Forever My Love

Charlotte Halloway, the normallest of all, is a 19 year old British girl that lives in London with her best friends, Anne and Aliyah. When Charlotte goes to Starbucks and meets a famous blonde boy, love at first sight starts to flutter...


10. Forgetting Things And Getting Ready

Charlottes POV: BETRAYER! That cow, fooling us. She can't get revenge on us without me getting revenge on me first. I had a massive headache. I glanced at Anne, and she was frozen in shock. I shook my head and ran to the freezer. I put an ice pack on my head and it did the job. My mind was going round in circles. Firstly, meeting my real mum was tough. Secondly, my date with Niall is really soon and lastly, Aliyah spazzing out just because she was jealous. I sat on one of the dining chairs, and thought about everything. Anne came into the dining room and joined me. "She's got problems. Whatever she is planning, it ain't gonna work," I said, keeping the ice pack on my head. "It's not, trust me. If it does, there is definitely a chance go stop her. She's gone mental now. She's changed. She's just jealous though because you took her celeb crush. She dreamed of having kids and stuff with Niall. I was kinda like 'Err, not gonna happen'. She's got a big ego," Anne said. Those were true words. Now in the house, Anne and I are left. I feel like something is missing that I haven't completed...OH CRAP, THE DATE! I NEED TO GET READY!

I slammed the ice pack on the dining table, which kind of scared and frightened Anne a bit. "The date, I need to get ready! Anne help me!" I shouted, getting up and running to my room. Anne suddenly remembered and she followed me. She shut my bedroom door very loudly and chucked me on the end of the bed. "Right Char we got big things to work on. Go take a shower, after that you get dressed plus put your accessories on and etc. Then I do your hair and makeup, and that would leave us...10 minutes left till he comes to pick you up. Does he know the address?" Anne said. Oh no, I forgot to tell him the address yesterday! I grabbed my phone and immediately messaged him.

To Cute Nialler: Hey. I forgot to tell you my address! xx.

From Cute Nialler: I was gonna ask you just then babe. Tell me your address so I can pick you up

To Cute Nialler: Ok, here it is xx.

I typed in my address and sent it. I got a reply straight away.

From Cute Nialler: Ok, thanks babe. I can't wait to see how beautiful you will look. You are truly magnificent inside and out xx.

Anne and I screamed out loud. "Char, he just called you beautiful!" Anne shouted. I giggled and replied to him.

To Cute Nialler: You are too. See you soon xoxo.

From Cute Nialler: Thank you babe. I can't wait yo see your pretty face! xoxo.

I put my phone on the bed, and Anne smiled at me. I knew what she was thinking, and she thought that things would get dirty tonight. "Anne! Nothings happening that much tonight! Just dinner!" I playfully hit her on the arm. She giggled and looked at her watch. Her eyes opened wide. "Ok Char, its 4:00pm on the dot. Take a shower and it has to be quick!". Grabbed Mr and pushed me into the bathroom. I shut the door and stripped. "15 minutes to take a shower Char!" I heard Anne shout from my room. I yelled out 'Mhm' and took a nice warm shower. 15 minutes later, I heard a knock at the bathroom door. "Char, get out and get dressed." I turned the shower off and dried myself off with a towel. When I came out of the bathroom, Anne turned on some music from my iPod. She put on "Thrift Shop" By Mackelmore ft.Wanz. We immediately started to sing along to it while I got dressed. Anne turned around so she didn't see anything. I put my dress on and I put the belt provided with it. I then put on my sparkled gold pumps and showed Anne. She was amazed. "Char, you look so pretty. Time for the hair now." I nodded and sat on a stool in front of my big table mirror. Anne came from behind me and curled my hair. I faced her. "Lovely...It's now..." Anne looked at her watch, "5:00. It took really long to do your hair!". I laughed and I faced her so she could do my makeup. She put some cream to cover my bags under my eyes. She then did the cat flick on both of my eyes. She then put mascara, grey eyeshadow and peachy blush on. Anne chose a whole lot of my lipsticks and put them on my lap. "Choose one," Anne said while waiting for me. "Err...I'll go for the peachy lipstick cause it goes with my blush," I answered. "Good choice. That's what I was thinking. You should get your jewelry on while I am doing your lipstick cause we done have much time left." I nodded and opened my jewelry box. I grabbed my gold hoop earrings and my gold bracelet. I popped them on while Anne was doing my lips. Out of no where, she spun me around and faced me towards the mirror. Wow, I looked pretty great with the makeup that Anne did. I loved it. It really suited the outfit and occasion. I gave Anne a big hug. "Thanks Anne, it looks great. What time is it now?" I asked while adjusting my earrings. "Its...5:45. 15 minutes left till he comes over to pick you up! By the way, while your gone, I am going to meet some old friends from school. I'm gonna go get ready ok?" She answered as she was walking out the door. "Yep. Tell me all about it," I said, getting up and walking down to the lounge room. I forgot that it was still a mess.

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