He is a Payne but he's my brother!<3

Read to find out wise one c;


8. night out

Jayde's POV


Before i ran into Li-Li and Lou-Lou i ran into this girl a few days ago named Kenya She has nice light brown hair and shes kinda tan brown eyes she is absouloutely pretty she was kinda shy though but now she is very talkative and always has something amazing to say she always sees the bright side of things she likes making new friends and does ANYTHING to make a friend laugh.

We decided to go to Justin and I's beach house we bought (Bc we're besties)

I invited Ken (her nickname) to come for the week (it's monday). We're gonna pick her up luckily i had a S.U.V to fit 5 boys and 2 girls.


I dialed up Ken 

J:hey Kenny its Jadey i'm outside babe need help? 

K: hey hun Yes i do

J: I'll send one of my brother's friends

k: kaaay bye love you

J: bye love you too

We are bestfriends so we say 'i love you' it's crazy how much you can get close to someone in a few days

"Niaaaaaaallerrrrr can you go help Kenya" 

"fine only because i love you for the justin thing"

---------------------------------------------------------Skip Car Ride----------------------------------------------

"Damn guys where is the key?" 

"Jay, I have it" my brother said 


All except Ken looked at me weirdly 

"what I watch madea......"

*********************************UNLOCKS DOOR*********************************

J: follow me 


as I approach a room that has my batman sheets i stop "Li this is yours" 

i kept walking until I got to a room with a mini fridge "Niall"

i walked again then I hit a room with Superman stuff "Lou"

I walked to find one with mirrors and hair stuff in it * a bed too* "Zayn"

across from that was one themed bow ties "harry"

Lastly To kenny's room with neon colors Cheetah and Zebra print "kenny"

they all unpacked and i hollered "Leggo to daaa beach suggas (suckas)"

Kenny actually warmed up to the boys quickly 

I put on my Purple Green Blue and White striped bikini with a pair of jeans and a batman top. Kenny put on a Green Bikini with a pair of jeans and a Floral top ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=89970546 ) Niall had a pair of trunks with hawain flowers he had a tank top that said Burger king.Louis had a pair of striped trunks and a tank that said That's what she said. Liam had on Batman trunks and a my box tee. Harry had on some orange trunks and a tank that said Pugs not Drugs. Zayn came out last with some Blue trunks and a shirt that said Vas Happenin.

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