Forever My Love

Charlotte Halloway, the normallest of all, is a 19 year old British girl that lives in London with her best friends, Anne and Aliyah. When Charlotte goes to Starbucks and meets a famous blonde boy, love at first sight starts to flutter...


14. Meeting Eleanor

Charlottes POV: I can't wait to see the boys! I hope they like me though... I know Nialler said that they couldn't wait to see me, but part of me thinks that something bad is going to happen when I stay here. Niall and I arrived at Harry's Pad, and Niall drove and parked in the driveway. We hopped out of the car and Niall put his hand around my hip. I did the same. I put my hand but on his shoulder. "Im nervous," I said, gripping onto his shoulder. "Why should you be nervous babe? They're so excited to see you again. They want to know more about you," Niall replied. He kissed my lips softly and we both walked to the front door. I started to sweat a little bit, and Niall could see it. Before he opened the door, he grabbed my hips and stared into my light blue eyes. "Its ok baby. Don't be nervous. I promise that they will like you." I slightly smiled and nodded. Niall kissed me on the lips passionately and opened the door at the same time. We slowly walked into the door and Niall shut the door with his foot. I thought my first kiss would be horrible and sloppy, but this amazing! I ran my fingers in his hair and he gripped on my back, rubbing my back a few times. To ruin the moment, there was a massively loud voice shouting at us. They seemed excited though! "Hey! Dude! Were right here! Stop making out and turn around!". Niall stopped kissing me and he looked over my shoulder. I did the same, and it was- OH GOD. I immediately got nervous and turned around to see them. I stood next to Niall and he held my hand. We just stood there blushing.
"Well Niall? Aren't you going to introduce us? Don't just stand there blushin!" Louis shouted. I looked at each of the boys. The one that was shouting must be Louis, the one next to him must be Liam. The one standing next to Liam must be Zayn and the one smiling continuously must be Harry. Harry had cute dimples when he smiled and curly hair. That was a kind of turn on for me, but Niall is over the limit with turning ons. His hair, his lips, his beautiful eyes, his cute cheeks, his soft hands, and there are a billion more that I haven't discovered! One of them, you know what I mean. Niall then moved and I got a bit startled of his sudden movement. I looked over at Harry and he laughed a bit. His laugh was cute. He must of seen me flinch I blushed even more and I had a grin glued on my face. "Well, Charlotte, this is Louis, the sassy one." I walked over and gave him a hug. His hugs were friendly. "Next is Liam the kind one. Liam, this is Charlotte." I went over to Liam and gave him a hug. His hugs were big bear hugs. Very soothing for sad nights. Keeping that in mind! "This is Zayn the gentle one." Zayn smiled at Niall and Zayn gave me a hug. His hugs were welcoming. I let go and I immediately got pumped. Next was Harry. He gave me a massive grin. "This is Harry, right Niall?" I said. Standing in front of Harry. I knew it was him, but it would be weird to just hug him and say 'This is Harry'. "Yes. He is the cheeky one." I hugged Harry and he gave me a kiss on each cheek. His kisses felt soft and gentle, then his hugs were warm and calming. I let go and gave him a little smile. I went back to Niall and held his hand. "Well, were gonna go off and I am going to get Charlotte sorted out for tonight. She is staying here because Anne isn't at home." The boys cheered and clapped in amusement. Liam blushed when he heard Anne's name. He got excited in his pants! "Yay! Char is staying here! Niall, no sex tonight. I don't wanna hear sex noises by you and Char. Eleanor and I are busy tomorrow and need a full romantic rest," Louis said, sassily walking into the Lounge Room. I looked over at Niall and he blushed. "You heard him Niall. NO Sex!" Zayn also said, running into the Lounge Room as well. Harry was left standing there. "Err...Well...I am going to go to the boys now. See ya." Harry smiled at me and walked backwards to the boys. Niall turned around to me and kissed me. "Where were we?" Niall said as he picked me up, bridal style. "Niall, let me down! I can walk you know!" I shouted as I hit his shoulders. He shook his head and ran upstairs into his room.

Niall let me down on his green king-sized bed. I looked around his room. He actually had a really nice room! There was an open door, which was a walk-in wardrobe. Half of his was his clothes and shoes then the other side had nothin in it. His bathroom was very big and extremely luxury. He had a bathtub in the corner. In the other corner, there was a shower. There was also a basin, a huge mirror and a medi-cab. In his actual room, there was obviously a green king-sized bed. Next to the bed, there were sidetables with gold lamps on them and there was a corner desk in the corner with an apple brand laptop and a few books next to it. His room was actually very nice! His bed was really soft, his room was really good in style and it kind of looked like mine. Oh, I forgot to say that he had a guitar on his side of the bed.

"Err, would you like to borrow some of Eleanor's pajamas? None of mine would suit you and plus, you get to meet Eleanor," Niall said as he put his guitar on the stand and rested next to me. "Yea sure. But not yet, I wanna sit here with you," I replied. I climbed on top of Niall and kissed him. His hand went onto my back and then to my butt. I smiled while we were kissing as he slapped my butt. I squealed and the kiss became deeper. My hands were on the back of his neck and his hands were still on my butt. Suddenly, the door slammed open and Louis was there with Eleanor. They both cracked up laughing and we realised that they were watching us. Nialls hand went back to his sides and I went to my side of Nialls bed. They both were still laughing on the floor. Niall sighed and chucked a pillow directly at Louis. They both immediately went back up and tried to keep a straight face. I could now have a good look at Eleanor. She actually was very pretty. She had nice brown hair and brown eyes. She was very skinny but not too bad, and she was wearing blue owl pjs. "I...Came in here to introduce you to Eleanor," Louis said as he put his arm around her neck. "Yea, you both came in here horribly," Niall said as he grabbed my hand. We both walked over to them. "Hi Eleanor. I'm Char, nice too meet you," I said as I shook her hand. She gave me a smile. "Its nice to meet you Char. I think were gonna get on really well! Also, I wanna give you some pajamas to borrow tonight!" She said excitedly. "Oh ok. Niall was suggesting that I'd ask you to borrow some pajamas," I replied to Eleanor. She grabbed my hand and took me to try out pajamas in her walk-in wardrobe that she shares with Louis.

Nialls POV: I watched Char run with Eleanor. She was so gorgeous! "Niall, come with us downstairs. Liam wants to meet Anne and he wants you to help. Since Char knows Anne, it is helpful for you to be in this," Louis said as he jestured me to follow him. We ran down stairs and Harry and Zayn were surrounding Liam. I ran over to Liam and sat in front of him. "Hey Liam. I can help you meet Anne. I want to surprise Char as well by getting Anne to come here. You can meet her then ok?" I said to Liam. He looked up at me and nodded happily. "How do you know about Anne?" I asked, curiously. "I met her at a club last night. She was with a few friends and she looked beautiful there. I tried to get her attention but it wouldn't work," Liam answered. I thought about it. Well, Char did say that Anne was out with her friends. It does make sense! I then heard walking down the stairs. I looked behind and saw Char in her sexy pajamas. She was wearing a black tank top and black shorts, then there was a see through lace pajama dresses (I don't know what they're called so I called it that :P). She looked so sexy, I am not even joking! I can't believe it! She smiled and all the boys were staring at her, head to toe. I walked to Char and gave her a kiss. I whispered in her ear, "You look so sexy baby." She giggled and whispered back in my ear "You look more sexy, as always." I looked at her and gave her a quick peck on the lips and faced the boys. They were still looking at Char, except for Louis. He was embracing Eleanor, as always. "Nothing sexy to see here boys," I said as I stepped in front of Char. They all stopped staring but Harry.

This is gonna be a fun night...
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