Forever My Love

Charlotte Halloway, the normallest of all, is a 19 year old British girl that lives in London with her best friends, Anne and Aliyah. When Charlotte goes to Starbucks and meets a famous blonde boy, love at first sight starts to flutter...


13. Messages With Anne

Harry's POV: I was wondering how Nialls date was going. It's 10pm and he hasn't come back yet! I kind of wish that I was the one going on a date with Charlotte. I feel like I should have reacted immediately, but I wanted Niall to have her. I am never jealous, but this is something I feel like I need to be jealous of.

Zayns POV: When I was watching Louis and Liam play COD on the sofa, I couldn't help but notice that Harry looked a bit angry. At moments, his hand squashed together. It looked like he wanted to punch someone or something. What's wrong with Harry?

Charlottes POV: It took about 20 minutes to arrive back home. Niall kept talking about the boys and his famous life. It was quite funny. The boys are really active during the mornings and afternoons, then lazy at night. He told me some memories and how they started also. I was so intrigued about there lives. We both hopped out of the car and walked to the porch. I knocked on the door, and no one answered. "Are you sure that Anne is home?" Niall asked as he itched his forehead. "Well, she said she wouldn't come late, I THINK." I opened my purse to see if I had the keys for the front door, and I didn't. I stomped my foot a little bit and got a bit angry. How could I not forget the keys on the coffee table?! "Niall, I can't get into the house. I will have to stay here and wait for Anne. She always takes long." Nialls eyes peeled open. "No way! I'm not letting you stay in the cold! Your staying with me and the boys tonight!" Niall shouted as he lifted me up and walked to the car. I tried to set myself free but he was too strong. His shout could have woken up the whole neighbourhood! "No Niall. I'll wait for Anne. I will be fine, and you have a meeting tomorrow so you need sleep!" I shouted as I lightly punch his shoulders. "You won't be fine in the cold and I am better off sleeping with someone like you." We both giggled and Niall put me in the front seat. "Are you sure Niall?" I said while grabbing the seat belt. "Yes. The boys can't wait to see you! They say that you seem wacky like them." I hit Niall on the shoulders jokingly. "I am not wacky! Well, not too wacky." Niall laughed and drove off.

While Niall was driving, I decided to text Anne to tell her that I was staying at Harry's Pad. ~ To: Anne The Loud One: Hey Anne. I am staying at Harry's Pad with Niall and the boys. I will tell you about the date when I see you next xoxo ~ . ~ From: Anne The Loud One: OH MY GOSH, YOUR STAYING WITH THE BOYS! YOU GET TO SEE SEXY LIAM! OH MY GOSH! You need to freaking tell me a lot now you poo balls! Also, I knew something was gonna happen like this! ~ I laughed and shook my head. "What are you laughing about babe?" Niall asked as he was driving still. "Oh, I'm just telling Anne where I am going. She called Liam sexy," I answered as I began to text back. Niall laughed so hard, he nearly started to cry. "I'm gonna tell Liam." I laughed and texted to Anne again. ~ To: Anne The Loud One: Dude! Nothing of what you are thinking is happening tonight! I am only staying there tonight and a bit of tomorrow. See ya tomorrow xoxo :P ~. Anne replied back. ~ From: Anne The Loud One: Ok, whatever you say ;) ~. I shook my head and watched all of the cars and beautiful houses.

I'm staying with the boys, yay! I can't wait to see them again!

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