He is a Payne but he's my brother!<3

Read to find out wise one c;


4. Oh Snap

Jayde's Pov

After I introduced the boys to Justin, I got a call from Rose.

R: Jay .?

J:Yes Rosiee.! Wait, are you crying.?

R: Umm Jay I-I kissed another Taylor Lautner.

J: What the Hell .! why.?

*Hangs Up*

*walks back into Living Room*


*Today we saw Rose Jennings getting pretty heated with Mr.Lautner today is 'Jose' (Joe zuh) over.?

Justin:  *gets up*


*packs all rose's stuff and throws it outside*

Justin:sorry guys i'm leaving Jayde give them my number .


-------------------------------------------------------------Liam Pov------------------------------------------------------------

Mom had asked me to ask JayJay to move to the UK with her and dad....

I asked Uncle Si if she can come with us on tour as our second stylist.

He said yes as did mum, Now i gotta ask Jay.

*Jay can I talk to you privately*

*sure Li*


*okay so since your fashion skills are amaze Willyoucomeontourwithusasourstylist .?

*waiit whaaat*

*will you come on tour with us as our stylist* 


===========================Louis' Pov===================================

imma ask her out.

ugh I can't do it she'll say no. 

I'll try 


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