Forever My Love

Charlotte Halloway, the normallest of all, is a 19 year old British girl that lives in London with her best friends, Anne and Aliyah. When Charlotte goes to Starbucks and meets a famous blonde boy, love at first sight starts to flutter...


3. Dont Embarrass Me, Please!

Charlottes POV: A tingle ran down my body when I felt my phone vibrate. I can't believe Niall actually called me. I'm so nervous! The girls aren't even back yet and they said 11am, its 12:30pm! I took a breath, and answered the phone call from Niall.

"Err...Hello?" I said.

"Oh hello. Is this Charlotte?" Niall asked.

"Yes, it is. How are you?" I said.

"I'm great thanks...Umm...I want to ask you something," Niall replied nervously.

"Sure, what is it?" I replied, while fidgeting with my hair.

"Well, I was wondering if you would like to go on erm...a date with me sometime," Niall said. I could hear the boys teasing him.

Yes! He asked me out! I need to tell the girls this! There gonna scream there heads off.

"Sure. When and where?" I said excitedly. I had the urge to scream and party hard.

"Erm...Why don't I pick you up and take you to a fancy restaurant?" Niall asked. I could here the boys screaming there heads off. Man, there funny!

"Of course! Does this mean I have to wear something fancy?" I asked. I heard the front door unlocking. It was Anne and Aliyah. Crap! Not now!

"Erm..Yea. Message me your address and I will pick you up at your house at around 6pm tomorrow?" Niall said. Obviously, still hearing the boys.

Anne and Aliyah quietly asked, "Who are you talking to? Is it a boy?". Oh no, there gonna tease me so badly! I put one finger on my lip, signing them to be quiet. They quietly giggled and whispered amongst themselfs. They both wanted me to tell them everything.

"Ok sure. I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Niall," I said. Anne and Aliyah laughed loudly and jumped up and down.

"Ok. Bye babe, see you tomorrow." That was the last word he said on the phone. Anne and Aliyah dropped there shopping bags and jumped on the couch shouting, "Charlottes going on a date, Charlottes going on a date!". They both nudged me and cracked up laughing. "Oh stop it girls, it's just a date. Nothing serious. I met him at Starbucks and he wants to see me again at a fancy restaurant. No big deal!" I said while putting my phone in my tight jean pockets. They opened there mouths shocked and jumped up and down again. "That is a massive deal Char! Your going on a date! You need to wear fancy clothes and we need to do your makeup. Were also getting your dress when were shopping tomorrow!" Anne said. These girls always go overboard. "Ughh...Fine. But nothing too fancy. It's just a date!". They nodded and Aliyah ran to the stereo to turn it on. "Rest Of My Life" by Ludacris feat. Usher and David Guetta. They danced and pulled me to dance with them. Oh, why not! Live While Were Young I guess! We partied hard till late. Had dinner together, the girls heated up the hot chocolates I got for them at Starbucks and made a little tent in the lounge. After this long day, we all went to sleep in the tent to get ready for my big day.
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