dress that did go above your knees. It was a nice loose dress so you would be able to walk in it. It also had a nice flower on the left top corner. Char would love this so much! I then heard Aliyah running to me. "Anne, look what I found. It's totally awesome for Char!". I turned around to have a look a the dress, and it was the exact same dress but Aliyahs was orange! We both cracked up laughing and we kinda did get in trouble by the shopkeeper for laughing so loud. We decided to go for the black one that I had chosen to show to Char.

Charlottes POV: As I was sitting on the nice fur couch, I saw this beautiful black dress near the dressing rooms. I amazed at how beautiful it was! I ran to it and grabbed it from the mannequin. I quickly went into the dressing room to try on the dress. When I was taking my clothes off to try the dress, I could here Anne and Aliyah coming out of the clothes isles to show me whatever dress they chose for me. Damn, I'm not goin out there now! I'm already getting the dress on. "Char, where are you? We found a dress for you!" Anne shouted. "Well, I think I found a dress and its absolutely amazing. I am in the dressing room!" I replied. I heard Anne and Aliyah sighing really loudly. "I thought we were gonna choose your dress Char!" Aliyah said, walking to the dressing room that I was in. "Well, see what you think of this dress and then I'll see what happens next," I replied to Aliyah. I heard Anne and Aliyah walk away. When I finally got the dress on, it was a perfect fit. I looked in the mirror, and it was amazing! It was strapless, (I have a thing for strapless stuff) it was short at the front and went long at the back, it had black silk flowers as a belt just underneath the breast line and it was everything I wanted. I looked at myself in the mirror, back to front. I think Anne and Aliyah would like this dress. I came out of the dressing room and both of the girls were waiting on the fur couch for me.

Aliyahs POV: When Char came out of the dressing room, she looked so pretty in that dress! The dress was amazing and it looked like a perfect fit. She has to totally wear this when she goes on the date with Niall! Sometimes I get a bit jealous of Char...

Anne's POV: Char came out of the dressing room. She was wearing a black dress and it was short in the front and long at the back. She looked so elegant and pretty! It suited her so well.

Charlottes POV: Anne jumped up and down and squealed. She ran up to me and looked at me, head to toe. "You look so pretty, Char! Niall will totally love you in this dress!" Anne shouted happily. The shopkeeper, came over and smiled at me. She was definitely older then me. She was in her mid 50's I think, but she looked younger. "You look wonderful darlin. Would you like a pair of shoes that are on sale right now?" She asked. I was so excited, I just wanted to dance! "Err... Yes please. Are there any black shoes that would suit this outfit?" I said, tightly grabbing Anne's arm in amusement. Anne giggled and grabbed onto my arm tightly. "I think so. Come on to my storage unit and we'll see what would suit your outfit." Anne and I jumped up and down. I only just realised that Aliyah wasn't joining in. I called her name and told her to come over, but all she did was shake her head and walk out of the store. Anne looked at me weirdly. "Im gonna see what's up with Aliyah. I'll see you in a bit, ok?" Anne said, letting go of my arm. I nodded and she ran to Aliyah. I followed the shopkeeper into the lovely storage unit...THAT WAS PACK WITH AMAZING SHOES! There were thousands of different shoes in the small storage unit. They were all colour coded and sized by smallest to biggest.

"Oh my gosh! There are so many shoes!" I shouted. She nodded and smiled. "Go have a look at the black or gold shoes. Im sure gold shoes would suit if you wore some gold jewelry." I nodded and ran to the gold shoes. There were big heeled ones, small heeled ones and pumps that were made so brilliantly. I looked at gold pumps. I then saw this magnificent pair of gold sparkly pumps that would totally suit! I got size 9 and they fit perfectly. I walked on the sparkly pumps and went in front of a mirror. Wowzy, these suit. I look taller, and that's a good thing because I am 5'8. The shopkeeper dusted off my dress and stood next to me. "I think that where ever you are going, this dress and these shoes will suit you. I'll give these to you for free," The shopkeeper said, talking to me in the mirror. I looked at her with big eyes. Honestly, no way. I can't get this whole outfit for free! This must really be expensive as well! "Umm...No way. I have to pay. I can't go out without payi-" "No no, take it for free. This dress was designed for someone like you. I designed it in 2003, but no one bought the dress. I lowered the price and everything, but no one seemed to like it. Since you like my old creation, you can keep my free creation." My gosh, this dress had been around for a long time. I can't believe no one bought this dress. "Thank you, so so much. If you don't mind asking, what is your name?" I said. "I don't mind, and my name is Emily. I hope you remember me."

Wait what? I know her?
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